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  1. Quote from Facebook: Fix this; Please fix the sound balance. I play in TV Pod mode and I can hear the engines of the other cars more than I hear my own, it’s unrealistic and annoying. We were able to adjust these settings in previous F1 games, I don’t understand how Codemasters omitted this in F1 2019! Plus it would be nice if the engines sounded more aggressive and powerful by increasing the pitch.
  2. @Faya Is there any news on that? The 8th gear is still useless/sounds way to slow and powerless. The other gears are meanwhile after the patches nearly accurate.
  3. As I said on the other topic they need to fix the car characteristics. Ferrari need to be unbeatable on the straights and not equal with Mercedes like it’s now. Especially on the Qualifying engine mode 4, Ferrari have to be the benchmark on the straights. Mercedes needs to be unbeatable in fast and slow corners and RB also needs good on Slow corners. @Faya Could you give this to the team?
  4. They also need to make the characteristics of the cars better. Ferrari should absolutely flying on the straight and have to be at least 5-10 kp/h faster than the Mercedes on the straights. While that Mercedes and RB are much faster on corners. Look at Hungary currently.
  5. Jaketa

    1.05 is some kind of misunderstanding

    Real Life: Ferrari gaining nearly half a second on the straights while Mercedes slower because of drag. McLaren once of the fastest Cars on the straights. Game after Patch 1.05: Mercedes is still faster, McLaren still the slowest. codies, what are you smoking?
  6. Jaketa

    Rev lights don’t appear to match engine note.

    Please use this thread guys: And for these who doesn’t see a problem there, you probably have no knowledge how the real Onboard and shifts sounds like.
  7. Read the updated thread from Faya 😉 PS4 and especially Xbox players are always getting patches some days later, maybe even a week. To the PC gamers: Could you explain how much impact it has on the handling? Does it feel better? Are the cars still feel heavy and slow? Is the gearing right,?
  8. ? I said the CURRENT CARS in the game are to slow in the corners - And yes they are making them 1,5 sec faster because they are to slow. Maybe it’s because your translation in German from my quote is wrong. 😉
  9. The new Patch Announcement confirms my thoughts. Current cars are to slow in the corners and handling will be changed with the new Performance Patch.
  10. Yes it will affect your career same as in 2018. You don‘t have to start a new career.
  11. Disappointed that it lasts another two weeks. Haven’t played the game for more than 1 1/2 weeks now because of the unrealistic car performance and the sound of the current cars. Waiting another 2 weeks doesn’t make a big difference to the last release dates where the game was correct at release date. But atleast, and that’s the good thing, you are finally providing us with updates and say what is coming - that’s the way how you have to act with your players, because in the past it was completely invisible on what you guys are working. I hope that you also have a look at the sound/wrong rev sound and fix this ASAP.
  12. Jaketa

    Safety Car is so hard to bring out ...

    @Faya We tested the SC now in our league online and it’s the same like 2017/2018. It doesn’t come out. Please give this to the guys. They should finally have a look on the SC. It’s not acceptable that this state hasn’t changed anything since F1 2017.
  13. I think they are slow because they are still on the Pre test spec. I read few weeks ago that the current cars in the game will change a lot in handling after the Performance Patch - you only have to look at the lap times and speeds on the Straight. The cars in the game are currently a lot slower than in real because everybody thought that the cars will be slower with the more simple wings (less corner speed( and the bigger rear wings (less speed on the straight). The reality is, that the PU steps over the winter were big enough to equalise the disadvantage on the straight coming from the big rear wing - and the cornering speed is the same. That’s why the real cars are faster than in 2018. So I really hope that this problem will be fixed with the Performance Patch, because cars should be a lot faster than. And let’s cross fingers for a sound patch.
  14. Jaketa

    Sound Options

    @SturmDesTodes Agree. We need a Roadmap or something like this. Informations what they are working for, what errors they have recognised etc. We only know that there is a Performance Patch Coming. We know that they are looking the low rpm/the sound. But are they fix that? We don’t know anything.
  15. According to Lee Mather on twitter Performance Patch and more is coming next week. I hope the problem with the sound won’t be to long stay there.
  16. Jaketa

    Safety Car is so hard to bring out ...

    In online or league racing the SC is still a mess and comes out completely random. There can be 5 big crashes it doesn’t come out. And in the Next race there is one little crash or someone in the gravel and there is the SC. IDK why this isn’t one of the things that should fixed immediately after all this years. In 2016 the SC was Perfect. But since 2017 it’s a joke.
  17. Jaketa

    Sound Options

    Agree. The sound of the other cars is to loud.
  18. They doesn’t have to re-record them. The sound is already there - continue drive the Ferrari engine in one gear and do not shift up and you hear the sound how it should be. Only the revs/gears are on the wrong place/gearing is to fast.
  19. Currently this game makes no sense to play with especiall if it’s true that they will change the handling drastically with the performance update. Seriously? Until this game makes sense and fun it’s August - the early release doesn’t care me because I will not play this game with 2018/unrealistic car performances and gearing sounds which sounds like V4 vacuum cleaner when you doesn’t go about the full revs.
  20. The sound guys usually listen to our feedback. They changed a lot in the last years during beta feedback. So I have faith, especially after Fayra told that she gave that feedback from us to them. And me and thousands other players don’t care modding because it’s not possible on console - and especially on league racing.
  21. Another example. If they will fix the revs we will have the best engine sound ever. The sound is so close but doesn’t scream.
  22. Definitely not. There are plenty onboards of the Ferrari from the drivers view and it sounds in rpm exactly like the Onboard. There isn’t much difference. And tbh: It’s no simulation. When I’m driving in the Onboard I want the sound from the real Onboard. Apart from that it doesn’t have anything to do with the rpm. As often said here: The sound is absolutely realistic and accurate from the engine itself but the rpm are just to low and not aggressive enough. No matter from which angle - the rpm is always the same.
  23. It is good that so many people here are complaining about that. It’s one of the most attending topics here. And they already read our feedback. So hopefully it will be fixed ASAP. With the correct revs the sound will be epic. I really like the whistle of the Ferrari. After five years it’s correct.
  24. Jaketa

    F1 2019 sound

    Hey there. We already have a big thread about sound. 🙂