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  1. whatanmentalguy

    F1 2019 #Race1000 Intro for China in-game???

    Let's see... I already had many big discussions last year in the beta forums about all way GRAPHICS (I'm a big FOM Fan and had a YT Channel) Would be great...
  2. Will we get the F1 1000 Intro (maybe the graphics for it) for every Chinese Grand Prix we drive in offline mode? 😄 Would love it, because the graphics at the intro and the part before the Starting grid is very nice! And of course the official graphics, as i always begged for it since about 2 years now... Hopefully its possible now with the Partnership x F1... Please dear GOD let it happen!
  3. Hahaha, lol... The spelling in the mail is fake... My 2018 Beta Mail looked completely different...
  4. whatanmentalguy

    F1 2019 Intro ???

    -> Are we going to see the official intro for 2019, as i'm not seeing any alcoholic ads yet in the real one... Would be everything for many players to make the official game really official :P