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  1. kyrillos152


    I already knew it but i wanted to point that also in kinguin they have the same list with other sites
  2. Hello guys today i decided to see if kinguin has F1 2019 and in the description there is more evidence about the new classic cars. I assume that whoever listed the game saw the description from GAME site but i really hope this is real
  3. Hello guys i want to point that the number of controllers and wheels supported on F1 2018 has rapidly increased but i think they need to change the system a bit. When you plug your controller or wheel the game recognizes it immediately, why is this bad you may ask. It is not bad because it is fast but i think they need to add a system like assetto corsa. For people who they dont have a famous or very good wheel for example the game recognizes the wheel as a controller and you understand that it is unplayable to play with a wheel and the car steers like you have a controller. On assetto corsa you can fully customize your wheel on your preferences and that is very good. I use Hori Apex Racing Wheel, i play on PC and the game recognizes the wheel as an xbox controller. On assetto corsa although i can set that i use a wheel and i set it how i want and i can play very well. Let me know guys if you have faced a problem like me and tell me also your thoughts.
  4. kyrillos152

    Mission Winnow

    I dont think they will add it, if you go back to 2015 or 2016 McLaren was sponsored by Johnny Walker and they never added the livery with Johnny Walker. Because this game refers also to kids they can not add sponsor with alcohol or tobaco. Although Mission Winnow refers to electric cigarettes so i do not know if they will add it. Also i have to point that every game launches with Melbourne liveries and after some months they update the liveries. But if you play on PC there is no problem because in less than a day on racedepartment they will have the livery with Mission Winnow
  5. Wowowowow. Can we calm down guys, ok we understood that it is fake but there is no reason for hate in this forum we are here to help the developers to make and improve our favorite game you should calm down a bit
  6. Another year and yet again i am not in the list. But it does not matter i hope codies selected the best they could find and help them to develop the game and give us a great game once more. Good luck guys on the beta hope you enjoy and give as much feedback to codies.
  7. kyrillos152

    F1 2019 soon !

    It will be awesome cant wait to see more about the game and finally have the chance to play in summer when i have free time
  8. Last year they added the digital copies after june after the revel of HEADLINE EDITION, i suppose they will do something similarly this year
  9. kyrillos152

    F1 2019 Beta Testing Information/Sign-Up

    go to your profile press edit profile and then scroll down you will see some thing that you have to fill in order to take part
  10. kyrillos152

    New confirmed classic cars in F1 2019

    they had it when the game was announced i suppose codies saw that and told them to change the description because codies have not announce anything yet
  11. kyrillos152

    F1 2019 BETA TEST

    Go to your profile press edit and then scroll down right your info and you might get selected
  12. kyrillos152


    im playing f1 2018 and im using hori racing wheel but in game it recognizes the wheel as an xbox controller what can i do pls help. Thank you
  13. Want to thank codemasters again for giving the opportunity to people to test their new project.