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  1. Hello there, first of all thank you for the Formula 2 2020 update. Now about the problem: I have started a F2 2020 championship with 50% race distance at the feature race as well as sprint race. Normally you should be able to drive through the sprint race without a pit stop. But the AI makes an additional stop. Not all of them, though, so you can't just say you'll make an extra stop yourself to compensate. Unfortunately, this destroys the Formula 2 feeling. This was not the case in F1 2019 with the F2 2019 season. Addition: If you drive 25% or 100% race distance then the AI makes no additional stop and drives through without. Please fix this. Since I'm putting this on Youtube as a video format, 25% would be too short for me and 100% would be too long unfortunately. I asked around in my community, they all have the bug. So it is not a local problem. Best regards rAii
  2. rAii

    don't get the pitcoins i bought (pc)

    Same problem for me. 50.000 PitCoins bought directly from the Steam-store but nothing appears in the game. But under the game properties it appears as DLC, next to the Schumacher Edition and 70 Years Edition.