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  1. Hello guys! We have new reports after our latest 100% league race from several drivers after the last races. After damaging your cars underbody, leaving the session and rejoin, some of the players had fresh new tyres and a repaired underbody. The players tested that after the race and the issue was there again. We don’t know if the damage of the underbody is the reason of this bug or the rejoining in general but it is a issue that needs to be sorted out asap. No specific report code Xbox Multiplayer / Custom Session Different amou
  2. The derate of Gasly and Alonso is a joke. Alonso driving his life out of this car since Baku and get a buff immediately after one **** race. What is with Sotschi, where he nearly drove to the podium? While drivers like Vettel hanging around there without any special and still being on 92 overall.
  3. A detailed description of the issue. After our second league race yesterday in Spain, some of our drivers recognised a bug with the tyre wear. All drivers that finished their last flying lap before the click was ticking down in Q2 had to wait as usually for the other drivers coming into the pits. In that time, the AI of the own car is still driving on the track hot lap after hot lap until all drivers ended their laps. That wouldn’t be a big issue, if there would not be the fact, that the tyre wear is still working while the AI is driving the own car. That had the result, that some d
  4. That’s what I’m really mad about. They never interacte with us, the players are never informed about any work on which areas of the bugs of the game will be fixed.
  5. In my opinion, there should be the ability to change the fuel mix in a higher mode in the race. There are many examples in the last months, that drivers are still able to change the engine mode/Power during the race.
  6. Exactly, and I remember what David Greco told us back then. It was a mess, and it would be good, to know what they will change exactly.
  7. A detailed description of the issue. In Multiplayer, when you move from Practise to Qualifying or in between the Qualifying sections, sometimes you stuck in the onboard camera view and can’t do anything. You have to quit the session. Platform? Xbox Game-mode? Multiplayer [ONLINE] The amount of players in your session? If you know the players forum username, please tag as many people who were in your session here. Different. Happens with 2 players or 15. Different Hosts etc. Do
  8. The most annoying thing in Belgium is in this game, that your underbody got damage, no matter how you are driving. I don’t touch any kurbs and have damage after every session. All settings in simulation.
  9. That issue comes from the game! Our league has this issue on several devices, mostly on the old Xbox. It’s not a Headset of Party thing. On Xbox One X it’s better but on the normal Xbox One and the Xbox One S it’s nearly unplayable. And that problem also comes without a party in the SP.
  10. Jaketa

    Patch 1.05

    I agree. League racing is impossible right now. There are fixes needed ASAP. And the fact, that we are not get information, what they are working on, is ridiculous.
  11. Problem is, that there is actually completely missing damage animations now. In the last years, there were at least scratches on the car. Today, Verstappen crashes in to me and mz engineer told me, that the side pod is damaged, but the car looked like it came out fresh from the factory. I just hope it’s a bug and there will be a fix, otherwise it is completely ridiculous.
  12. There is already a option to turn that off. Go to the Audio settings and turn off the Broadcast sound.
  13. Dave Gaming said in his newest video, that the changes will be probably focus the problems of the current handling (some curbs, the spinning etc.) Probably the changes won’t be that high.
  14. In 2019 they did the same and after the handling patch the physic was horrible in the end. I just hope it’s not like two years ago. @David GrecoDo you have informations about That?
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