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  1. DaPain

    F1 2019 Issue or Nah

    On a wheel it's very hard to map the look left and right, and that is the ONLY way to see the mirrors in cockpit without messing up the FOV. Also, yes, virtual mirrors will help players but it shouldn't be considered as an assist, as it does not make the player any quicker. All it does is makes the player more aware in an easier, more conventional way, meaning racing is cleaner and race craft will be improved. The arrows aren't enough.
  2. DaPain

    F1 2019 Issue or Nah

    The issue is that in cockpit cam u cant see the mirrors, so we cant look into them, meaning there is a need for a virtual mirror. Also, there is a 'look back' button you can press and I'm guessing you think that's an assist too? I have no clue where ur coming from. It's simple; if the view wont let you see the mirrors, add a virtual one. There is no advantage as you should already be able to see the mirrors, which you cant.
  3. DaPain

    Difficult settings

    it's harder this year
  4. DaPain

    Racing in rain/half wet qualifying

    For the first part, it is a known issue that will hopefully get fixed for F1 2019 when the ai do normal dry lap times even during the crossover period between drys and inters. From what I've heard, this only happens when you fast-forward during qualifying, or when you go straight to the track instead of leaving the garage. For the second part, the ai do not have abs, they just don't make mistakes often enough.
  5. DaPain

    What if the F1 games had historic tracks

    I'm not sure whether it will be easier or harder to get the old Hockenhiem to come back considering it doesn't exist anymore. Realistically it should be fairly simple to get licensing from recent tracks such as Sepang, but that all depends on whether CM get the licensing from FOM or the tracks themselves. If they get it from FOM it'll be much harder to get older tracks.
  6. DaPain

    More classic cars in F1 2019

    how much would you pay for it
  7. DaPain

    All Multiplayer down

    it was a steam issue
  8. DaPain

    What happend here?

    interesting, didn't know you were hosting. I have no clue then
  9. DaPain

    What happend here?

    I can only assume that there were issues with the servers and the connection that made them think you had left when you hadn't. strange
  10. it's an FOM thing
  11. DaPain

    Game Suggestion - Tweaking Car Setups

    The only issue I have with this is the time it takes and I can't see them prioritising this sort of system. I just feel a quick explanation in text of what does what is a more simplified, easier version. Of course it'll be very good if they have the time to implement something like this, as it can simply be an extra page on the engineer communication mfd thing, which can allow you to tell Jeff whilst you're out on track, and Jeff can give a summary of suggested changes when you next pit. In addition to this, it would be nice to have the option to speak to Jeff whilst in the garage, to talk about setup changes there.
  12. I agree, when not controlled by a person, a car should ghost. Another idea is that cars ghost when there are noticeable connection issues that can affect gameplay, to make it more safe, however I'm not sure this can happen. This could also limit the effects of desync if it works how I've been told.
  13. DaPain

    F1 2019 #Race1000 Intro for China in-game???

    seems a little late for something like this that most would argue isn't necessary, although it would be nice to have this as a recognition as 1000 races is a big thing fundamentally.
  14. DaPain

    F1 2019 Split screen

    oui, j'espère qu'ils l'incluront
  15. DaPain

    F1 2019 Split screen