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  1. Yeah this is a bug, i have experience it before. Just quit time trial and then try again to post a lap.
  2. Hey i wanted to ask if the 2021 steering wheel for AM will be in the game, because in the preview builds it seemed that it was 2020 wheel. With regards
  3. If I am not false, the 10% discount on the Deluxe Edition is available to players who own F1 2019 or F1 2020.
  4. Mission Winnow won't be included in the game as Velo in McLaren. These companies as @SmokyAtom07 mentioned are tied to tobacco companies so they cannot be included in a video game. If you want to have mission winnow and velo on McLaren so much just wait till the game releases and moders will probably add them.
  5. i hope amr steering wheel will be updated to the real one because it looks like that this steering wheel is temp
  6. Maybe he applied for multiplayer or singleplayer as well and he got accepted in one of those
  7. That was a very nice feature but I don't understand why they didn't let us have a career mod with less than 22 races like 21 or 20. Because although we were able you had to do at least 22 or 16 or 10 no more no less.
  8. I'm pretty sure you can, as steam released patch a few months ago that enabled ps5 controller support. So I think you will be able to play, but I'm not sure.
  9. Hey, first of all did he only register to play only 2-player career and if yes admins said that it will take up to 10 days for all the codes to be delivered.
  10. yeah im sorry i thought it was the opposite
  11. I think in 2020 game tire pressures and temps are a little bit weird. If I'm correct when you lower pressures of course you have more grip but in expense of higher temps and tire wear. In 2020 game if you select anything more than the lowest tire pressures your tires will get super hot and you lose not only time but tire wear very easy. Please let me know if I'm correct with the pressures and temps.
  12. I don't really thing we need emergency exit on a game, but it would be nice to add little things like this to make the game much more real.
  13. Every year if I am correct they attempt winter testing and they record sounds from all cars. Although they make progress every year, this year I expect a lot more.
  14. Hey I was in the last years beta and I can confirm that no one can see that you playing the beta. Steam shows that you are online, only you can see that you are playing and also there are not hours counting on your profile.
  15. I really hope they will have all changes for f1 2021, but it seems like whenever something changes in F1 after the start of the season we never really get the chance to see it on the official game. Last year although they got a lot of hate for not releasing the new tracks in the game, the truth is they couldn't. They didn't have the time and also they were working from home which made thing a lot harder. I like they made a step to improve some tracks like Spain and I thing they are slowly getting there. If they make Spain change I would say they will on a post launch update, but for Australia
  16. Greetings if you pre order the game, you are not able to play it that early, you are not even being able to install it. Some 24 hours before worldwide release the pre-loadings open which means you are able to download the game before release, so you won't spend any time after release to download it. Long story sort, Bary is a member of Codemasters so they have a pre-release copy of the game like you see youtubers playing the game early and releasing some content. The only positive thing is, that if someone has seen him playing maybe we will have some gameplay from youtubers as well in the near
  17. I remember back in 2017 you had to make a case to be acceptable. Last year they introduced this system where you could just apply from your profile. I'm sure it has to do a little bit about being positive and useful on the forum but I think it's also random selection plus it must count if you were useful on the previous beta.
  18. I really want to see Turkey back on the F1 games so much, but i'm afraid as i've seen other comments here that it's too late for that at the moment. But you never know, fingers crossed.
  19. Yeah i don't like the full hud with 20 players, i would suggest to have maybe 5-7 drivers on the hud. Although it would be nice to have an option were maybe player that like the full hud can enable it and player that don't like the full hud can have a smaller one.
  20. kyrillos152


    Hello and Merry Christmas as well. I would like to ask if there will be an update for the cars. For example will the game update to the latest McLaren nose etc. Thanks
  21. When i was playing the game and i was looking the helmets and the characters i noticed that the helmets are not as real life. On the fist image you can see the helmet from the game and on the second one how the helmets are in real life. It looks like the game have not update the visor screen when it became smaller in 2019.
  22. No i dont think it is possible to do, the game does not share cross platform progression.
  23. I dont think they will do something like that, because the new gen consoles have arrived and they will be making a game on the next gen for sure this year. Especially now with the help from 2k studios we may see great things happen
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