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  1. EnaFreddo


    Hello and Merry Christmas as well. I would like to ask if there will be an update for the cars. For example will the game update to the latest McLaren nose etc. Thanks
  2. EnaFreddo

    Helmets need to be updated

    When i was playing the game and i was looking the helmets and the characters i noticed that the helmets are not as real life. On the fist image you can see the helmet from the game and on the second one how the helmets are in real life. It looks like the game have not update the visor screen when it became smaller in 2019.
  3. EnaFreddo

    link Steam & PS4 accounts?

    No i dont think it is possible to do, the game does not share cross platform progression.
  4. EnaFreddo

    F1 2021 game

    I dont think they will do something like that, because the new gen consoles have arrived and they will be making a game on the next gen for sure this year. Especially now with the help from 2k studios we may see great things happen
  5. Yeah it has 3 mods PS4-S PS4-N and PS3 but none of them seems to be working on PC
  6. Hello i would like Is it possible to make Hori apex gaming work on f1 2019 PC? When i try to use the wheel the game recognize the wheel as an xbox controller. Although the wheel when i tried it on F1 2016 on ps4 was fine it seems on PC for some reason its not supported. Im mentioning this because on the supported wheels and controllers the wheel is mentioned. Thanks for your time