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    No transfers... bug?

    After finishing my first season in career mode, I wanted to go to Red Bull but I found out that Verstappen was leaving the team when I arrived. I closed the game and tried again but the same thing happened, so I decided to go to McLaren where I've replaced Sainz (it seems like you always replace the first driver I guess). But what I find weird is that, except for me going to McLaren and Sainz going the other way, there wasn't other transfers (I was expecting for crazy transfers). Only Nick De Vries replaced Raikkonen after retiring. Could this be a bug? I'm not aware of an option to turn down the transfers. Or was it just a quiet transfer window?
  2. Agreed, it isn't realistic at all but i wouldn't say it's the worst thing about the game. I think the worst thing is that there's a lot of bugs in multiplayer, especially with the safety car.
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    Disappointed at F1 2020's release date

    Something tells me that the game is going to be released before the Monaco GP 😂
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    F1 2019 A disaster.

    Is this the same guy who said that Vettel deserved the penalty? I'm not interested in his opinion in any topics
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    F1 2019 A disaster.

    Yes, the game could be better. F2 could have more importance in career mode. They could even add F3 like moto gp game has Moto3. But guys, we can't ignore that this game is a step in the right direction, maybe a big one because it has a lot of cool features: 1) For years we dreamed of having driver transfers and now we have them. Could the system be better? Yes, it could but at least we have them now 2) F2. To be honest I was expecting to race in F2 in career mode and that I'd really had to earn my seat in F1. We didn't get the hole cake but we get a peace and we can play the F2 season in championship mode anyway. 3) Multiplayer. Here's where we have a real revolution. We can make our own leagues inside the game. We have CUSTOMIZABLE LIVERIES so we can kinda represent our own teams and we can compete in multiplayer in F2. A lot of leagues have promotion and relegation so I can imagine that lower categories can use the F2 cars. Of course I expect a lot more of the game like career mode where some tracks can be removed or added, or even a manager mode. But we did get a lot of cool new things for this game. Thanks for coming to my TED talk (?
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    What Car Do You Own?

    I own a 2012 Honda Civic and yes, I make a lot of jokes about the F2 engine