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  1. I’ve noticed the same so far, but have also heard people aren’t having to change theirs.
  2. Right, but you’re saying this isn’t the case with the game? Whether a wing is at 11 or 1 the suspension travel is the same? But does it at least increase with speed like it should? This would tie ride height directly to suspension levels and eliminate the impact of aero, wouldn’t it? I’m trying to understand how to properly think about downforce levels and ride height in the game…like everyone else. Even if it isn’t perfectly accurate, it can still always be understood. 😛
  3. Does the suspension travel change with speed as the car accelerates?
  4. I'm in on this Discord if you'll have me. I've got some ideas I'd love to hash out as well.
  5. @BarryBL what’s the best way for me to get this answered?
  6. @marioho you channel the same energy I have for this stuff, except you take the time to research and write it down. Thanks for such an over the top response! Haha. I hope I can contribute more and maybe collaborate with guys like you on this kind of stuff. It’s all fun for me.
  7. I've had the opposite experience in many ways. For the first time in a little while I feel like I'm back in the game with setups and for the most part reliably able to manipulate them to my liking. I strongly disliked the trend of "meta" setups that developed, especially in 2020 which seemed artificial and cartoonish. For the most part, I'm finding my setup inputs to be reflected predictably on track. My only issue with this game in that regard is that I wish I could get more data from the game to understand the impact on the car rather than having to rely completely on feel in some ca
  8. If what you say about the front and rear wing is true, then why does the top speed not change between a 1/11 wing setup and an 11/1 wing setup...all other things being equal? On the previous version of the game I tested all possible combinations of wing angles and found that the front and rear wing are equally impactful on top speed, so I would assume that would also mean downforce and/or drag. I haven't yet tested the new game to this extent, but I have compared top speeds between 1/11 and 11/1.
  9. Is it simply assumed there will be a performance patch based on past history, or did I miss some official communication? I'm not sure it's necessarily needed...
  10. I shy away from hating on the Codies F1 game as “not a sim”. The game simulates a lot. Maybe not to the level the “true” sim racers want, but it’s not an arcade game. I think Codies has done a great job with the market they’re in and the target audience. There’s a lot there for us nerds, we’d just like a little more.
  11. There is one big area where I wish this game could be developed further in the future: More data. Some is available via good 3rd party apps, but other good data simply isn't available. Examples of data I wish I could see from the game: -Surface tire temps across the various parts of the tire surface...not just a single reading. Same with tire wear. -Lap telemetry graphs. -Tire wear graphs in practice mode...similar to the strategy screen but with real usage data. -Real setup inputs where arbitrary numbers are now used: Wing angles, ride heights, etc... Working on setups fo
  12. @upilkhyi it seems to be locked unless you’re on an outlap in quali or under safety car. I don’t know if the low fuel management setting changes this or not.
  13. @BarryBL curious if you might also be able to answer this? Thanks!
  14. Last game, D. Greco said that the equal cars handling model was equal to the Mercedes. This year, it seems like it might be the Multiplayer Car. Is that correct? And to confirm...no matter what the model is, all cars on equal performance handle exactly the same way, even if the skin on screen looks and sounds different, or is otherwise perceived to be different car-to-car, correct?
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