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  1. Currently this game makes no sense to play with especiall if it’s true that they will change the handling drastically with the performance update. Seriously? Until this game makes sense and fun it’s August - the early release doesn’t care me because I will not play this game with 2018/unrealistic car performances and gearing sounds which sounds like V4 vacuum cleaner when you doesn’t go about the full revs.
  2. The sound guys usually listen to our feedback. They changed a lot in the last years during beta feedback. So I have faith, especially after Fayra told that she gave that feedback from us to them. And me and thousands other players don’t care modding because it’s not possible on console - and especially on league racing.
  3. Another example. If they will fix the revs we will have the best engine sound ever. The sound is so close but doesn’t scream.
  4. Definitely not. There are plenty onboards of the Ferrari from the drivers view and it sounds in rpm exactly like the Onboard. There isn’t much difference. And tbh: It’s no simulation. When I’m driving in the Onboard I want the sound from the real Onboard. Apart from that it doesn’t have anything to do with the rpm. As often said here: The sound is absolutely realistic and accurate from the engine itself but the rpm are just to low and not aggressive enough. No matter from which angle - the rpm is always the same.
  5. It is good that so many people here are complaining about that. It’s one of the most attending topics here. And they already read our feedback. So hopefully it will be fixed ASAP. With the correct revs the sound will be epic. I really like the whistle of the Ferrari. After five years it’s correct.
  6. Jaketa

    F1 2019 sound

    Hey there. We already have a big thread about sound. 🙂
  7. I must say the Renault Engine is nearly perfect. Also on the rpm it sounds like in real life. Only a tiny bit of more turbo whistle and a little bit higher rpm. Ferrari need Most improvement and after that Mercedes and Honda. But Renault engine sounds very good and realistic.
  8. Yes the engine sound in general is awesome, the best we ever had especially the Ferrari. There is only some tweaks with the Rpm needed and the we have the most realistic sound in all F1 games! @Faya Thank you so much!
  9. Jaketa

    Ferrari Engine Sound drives me crazy

    Please use the the biggest threads to gain more attention of Codemasters. It doesn't make sense to open 100 Threads where everybody is complaining about this issue. We need one big Thread, than the chance is highter to get more attention: https://forums.codemasters.com/topic/39190-petition-to-make-the-2019-engines-sound-louder-more-rpm/
  10. Thanks. It’s good that you guys in the beta spoke about that, increase the chance that they will have a faster fix. The sound guys usually listen to feedback and change some things so let’s hope. The best comparison is the Ferrari engine and that Video is showing what we are meaning: As I said: The engine itself sounds pretty realistic when the revs are higher. But you can’t drive a whole race with this high revs. The current engine sound in the game is just weak and „lazy“ in comparison to the real engine that is high and aggressive especially at the Ferrari.
  11. Even when it’s this way. The rpm sound is to low.
  12. The sound general is good and realistic, but as mentioned above its completly right that it sounds like to less rpm. The Ferrari sounds realistic when you stuck in one gear and still drive this gear to the maximum, but in that way the fuel goes away quicker. The best example is Ferrari. It sounds like a limited F1 engine with lower rpm. Very dissapointed about that. Hopefully there will be a Patch. Idk why such things happen when the sound in F1 2018 was already better in terms of rpm and stuff. @issueskid @davidjgurney
  13. Agree. It’s a major problem. The cars are sounding like 8k revs cars. Also the aerodynamic is wrong. The cars are way to slow despite they are faster on the straights in real.
  14. Jaketa

    Updates every Monday?

    They need to address alongside the performance the drivability/performance model. The cars are way to slow on the straights and feel to heavy. Because they thought they would be slower with the new wings but they are faster!
  15. Jaketa

    Engine sound

    Thank you for making the sound of the 2010 Ferrari real. I had the fear that this will be also the 2007 engine sound like the Brawn GP had from the 2007 McLaren. But it’s not. Looks and sounds so good especially in that comparison.
  16. Is the Safety Car/VSC finally working? It was a whole mess in 2018, especially online. Came out in a full season about 21 races only twice although there were crashes in nearly every race. Before F2 and stuff you guys should focus on this things...
  17. Jaketa


    The Honda Sound needs to be more aggressive and rough in my opinion. And many people are upset about that. I agree. I mean it’s not awful like some people say but I think it should be a lot more rough. Edit: And sound wise I really hope that they create new V8 sounds for the 2010 Ferrari and McLaren and not easily implement the sounds from the 2007/2008 cars because it’s wrong with the high revs. The Brawn Sound last year was also completely wrong (revs from 2008 engine), same as the Renault 2006 sound from the last years. It’s not as much important as other stuff but when you implement classic cars you need to be accurate..
  18. Im pretty sure they will use the other classic cars from the 80s and early 90s as rivals on track for this mode. —- I really hope (alongside fixing SC Bugs on online) that they do the right sound for the Ferrari F10 and the McLaren. And not putting the sound of an 2007/08 V8 with higher revs into a car which has lower revs in reality like they did with the Brawn GP.