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  1. Bonnet, sometimes cockpit and chase. (so let's say cockpit)
  2. Plenty of them, I just find the Agera to be quite the funniest to race with. Powersliding at 100 mph like in Grid 2 xD
  3. This is weird, I've sold my Panspeed RX7 (all upgrades acquired, bought, applied), bought another one, and I had nothing unlocked on it at all.
  4. Some cars glitch (if not every single one), and tuning kits cannot all be saved on PS3. This should be fixed, as for the higher end cars (Agera for example), it might cost 400k every single time the game is restarted.
  5. Very Hard most of the time, unless I'm not efficient enough for playing against these guys, so I put med/hard (or I just wait for myself to feel better for optimum performance)
  6. Some multiplayer stuff : - if someone becomes a ghost (mainly after corner cutting), if another player happens to be "inside" this ghost when it becomes material, his car will be heavily damaged or wrecked : it ruins his race while he was purely innocent. If a ghost could stay immaterial for several seconds if another car is in close proximity to him, it would prevent some injustified crashes. - for clubs, it would be great for each member to have his own number, instead of using the same one for everyone. Do you find it normal in a race to have 12 n°28 for example ? xD - I have some issues
  7. The plain'old F1 would be great in the supercar/hypercar category. (Or the F1 GTR from 95' as an endurance car?) Anyway, I'm looking forward to see the other street cars and tuner cars. Maybe the muscle cars (70's cars maybe?), the Super Modified, and the hypercars a little more.
  8. http://www.gamersyde.com/pop_images_grid_autosport-25132-1.html http://www.gamersyde.com/pop_images_grid_autosport-25132-4.html Honda Integra, BMW 1M Coupe, Subaru'BRZ are in. Don't know if they were already posted..
  9. Always been a console, pad player. Have no room for a proper steering wheel, no money for a good-spec PC ATM. So that's it.
  10. My favorites were CMR3, CMR4, CMR2005, WRC3, WRC4. And for the rest, either I didn't like it that much, or I didn't try it. (I just know that Richard Burns Rally was very punitive.)
  11. ATM Touring, that is until I know more about Endurance. But obviously I'll take a look at all 5 disciplines. =)
  12. Anyone still on the 2010 Hot Pursuit ? Almost 4 years and still going strong for me.
  13. Is it normal that in half gameplay videos I've seen, McKane is among the last drivers ? XD
  14. I've made my time on Grid 2 using mainly the Camaro, the Boss 302 (excellent handling for me, so it compensates for its lack of power compared to the R34 or C63), the Z06 (don't like using lightweights), and the Agera R. Even though I'm a pad player (I don't feel like setting a wheel in my tiny room xD), I feel like these cars are perfectly suited for most races with good throttle control, especially the Agera which seems to be the hardest car to master for many (though mastering the NSX is as rewarding as mastering the Agera, and I still can't) --- While the Agera R is my favorite car, I'd
  15. I'd just like to know if there's an option to play with all cars straight from the beginning online, and if there's another to disable upgrades on cars online so that it is fair for beginners who'd like to have a taste of multiplayer racing. In Grid 2, most people tend to use the best cars so any new beginner without the all-cars access DLC is probably smoked. While the Guilletta was one of the best T1 cars, the Challenger is easily outperformed (except in T2 events), the NSX-R is a very hard-to-master vehicle (although it is one of the better choices once people are used to its handling), an
  16. That smallish car on the right behind the oper wheeler looks like a fiat 500? @Loore @justbiglee Can you confirm that? I think this is the Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG (thanks to its front grille) seen in another Grid Autosport screenshot. And the C63 is actually used by Ravenwest so it quite makes sense.
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