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  1. Any News on the Contract negotiations bug, if you have switched driver transfers off? Is it on the upcoming things? Because I can’t continue my career without that fix. @BarryBL
  2. This is probably because of your Control settings/ Mapping on your device. And not a bug.
  3. Probably a known issue but only for the protocol. It isn’t very important but for the feeling it is and it was already in the last games, so it’s definitely a game play problem: In this years game the AI isn’t warming up their tyres in formation lap or when the SC is on track. They driving like in Kimi-Style completely without warming their tyres up and sliding their cars from side to side. 2. I play on Xbox 3. 1.05 and it’s there since the game is out 5. Every time. 6. There is no troubleshooting for that issue 7. Wheel 8. Can be seen in every gameplay video in YouTube
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    What has this to do with passionate? Seriously, how often the deva should explain that it isn’t possible to add new tracks in that short of time. To create a new track, it isn’t done with the circuit itself. Look how detailed the tracks on the game are. They already said, that they need many months for new tracks. Yes, it’s unfortunate that this tracks are not in the game, but seriously: Without COVID F1 wouldn’t be racing on that track this year. And that’s the point. If F1 decides before 2021 that they will be racing again more races in Europe because of the ongoing Corona situation , I’m more than sure that we will get some more tracks like Imola in F1 2021. Imo the focus in the next years should be on additional tracks. We have enough classic cars, now they should add some old and different circuits as classic content like in 2013.
  5. Jaketa

    Turning down ambient sounds (crowd cheering)

    Totally agree with That.
  6. The AI topteams always end their race in the midfield, because they are often pitting two time times and stuck in the field. That’s the reason why there are strange standings in most of the 50% seasons. German YouTuber Davegaming reported that issue here, and for him it’s not possible to play a 50% career. 2. Every platform 3. 1.01-1.05 4. Every mode with AI and race 5. Always, especially on tracks like Hungary or Spain. 6. / 7. / 8. No videos from me, but Dave Gamings Driver Career with Alonso on YouTube is a good example. He had so many wins because of this issue.
  7. Jaketa

    F1 2020 - Engine Sounds

    The upshifts of the Honda Engine should be like that:
  8. Jaketa

    Performance Patch coming soon?

    And this wont change anymore in the next season. So they should nerve Ferrari ASAP.
  9. Jaketa

    Xbox update

    Its kind of ridiculous how this thing with the Patch is going. Few days yes, but not one week since the release of the first copy’s. I just hope that the 1.03 is a big itch with a lot of new improvements. Because currently, the game is full of bugs. And I just hope that the patch after that is coming quickly.
  10. Jaketa

    Why is xbox version 1.01 while pc is 1.03

    I just hope it comes out in the next days. 😕 Xbox always have the biggest issues..
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    Yes agree. There should be different liveries available in the menu like in rfactor mods.
  12. Jaketa


    Imagine how fast modders creating liveries within hours. I don’t think it’s a impossible task until the release of the game. I mean, it’s not a full new livery, only another colour sheme. but yeah this season is special.
  13. Jaketa

    F1 2020 - Engine Sounds

    @issueskid I think the sounds are a massive improvement in this year. It’s the same like from 2017 to 2018. In 2018 they were also very good, while there were pretty inaccurate and to low in 2017 and 2019. I just hope that it stays like this and not will be in a bad way again in 2021. Also, is there a possibility that we are getting some Audio patches/fixes here and there that makes the engine even more accurate after the release, when the real season started/ will the sound be different after the day one patch? The Honda sound is the best example every year. In overall it’s Good especially what we are seeing from the current gameplays. But: I think, the rough sound on the low speed and gearing should be more aggressive. You can listen to that here:
  14. Jaketa

    Patch Notes for 1.15 – Discussion Thread

    Agree on that. Our league is driving 100% races for 9 years now and the SC is as bad as ever before. It’s completely a mess if the SC comes out randomly because in some races it really changes the race outcome, while on other races where it would be necessary it doesn’t come out. In one crash in Monaco the car was standing not in the way and SC was coming out, in six other accidents where cars where completely on the track in the way it didn’t came out. That’s just annoying and the only way to avoid that is to turn the SC off.
  15. I owned the games since 2009 from Codemasters. I have driven 9 seasons in a league. But to be honest. I’m on a point where I can’t be happy about this news. I mentioned many things that upsets me in my latest posts. And Codemasters confirmed my current feelings with their shameful twitter response to some players: We are talking for more than 3 years now about how messy the Safety Car is. Giving us such a messy response is just embarrassing and a slap in the face of every player. Because they are acting like this problem wasn’t ever mentioned by the players. While we are not given any response or talk what they are working on next. I just have wished that another developer is given the license. I think in a battle between two companies that producing a Formula 1 game, the one who benefits would be the player and the game. Because with pressure from rivals, one Monopol Company could not afford to be lazy anymore could not afford to ignore some of the voices of the players. Sorry Codies. I was even a beta tester in 2016-2018, and always tried to help you guys with my feedback. But I‘m on a point where I’m not happy about this news and would even sit out for one year without a game, If we would get a Company that actually are listening to their players. I’m also very very concerned how the new 2021 regulations will be implemented in the game ( I only say this years handling that acts like a car before 2017) or the rate of bugs on a then-possible new console. (Remember F1 2015).
  16. Yes because the handling in this game is the worst thing I have seen from Codemasters since 2014. It’s completely random because they thought the cars are 1,5 seconds slower than 2018. They tried to fixed this but still the cars are way to slow and for sure they couldn’t changed the handling a lot. The best thing would have been if they would have add the 2018 handling instead of that. They scraped the Balast and now the cars are just to difficult to set up. No matter what you do on some tracks, you still have always this understeering. The drivers said that this years cars are not different to the last two years. But in the game it feels like a jump back to the cars pre 2017. And I’m sure Lando or Max would have fun with F1 2018. Because the handling was very accurate and I enjoyed every minute of this. I‘m in my league for nearly 9 years now and drive my 9th season currently and the most experience drivers of our league have problems with the current handling because everybody say that’s more arcade than ever. Before this season I had 8x 100% Monaco GP on league terms behind me. Since F1 2011. I was always on the fight to the Top 5 and loved this track. In this Game it’s horrible - only understeering, especially in the race. It’s just sad. But instead of working on that or on that stupid wrong gearing (especially in Multiplayer) or the still broken Safety Car, we get a ******* Halloween skin. Shame on you Codemasters..
  17. It’s another bad chapters of Codemastees F1 game. In terms of gameplay and stuff F1 2019 unfortunately is the worst game since 2015. The handling is just a mess, 2018 was much better. The revs are still wrong, the sound is inaccurate. The cars are still to slow in the corners and same on the straights. And the balancing of the Teams is more inaccurate as ever. The Ferrari is 0,5 - 1 second faster on the straights than everybody else in real live. In this messy game they Are slower than the Mercedes. And then we have the unnecessary F2. 2 years of development for this game? This is a joke! No one cares about that. Sorry, but I‘m on a Point where I would be happy for 1-2 years break to get atleast a proper developer with money and someone who is patching the game constantly and not only 2-3 months after and let it fell of after that. Sony had already better features in 2007 and you are still not able to manage the broken SC since 2017. At the same time, you fired your most recent active social media and forums members, who were interacte for the first time with the community. It’s 2015 all over again. Shame on you Codemasters.
  18. Jaketa

    This is getting ridiculous.

    To be honest, F1 2012 and F1 2013 were the best games of the series in terms of on track play. There wasn’t any major game breaker, our league seasons went without any online problems. But since we got to the „new“ consoles back than, it went chaotic especially on multiplayer. Safety Car is the same **** since 2017. It worked in F1 2016 but after that they destroyed it somehow and never fixed that. For the last three years we need in 80% of the league races to restart the Lobby because someone kicked out, someone can’t joint, someone could not set his setup, someone has no engine sound etc...week for week. The most annoying thing is, when they are fixing things in one game and one year later the same bugs before the patches are again in the new game. I don’t know how something like this is possible. Best example is the 100% tyre wear in Qualifying for 50% races. It was there in 2017, Patched out, it was back in 2018 patched out again and in F1 2019 guess what? It was there again.
  19. Jaketa

    This is getting ridiculous.

    Agree with you, 100%. Threads like this: In the begin we were told that this problems are looking into it. But after that we never got feedback from anyone. Or fundamental problems like the Safety Car. Why they are not fix this things before bringing silly stuff like livery’s for the MP cars or F2. Seriously, most players of that game are playing leagues and especially with the F1 2019 cars and not with that MP cars. And in this leagues problems like the SC are important because on one track it comes out because of nothing and on the other track it never comes out, even after five crashes in Monaco. The league system in the game was meant for a good reason, but it doesn’t make sense for any league. We are still using normal race lobbys. I really don’t get why the big problems of the game; which are in it for many years are not getting fixed - or fixed things come again one year later. Make a solution for this problems and not introducing unnecessary stuff like race suits only because you can earn money on it.
  20. Ferrari in real: 1.3 seconds and 9 kph (!!) faster on the straights per lap than Mercedes in Belgium Qualifying. In Game: Mercedes faster on the straights than Ferrari. Fix this!
  21. Quote from Facebook: Fix this; Please fix the sound balance. I play in TV Pod mode and I can hear the engines of the other cars more than I hear my own, it’s unrealistic and annoying. We were able to adjust these settings in previous F1 games, I don’t understand how Codemasters omitted this in F1 2019! Plus it would be nice if the engines sounded more aggressive and powerful by increasing the pitch.
  22. Jaketa

    Safety Car is so hard to bring out ...

    @Faya We tested the SC now in our league online and it’s the same like 2017/2018. It doesn’t come out. Please give this to the guys. They should finally have a look on the SC. It’s not acceptable that this state hasn’t changed anything since F1 2017.
  23. Jaketa

    Safety Car is so hard to bring out ...

    In online or league racing the SC is still a mess and comes out completely random. There can be 5 big crashes it doesn’t come out. And in the Next race there is one little crash or someone in the gravel and there is the SC. IDK why this isn’t one of the things that should fixed immediately after all this years. In 2016 the SC was Perfect. But since 2017 it’s a joke.