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  1. One of the most annoying things in league racing is, that the penalty system is way to harsh on strict in the races. While it’s way to lean on the most of the tracks on regular.

    It would be make things way easier if you could set the penalty system for Qualifying and race separately. On the Qualifying a harsh system would be good, while for the race there should be the regular system for most of the races, especially on 100% races where drivers fighting eatch other for many laps and are not able to look always on the track limits.

    Is that possible?

  2. 57 minutes ago, Exasperated said:

    Its just a game, none of those things matter unfortunately, so I am told. Hopefully NGOTY edition may be available at some point and you may get what you are looking for. Good luck.

    They matter.

    @David Greco told me last year that the handling in F1 2019 was a mistake (to less downforce, to slow), because teams said that the Cars will be 2-3 seconds slower before the winter and after the winter they were equal fast as 2018. So I hope that this mistake won’t be repeated and they do it similar to the reality this year and waiting for the tests.

  3. After Reading the current Interview from McLaren’a James Key, McLaren will be already compensate the deficit from the new aero rules to make the car slower after the season start in Bahrain. So, already in the first few races the teams will have compensate the lost time because of the new aero rules with the floor.

    Same as in 2019. I just hope Codemasters don’t make the same mistake again, and make the cars 2-3 slower as they did in 2019, despite the real cars didn’t loose any time.

    2021 cars and handling should’nt be much different compare to 2020.

    Hope they stay more in touch with teams.

  4. In this years game, there is again the bug that, other cars in online sounding weird like they are stucking in one gear. That’s especially annoying when you are watching the race or commentating the race in league racing.

    This bug was already in earlier games, but it a got patched and now it’s again there in the game.

    When this will be finally patched after more than half a year?

  5. I'd like to bring back an old topic from the archives:


    Despite massive improvments of the game in the last years, I think one of the most important things is neglected in the last games.

    The weather system is the same for nearly five or six years now and there wasn't a huge step of improvments in a long time. I remember when F1 2012 came out, the step of the weather system was impressive - and in this game, the weather model was more realistic than in the games of the last years. The way how the rain came to an track or the track dried out was much less predictable. In the current games, it's always the same. As soon as the DRS is disabled, you know that its time for the wet tyres, and as soon as its enabled again, you are save for slicks again. Look at the postings in the topic above and watch this video:


    You were able to drive with Slicks on the dry line, but if you pushed to hard, and came away from the racing line, your race was over. Same way for wet tyres in the dry. You were able to cool your tyres on the wet places on the track and were able to race a lot longer on the wet tyres. And in the current games it's always the same sheme. So, there are no really opportunitys (especially in leagues), were slower drivers could surprise in difficult conditions.

    I think this topic is one of the most important topics of a racing game. And before moaning and concentrating on liverys or stuff, I think the devs should focus more on the on track things again, and not only about features, that the manority of people like to see. (MyTeam etc.)


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  6. I have this problem in every career 50% race since day of release. The AI have no problems with tyre wear! 
    For example: I started with Mediums in Spa, but the cars around me with Softs were able to drive much equal times until their stops than me on fresh mediums - on the other side, at the second stint they are driving the same times from the first lap of their stint until the last lap.   For me, it’s seems like that the AI isn’t getting slower with their tyres. I experienced this in every race.

    I ask friends from my league and they had the same experience, that’s why you can’t doing very well on a high difficulty. 

    @BarryBL Are you guys aware of that issue?

  7. 34 minutes ago, Stidjn said:

    I hoped this patch would fix the problem that whenever I brake I would look backwards on track and when I’d steer sharply left or right I’d look those ways on track but it hasn’t. My league racing season starts the 2nd of August and I’d like to be able to race... 😐

    This is probably because of your Control settings/ Mapping on your device. And not a bug.

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  8. Probably a known issue but only for the protocol. It isn’t very important but for the feeling it is and it was already in the last games, so it’s definitely a game play problem: 

    In this years game the AI isn’t warming up their tyres in formation lap or when the SC is on track. They driving like in Kimi-Style completely without warming their tyres up and sliding their cars from side to side.

    2. I play on Xbox 
    3. 1.05 and it’s there since the game is out
    5. Every time.
    6. There is no troubleshooting for that issue
    7. Wheel
    8. Can be seen in every gameplay video in YouTube

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  9. 21 minutes ago, 86 til Infinity said:

    what do you mean not licensed its the official F1 2020 Video Game. The the official F1 season included san marino portuguese gp and mugello that should give them every right to make the calender accurate. question is are they passionate enough to please the fans!?

    What has this to do with passionate? Seriously, how often the deva should explain that it isn’t possible to add new tracks in that short of time.

    To create a new track, it isn’t done with the circuit itself. Look how detailed the tracks on the game are. They already said, that they need many months for new tracks. Yes, it’s unfortunate that this tracks are not in the game, but seriously: Without COVID F1 wouldn’t be racing on that track this year. And that’s the point. 

    If F1 decides before 2021 that they will be racing again more races in Europe because of the ongoing Corona situation , I’m more than sure that we will get some more tracks like Imola in F1 2021.

    Imo the focus in the next years should be on additional tracks. We have enough classic cars, now they should add some old and different circuits as classic content like in 2013.


  10. The AI topteams always end their race in the midfield, because they are often pitting two time times and stuck in the field. That’s the reason why there are strange standings in most of the 50% seasons. German YouTuber Davegaming reported that issue here, and for him it’s not possible to play a 50% career.




    2.       Every platform
    3.       1.01-1.05
    4.       Every mode with AI and race
    5.       Always, especially on tracks like Hungary or Spain.
    6.       /
    7.       /
    8.      No videos from me, but Dave Gamings Driver Career with Alonso on YouTube is a good example. He had so many wins because of this issue.

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  11. 24 minutes ago, Turtlemoose said:

    Don't think any charts or stats are needed to see that Ferrari are clearly slower than Red Bull and at best on par with Racing Point, McLaren and Renault.

    And this wont change anymore in the next season. So they should nerve Ferrari ASAP.

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  12. Its kind of ridiculous how this thing with the Patch is going. Few days yes, but not one week since the release of the first copy’s. I just hope that the 1.03 is a big itch with a lot of new improvements. Because currently, the game is full of bugs. And I just hope that the patch after that is coming quickly. 

  13. 27 minutes ago, BiohazardBGR said:

    The default car should be silver all those alternative liveries should be an option like in the Nascar games. Sometimes in the season, we have special liveries and currently, we cannot use them, for example, Mercedes Germany livery in 2019

    Yes agree. There should be different liveries available in the menu like in rfactor mods.

  14. 14 minutes ago, Rafetagamer 2.0 said:

    Hard work for Codemasters with these livery changes. I imagine that it will be patched in Day One.

    Imagine how fast modders creating liveries within hours. I don’t think it’s a impossible task until the release of the game. I mean, it’s not a full new livery, only another colour sheme.


    but yeah this season is special.

  15. @issueskid


    I think the sounds are a massive improvement in this year. It’s the same like from 2017 to 2018. In 2018 they were also very good, while there were pretty inaccurate and to low in 2017 and 2019. I just hope that it stays like this and not will be in a bad way again in 2021.

    Also, is there a possibility that we are getting some Audio patches/fixes here and there that makes the engine even more accurate after the release, when the real season started/ will the sound be different after the day one patch? The Honda sound is the best example every year. In overall it’s Good especially what we are seeing from the current gameplays. But: I think, the rough sound on the low speed and gearing should be more aggressive. You can listen to that here:


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