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  1. I also get the same issue on PS4 at Vietnam (not trial other track yet). I posted in this thread which looks similar to yours:
  2. DarkMarkXD

    Time Trials Bug

    Yep I get this. I'm trying to set a time of 1:41 on Time Trial at Vietnam (one of the VIP challenges) and every time I set a time, the whole game crashes and it doesn't recognise I completed the challenge. Very annoying. Edit - I am on PS4, latest patch 1.04 (though the first screen still says 1.03 after installing...)
  3. DarkMarkXD

    What position will you come out after pitting?

    I'm not sure Jeff would be the most elegant solution, he could report you'll CURRENTLY emerge from the pits in P10 but then a few corners later the car in P11 may have a blistering lap and by the time you pit, you are suddenly P11. I know it's a massive distraction, but if we could see all driver positions on the left of our screen and gaps from the leader, it may help us to work out ourselves where we would emerge and also keep tabs on the driver who was in P11 (using the above scenario again). Or if we are within our pit window/ trigger a pit request then perhaps a graphic could display showing estimated position after pit and estimated gap in front and behind to which drivers (the gaps keep updating as the lap progresses until you pit). Any one else have any thoughts? Could be a really useful feature if executed correctly, especially in league races (as mentioned above).
  4. DarkMarkXD

    What position will you come out after pitting?

    Thank you, I forgot about that feature. More details would be nice, but at least they have something in place 🙂
  5. Just curious, does anyone have a way of telling what position they will come out the pits in F1 2019? If not, I do hope we will have something for F1 2020. I find it so hard at the moment, it's just a guessing game. Having an estimate on what position I will come out after pitting (based on average lap time) and gap to the next driver would be so good. I just never know when to pit and often waste a good over/ under cut chance.
  6. DarkMarkXD

    F1 2020 - Engine Sounds

    Oh and spectating camera, the engine sounds are far too quiet. I've been to Silverstone (last time was 2018) and it was deafening, whereas it's quite the opposite in the F1 2019 game.
  7. DarkMarkXD

    F1 2020 - Engine Sounds

    Massive, massive improvement this year. I'm very happy The ONLY thing that seems to be missed each year is the real life engine sound from the lights at the race start. It's as if going from neutral to first gear the engine has to take a drep gulp and then goes back to normal once it's ready to hit second gear, it's something I've not heard being replicated.
  8. DarkMarkXD

    Only 2 major Gripes with F1 2019

    Whilst it's annoying at times, this needs to stay in every product people use. If you accidentally click "exit" in game, then you would lose all your progress up until that point. It can save people a lot of headaches. Just the same as IRL if you accidentally close an Excel sheet before saving, it needs to warn you in case you lose your hard work. I say they need to keep this in the game, 100%.
  9. DarkMarkXD

    Safety car

    @BarryBL Please please please could we have a response to this? It's a feature which we are screaming for as we know it creates an exciting race IRL (Germany/ Brazil this year for example).
  10. DarkMarkXD

    Burn Outs On Formation Lap

    Ah okay, fair enough. When I look at the onboard videos thought they always did three as they approach their grid spot.
  11. DarkMarkXD

    Probleme audio

    I haven't noticed any issues, the weird sound glitch happened in 1 shot qualy so I didn't expect any contact from Jeff. I'm also english, so I reckon my engineer audio is fine
  12. DarkMarkXD

    Brake Checking - AI and Online

    Hi @BarryBL Thanks for the reply. I'll investigate more with the AI and will post any videos in the Technical Assistance page. Just to check though, is there no way to issue penalties to players online if they cause a collision after braking on a straight, perhaps at least 100m after a corner exit and at least 300m before a braking zone? That's my biggest gripe I'd say, people slamming on their brakes in a straight so I lose all or some of my front wing.
  13. DarkMarkXD

    Discussion Thread for Patch Notes for 1.18

    I've had audio issues since the 1.18 patch. I'll post the video when I have a chance to edit it and publish to YouTube etc. Basically I jumped into career mode, just after installing the patch, completed my practice sessions and went to qualifying (one shot) to prepare for the race and my car's engine sound was silent. I could hear what resembles a Formula E car, very high pitched but kind of quiet. If I braked, I could hear the tyres skidding. It was weird, just the engine sound was missing completely. I restarted the session and my engine sound came back. I'm on PS4, in my first career season (still...) which still has Gasley in the Red Bull (if that makes any difference). EDIT - @BarryBL here's a link to my video displaying the issue:
  14. DarkMarkXD

    Burn Outs On Formation Lap

    I'm being picky now, but IRL I'm sure each car is required to do three burn outs whereas F1 2019 game only does one. Really not important, but once you notice it you can't not notice it every time you go through the formation lap
  15. DarkMarkXD

    Reverse Grid Championship

    Thank you for the info - I'll try to find the thread and comment on it