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  1. VeNOM2099


    My Multiplayer Livery honoring the late F1 Arrows Cosworth A23 An alternate take on a more modernized version of the Arrows Cosworth car and livery And my current Car and Livery for My Team
  2. VeNOM2099


    This is the livery I'm using in My Team now.
  3. VeNOM2099

    AI at Hanoi Circuit

    Oh absolutely. I am thoroughly enjoying the game and I think the AI is some of the best I've experienced in a long time. But just at Hanoi for some reason, it all went **** up real quick. Hopefully it goes back to normal for Shanghai. The track isn't as closed in there, and there's many more unique types of turns rather than just early/late apexes all over the place. 😉 As for the 1st clip, I thought I had caught a few seconds before where it shows me following the optimal line of entry into that corner, while the AI chose to ride the curb, which is why I believed it was going to just ride it all the way and cut to the inside. Instead it insisted on swerving to the outside and come into contact with me. And as you saw in the 3rd clip, even when I completely backed off and let it through, it STILL did the same thing only this time it did it to an AI driver and not me.
  4. VeNOM2099

    AI at Hanoi Circuit

    I think you misunderstand a few points. First, I love it when the AI shows aggressiveness in trying to pass. The part were I'm less in love is when the AI shows signs of stupidity. Case in point: "if someone tries to overtake you in a corner and is up alongside of you, you have to make room for that car". ABSOLUTELY! I couldn't have said it better myself. Now explain to me: how does one make room on the inside of a curve? By turning more to the inside of said curve. I don't have a problem with dive bombing. He had the space, which I stupidly gave him and he took it. The part where it all falls apart is that he starts to turn in over the curb, I think; Ok, I have enough space to keep right next to him and then he abruptly turns out towards me making contact. I shouldn't have to mention that F1 is an incredibly fast discipline. Things happen in a fraction of a second, and so your thinking has to be as quick. When I see someone turn in, and I'm next to them, my natural reaction is to turn in with them. Otherwise I'm turning wide and ending up off track, losing precious milliseconds. So when I turn in and the AI immediately turns OUT towards me instead of WITH the curve, I don't know how to react fast enough to avoid getting entangled. Again, could I have given him more space than I did, probably. If I had known, which I do now. In fact, I was able to finish that track because I gave up trying to race and just let every AI car just get ahead so I could finish last. The other point I was trying to make is that I've never had any issues before on any track since F1 2016. This track, this time, is the first time I've experienced something like this since F1 2015 where the AI was just globally stupid on every track. They'd wantonly just drive THROUGH you if you happened to be slower. No matter what line you chose, the AI would decide to take you out rather than drive around you in any situation. Hanoi is the ONLY track were I've experienced this type of behaviour, so I had to ask. Obviously, looks like not many people have the same issues I did. Or maybe you play on a different difficulty level. Which is strange, because I haven't even set the AI on a very high difficulty; it's at 90% (Master) in order to help me become acclimated with the driving on a gamepad. I just thought it was weird and frustrating that the AI drivers act like 12 yr old hooligans in an online race, just trying to ram you off the track when they get the opportunity. LOL So again, aggressive overtaking? Fine! Dive bombing? Beautiful! Stupidly turning OUT when you have the inside of a curve? I don't know...
  5. VeNOM2099

    AI at Hanoi Circuit

    In the 1st clip, I'm absolutely in my line and I'm trying hard to keep to it. I saw him turn in on the inside and thought, ok, he's gonna have to cut the corner to keep ahead, but then he smashes into me. Then on the replay I saw the AI turn into the corner, then suddenly veer out and into my car. Could I have given him a wider birth? Probably but I don't think that would've helped as per clips 2 and 3. The AI just seem intent on being ultra aggressive at most of the apexes on this track, which I haven't seen on other tracks. Clip 2, I'm not gonna lie, I was very frustrated at that point. I had restarted this race so many times because of the AI's wanton abuse. I just wanted to keep to the inside line and give him the outside. I had come in a little hot, so my grip wasn't the best, but I didn't want to necessarily stop my car and let him through. So I just tried to coast as near to the apex as I could. But no... The AI decided that it just wanted to force its way ahead. So I let it carry me just to see how far it would take it. I was expecting the AI to stop or turn away from my car to continue on. But instead it just kept us locked in and accelerating. I wasn't on the throttle at all. Clip 3, it's not me. that's two AI cars. You see my car at the beginning of the clip (the Shark sponsored Purple/White car) and THIS TIME, I did back off as I had another Alpha Tauri in front and obviously didn't have the room to go to the inside. That didn't stop the AI from cutting the corner, then immediately at the 18 second mark of the clip veer sharply towards the other AI driven car. So can't blame me for that. 😛
  6. VeNOM2099

    What makes you like a circuit?

    There are only a few tracks I haven't driven yet or have very little experience with in this game. Singapore and Russia are the two I haven't really raced much, if at all. I absolutely HATE Hanoi Circuit. From a hotlapping/qualifying aspect, I just don't like how almost every corner on that track has a late or early apex. It makes keeping a consistent run extremely difficult, even once you think you know the track after sufficient practice. From a race standpoint, the AI is absolutely bonkers on that track. I've raced in almost every other track and never had as much trouble racing the AI on them as I had with Hanoi. I am on a Xbox One Elite v2 Gamepad (no custom profile loaded). I can do well on every other track and really enjoy it. The Vietnam GP had me wanting to throw BABIES at my monitor I was so frustrated! LOL! My most favorite tracks are Albert Park, Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, Autòdromo José Carlos Pace and Yas Marina.
  7. VeNOM2099


    If you're signed in to your Xbox account, just go to the store page for F1 2020 and scroll down to display the add-ons. They should be there and say that you already purchased them so you can re-download them for free. Anther way would be to highlight the game in your library, hit the Start (three lines) button, select "Manage Game & Add-ons" in the menu, then check to see if they are in "Ready to Install". If they don't appear there, then it's likely a problem with your profile. I'd contact Microsoft Support if I were you. They'll be able to help you further.
  8. VeNOM2099

    AI at Hanoi Circuit

    Hi everyone. I haven't posted in the F1 community forums in a long, long time. But I had to after "trying" to finish a race at the Vietnam Hanoi track. I had all kinds of trouble having a clean race there. I think I had to restart the session at least two dozen times because the AI was behaving so erratically on that track. At first I thought it was just me and having the slowest car on the track. I'm not the best driver and my car is definitely one of the slowest (I mean who's isn't at the start of My Team career). But I caught the AI doing the same thing to it's AI brethren too. Here is a clip of what I'm talking about: https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/venom3o99/video/104337699 We're a bunch of cars at the hairpin. The AI in the Alpha Tauri clearly dive bombs to get in (nice). But then instead of trying to hold the inside, it just veers into me. To make matters worse, you'd think that after coming into contact with my car, it would try to correct the situation and steer away, but no. It just kept FORCING me off the track. At first I thought it was me, but I noticed it kept doing the same thing. And not just to me, but to other AI cars, so it's not that MY driving was bad, it's that the AI seems to be extremely volatile on that track. Here's another one: https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/venom3o99/video/104338045 I had the inside at Turn 1, but the AI Lance Stroll decided, since he had a faster car than I did, to pass me on the outside. Wonderful! But as I let off the gas and try to avoid contact he just turns into me and causes a crash. Now since I was going to restart anyways, I decided to see what the AI would do if I just let it happen. And as you can see, the AI doesn't even pretend to be bothered about our cars being tangled. It doesn't back off. It doesn't try to correct its line. It just pushes my car along with his. I'm not even accelerating or doing anything. I'm just waiting for the AI to stop and give us a chance to come untangled. Doesn't happen... Again, I thought it was just me and my driving. But then I caught the AI doing the same thing to the other AI: https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/venom3o99/video/104338411 Here I back off at the hairpin, having learned what happens if you even remotely try to challenge it on this track. The AI goes for the dive bomb, and then as it enters the turn, instead of slowing down and turning into it, it just veers towards the outside right into another AI driver's car. Dude... I've only seen the AI act like this at this particular track. I've driven on others, including Monaco just fine. But the AI is balistic at Hanoi!! I hope there's some sort of fix for the AI lines because this circuit is now one I'm going to avoid going forward in F1 2020's career modes. It's just frustrating and not fun at all. Anybody else experience this or is it just me. (Please tell me it's just me!) LOL.