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  1. diegogelo

    F1 2019 A disaster.

    Is this the same guy who said that Vettel deserved the penalty? I'm not interested in his opinion in any topics
  2. diegogelo

    F1 2019 A disaster.

    Yes, the game could be better. F2 could have more importance in career mode. They could even add F3 like moto gp game has Moto3. But guys, we can't ignore that this game is a step in the right direction, maybe a big one because it has a lot of cool features: 1) For years we dreamed of having driver transfers and now we have them. Could the system be better? Yes, it could but at least we have them now 2) F2. To be honest I was expecting to race in F2 in career mode and that I'd really had to earn my seat in F1. We didn't get the hole cake but we get a peace and we can play the F2 season in championship mode anyway. 3) Multiplayer. Here's where we have a real revolution. We can make our own leagues inside the game. We have CUSTOMIZABLE LIVERIES so we can kinda represent our own teams and we can compete in multiplayer in F2. A lot of leagues have promotion and relegation so I can imagine that lower categories can use the F2 cars. Of course I expect a lot more of the game like career mode where some tracks can be removed or added, or even a manager mode. But we did get a lot of cool new things for this game. Thanks for coming to my TED talk (?
  3. diegogelo

    Is pre-download available?

    So I bought the anniversary edition (the one that will be available on 28/06) and it says "Automatic download estimated in 26/06“. It's 26/06 already and it isn't available to download. Is it an error of PS store or it will be available today?
  4. So, with the news of transfers arriving to F1 2019, I wonder if the drivers have different skills. Honestly, I feel like in previous editions they already have some "hidden" skills because I only saw Bottas beating Hamilton at the end of the championship one time. Also Vettel usually got more points than Kimi and even if teams like Renault had a better car than Mercedes, the Mercedes driver finished above the Renault drivers. If this isn't the case, the transfers are just a change of IA names in the grid and it would be so sad because it's actually a pretty simple and awesome feature they could've made
  5. diegogelo

    F1 2019 career - nothing new

    I think that this game is an step in the right direction but clearly it isn't the revolution we were waiting for when they told us they worked for 2 years and that it was the most ambitious game they've done. They didn't made a bigger progress than in previous editions even if they had the double of time. Hype is gone.
  6. @Faya in case you need help. New entry and new exit.
  7. diegogelo

    How was this a 5 place grid penalty!

    Totally real. If you mess with Merc, you get pen
  8. The same happened to me a couple of times
  9. diegogelo

    Petition for HUD customization for consoles

    Please @Faya! Make it possible
  10. diegogelo

    Commentary in F1 2019

    I used to love it haha but without commentary is much more realistic. I'd like the engineer to give me more info.
  11. You could call this the "Already answered questions topic"
  12. diegogelo

    Real F1 penalty against Vettel Kanada GP

    And if you have any doubts, as Helmut Marko said: No one complained about the tyres in the last two years except for Mercedes with the overheating but they change the tyres anyway. Now everyone except Mercedes is struggling, do you think that's fair?
  13. diegogelo

    Real F1 penalty against Vettel Kanada GP

    That german world champion defending the stewards was NICO ROSBERG, the Mercedes boy, in sure his opinion is unbiased lmao. 90% of ex drivers are defending Vettel. Anyway, my point was that only people who drove an F1 car knows how difficult is to control the car when you go to the grass and that we should listen to them instead of having an opinion with 0 experience, it's not as simple as it's in the game. Also, I tried to simulate the incident in F1 2018 and the most of the times I almost end up in the wall. And please don't forget that Hamilton did a more aggressive move and intentionally blocked Riccisrdo in Monaco in 2016 and didn't get a penalty. He also didn't get a penalty for blocking Sirotkin in qualifying in Brazil and when he didn't respect the pit entry in Germany last year. Bottas wasn't penalized after taking Raikkonen and Verstappen out in Spain 2017 and after blocking Vandoorne in qualifying last year. And on the other hand, Vettel was penalized and Verstappen was also penalized in the last race. You don't need to be a genius to see FIA is helping Mercedes. Or maybe you're too young to know this but there was a time when drivers were allowed to race each other. The golden age of F1.
  14. diegogelo

    Real F1 penalty against Vettel Kanada GP

    Let me ask you something. Do you have real experience driving F1 cars or did you just drive F1 cars on video games? Because there are a lot of drivers and ex driver supporting Seb. I respect your opinion but it's not so worthy like Mansell's, Andretti's, Mark Webber's, Vergne's, etc. I think you should reconsider how relevant is your experience in games compared with real world champions.
  15. diegogelo

    Increase of Track Performance

    It's simulated in F1 2018, so I guess it will stay for 2019