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  1. Yeah it has 3 mods PS4-S PS4-N and PS3 but none of them seems to be working on PC
  2. Hello i would like Is it possible to make Hori apex gaming work on f1 2019 PC? When i try to use the wheel the game recognize the wheel as an xbox controller. Although the wheel when i tried it on F1 2016 on ps4 was fine it seems on PC for some reason its not supported. Im mentioning this because on the supported wheels and controllers the wheel is mentioned. Thanks for your time
  3. I can confirm that Ferrari will be the fastest car when the game launches because the pace is based on pre-season tests
  4. Hello guys i want to point that the number of controllers and wheels supported on F1 2018 has rapidly increased but i think they need to change the system a bit. When you plug your controller or wheel the game recognizes it immediately, why is this bad you may ask. It is not bad because it is fast but i think they need to add a system like assetto corsa. For people who they dont have a famous or very good wheel for example the game recognizes the wheel as a controller and you understand that it is unplayable to play with a wheel and the car steers like you have a controller. On assetto corsa you can fully customize your wheel on your preferences and that is very good. I use Hori Apex Racing Wheel, i play on PC and the game recognizes the wheel as an xbox controller. On assetto corsa although i can set that i use a wheel and i set it how i want and i can play very well. Let me know guys if you have faced a problem like me and tell me also your thoughts.