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    The Honda Sound needs to be more aggressive and rough in my opinion. And many people are upset about that. I agree. I mean it’s not awful like some people say but I think it should be a lot more rough. Edit: And sound wise I really hope that they create new V8 sounds for the 2010 Ferrari and McLaren and not easily implement the sounds from the 2007/2008 cars because it’s wrong with the high revs. The Brawn Sound last year was also completely wrong (revs from 2008 engine), same as the Renault 2006 sound from the last years. It’s not as much important as other stuff but when you implement classic cars you need to be accurate..
  2. Im pretty sure they will use the other classic cars from the 80s and early 90s as rivals on track for this mode. —- I really hope (alongside fixing SC Bugs on online) that they do the right sound for the Ferrari F10 and the McLaren. And not putting the sound of an 2007/08 V8 with higher revs into a car which has lower revs in reality like they did with the Brawn GP.