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  1. Good as I have a YouTube channel where I post old races from the 70s, 80s, 90s and 2000s, but yesterday several races that I posted were blocked (probably by a bot) as if it were F1 2020 gameplay when not really, so could someone who works directly here at Codemasters help me with this please? this screenshot only has one of several races that were blocked yesterday
  2. This is another request, I really wish that I had the option of a personalized calendar in the transition from one season to another, a calendar where we can assemble the quantity and the exact order of the races, for example, assemble a calendar with 18 or 19 races, I would really like to do the championship opening race in Austria just like it was in real life that year and do the last race in Australia, run in Monaco at night, run in Singapore and Bahrain during the day, since you won't be able to introduce Mugello, Nurburgring, Imola and Portimão, give us this option of personalized calend
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