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  1. Jaketa

    Patch 1.05

    I agree. League racing is impossible right now. There are fixes needed ASAP. And the fact, that we are not get information, what they are working on, is ridiculous.
  2. Problem is, that there is actually completely missing damage animations now. In the last years, there were at least scratches on the car. Today, Verstappen crashes in to me and mz engineer told me, that the side pod is damaged, but the car looked like it came out fresh from the factory. I just hope it’s a bug and there will be a fix, otherwise it is completely ridiculous.
  3. There is already a option to turn that off. Go to the Audio settings and turn off the Broadcast sound.
  4. Dave Gaming said in his newest video, that the changes will be probably focus the problems of the current handling (some curbs, the spinning etc.) Probably the changes won’t be that high.
  5. In 2019 they did the same and after the handling patch the physic was horrible in the end. I just hope it’s not like two years ago. @David GrecoDo you have informations about That?
  6. Jaketa


    They should in general update more the character models. Alonso also looks like from begin of 2018 instead of a current model.
  7. Just had another session. Listen to this sound @BarryBL FullSizeRender.mov
  8. Same here. Our league season starts in August and we need a fix. Probably because it’s fine in open lobby’s, is the reason why no one saw that in the beta or else where.
  9. Hi Barry, I reported the exact same bug with pictures and Details here. It’s definitely a game breaker and needs a fix ASAP because leagues are not able to start with this.
  10. I’m disappointed that the Grid Editor isn’t in the Single Player for another year. This tool was part of many F1 games in the past before Codemasters and it was cool to start a race with the Grid order from the real race. The Grid Editor is already there for years in the Multiplayer. And with the “Real Season start” tool in career there are even the real season data and championship standings in the game. I think, that it would be a easy thing; to implement at least the Grid Editor from MP at the GP for SP.
  11. A detailed description of the issue. In MP, when you watch a session, the sound of some cars is strange again, like in the last years. It is very bad for streams or leagues, because the sound is just terrible. Report Code No Code. Platform? Xbox Game-mode Multiplayer / Co-Op Career [ONLINE] The amount of players in your session? If you know the players forum username, please tag as many people who were in your session here. Different [ONLINE] Were you the host? No What troubleshootin
  12. Is there someone, who also had this problem or is that a simple solution with a setting?
  13. A detailed description of the issue. In the online Lobby settings, there is the option to set the Grid, when you don’t do a Qualifying. This setting is obviously locked, when you want to drive a Qualifying. Despite of that, it seems like, that the game sets the grid order according this setting after the Qualifying. Some of our league members tried that a several times and the game always sorting the teams after last years constructor championship (Grid order: “Realistic”) setting after the Qualifying, no matter which results there are. Report Code No special repor
  14. Exactly. I know from the sound developers and beta testing in the last years, that every year the teams work together with Codemasters with the engine sounds. They are using real onboard sounds and footage from the tests. In the past, the sound devs, were very open and worked with us players to improve the sound. However, I agree, that especially this year, the turbo whistle should be more in the focus, as it is more present, especially at the Renault engine. I already posted this back in April here: So, I agree totally with the first post here. @issueskid
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