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  1. I am really dissapointed that I can't change the language in the game. I now have Dutch but I want to have English because it's a lot nicer for F1 and the translations are just very weird. I would also like to hear Crofty and Anthony Davidson because Olav Mol doesn't sound like he does on real broadcasts and the other guy I don't even know who that is. (I watch F1 on Dutch TV so that should say something) please codies have an update to the game where language changing is possible! I'm on PS4 so I can't change stuff in the files
  2. Looks great! And first time we see custom podium celebrations! And it's great that we now have the opportunity to play a full F2 season instead of 3 races. Shame we didn't see the new classic cars in action but I reckon that will be an other specific trailer. Great work guys!
  3. For me the Renault engine sound is a bit odd bit that doesn't really matter. The next thing I noticed were the elevation changes in t13/14. The game looks less understeery compared to the zandvoort hotlap. You can also cleerly see that the graphics haven't been the main focus on this years game wich doesn't really matter as long as the rest is improved!
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