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  1. Can someone who owns a Hori Apex wheel tell me how to configure it to play F1 2019? It's so frustrating
  2. diegogelo


    Omg he did it. He stopped dirty drivers
  3. diegogelo

    Rain race bugged

    I had the very same situation in my last two races in career mode. The race starts with dry weather, and the light rain comes. Everybody switches to inter, everything seems normal bug then heavy rain comes and AI pits for INTERS and in the next lap they pit again for wet tyres. When light rain comes, the same thing happens, AI pits for WET tyres again and in the next lap they put the inters. Totally f****d up.
  4. diegogelo

    Small Suggestions

    I'd like a change in weather system. It's too easy to know when it's gonna rain and you can make a better strategy than the IA. It should be more difficult to prevent when is gonna rain and IF is going to rain.
  5. diegogelo

    Track takes to much time to dry

    Well, it happened the same to me at first. The rain started and immediately it was wet but the last couple of times was the complete opposite
  6. diegogelo

    SC Bug, No AI mistakes

    Well, this happened to George Russell in my career mode and the same happened to him when he was in Williams in season 1. Maybe is Russell the only one who makes mistakes VID_20190808_010246468.mp4
  7. I noticed in my last two career mode races how unreal this is. First it was in in the qualy for the chinese grand prix. Rain stopped in the end of Q2 but the track was wet until the end of Q3. Then in the practice for Baku, rain stopped with 70 minutes left in the session and the track stayed wet for 30 minutes. Codemasters needs to fix this, we saw in Germany how fast the cars can mount the soft tyres when the rain stops
  8. diegogelo

    Info Request - PS4 - Framerate issues

    It worked for me! I want to kiss you
  9. diegogelo

    Bring back limited flashbacks?

    Can't you just have some auto control? Like you can just decide to use it a certain amount of times and that's it.
  10. diegogelo

    Nonsense AI R&D developments

    What disturbs me is how much a team can improve IN the season. I wouldn't mind if the team with the slowest car becomes the fastest in between seasons, that's strange but more likely to happen in real life.
  11. I'm noticing the same thing, regular ps4 too and the problem started as soon as I downloaded the 1.06 patch. @Fayaplease, this is really killing the game right now
  12. diegogelo

    Rivals R&D pace is too fast

    Same, my ICE lasts for 4/5 races haha
  13. diegogelo

    Rivals R&D pace is too fast

    I was closer at the beginning of the season but also the Renault and the Mercs are so close in the race that they lose a lot of time fighting each other. Kvyat (in Renault) and Bottas fought for all of the 52 laps in Silverstone.
  14. I'm in Ferrari in my second season, we started as the 4th best team and now we are half way through the season and we are the 6th best team. Renault is crazy, the went from 575 to 750 in ten races. Williams went from 525 to almost 700. In the meantime, I started in 570 and we are in 675 doing all of the practice program and completing all of the team goals. Pd: I started the season after the 1.05 patch
  15. diegogelo

    AI patch 1.05 wet weather pace...

    Agreed. Honestly I'd rather be fast in the rain and pretend I'm the new Ayrton Senna