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  1. Tijn_VdV_

    Driver Number.

    I decided to choose number 88 because 8 is my lucky number, but unfortunately Grosjean has it already so I thought 88 could give me double luck, if that makes any sense?
  2. Tijn_VdV_

    F1 2020|PS4|WRL World Racing League

    Hey there! Want to race in a new racing league? Then join us! We race on PS4, 50% race with short qualifying, we will race on Fridays at 19:30 UK time. This is the link to our Discord server where is more info. https://discord.gg/5UkQXXf
  3. Yesterday I found out if you choose (for example) the Mercedes of Lewis Hamilton you drive his car and not your own car. I have the number 88 so I expect that I got the 88 on my car, but it was number 44. Is this intended or not?
  4. Tijn_VdV_

    streaming F1 2020 before release date

    https://www.twitch.tv/directory/game/F1 2020 here you can see the people that stream too early
  5. How is it fair that there are people streaming F1 2020 while the game isn't even out!? All of the content creators are following the rules, but they aren't. Is Codemasters banning those people or not?
  6. Tijn_VdV_

    What could that be in F1 2020?

    I think something has to do with manual pitstops, driving to the grid and a cooldown lap. All the manual things that we can do would be a great addition.