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  1. I also get the same issue on PS4 at Vietnam (not trial other track yet). I posted in this thread which looks similar to yours:
  2. Yep I get this. I'm trying to set a time of 1:41 on Time Trial at Vietnam (one of the VIP challenges) and every time I set a time, the whole game crashes and it doesn't recognise I completed the challenge. Very annoying. Edit - I am on PS4, latest patch 1.04 (though the first screen still says 1.03 after installing...)
  3. Oh and spectating camera, the engine sounds are far too quiet. I've been to Silverstone (last time was 2018) and it was deafening, whereas it's quite the opposite in the F1 2019 game.
  4. Massive, massive improvement this year. I'm very happy The ONLY thing that seems to be missed each year is the real life engine sound from the lights at the race start. It's as if going from neutral to first gear the engine has to take a drep gulp and then goes back to normal once it's ready to hit second gear, it's something I've not heard being replicated.
  5. This is still sat here unanswered? I'm pretty confident that F1 2014 will receive no further updates...
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