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  1. Honestly i don't know what could be the problems of having 2 more spots... Lobbies often crash also with 3 peoples inside, so obviously i don't know how difficult is for developers to implement this but i think all the community of league racing surely will have huge benefits
  2. Maybe yes, but it's a way more difficult improvement instead of simply add 2 spectators spots imo 😅
  3. Talking as an admin of one of the most important Italian League Race forum (FormulaMotorsportDrivers) i think that a very little change that could give all of us a huge improvements is simply to increase the spots in unranked lobbies from 22 to 24 because at the moment we have to race only with 18 cars on track in order to have a good broadcast. I already asked for this in the past but i hope this time you can consider this small but huge improvement. Thanks 🙂🙏 @BarryBL
  4. As you can see from the image, during a race you can see the delta from your best lap on the wheel. I think could be a good addition the possibility to have an option to activate the delta on the HUD for the race, exactly like we have in quali. @BarryBL
  5. I think that could be a good thing the possibility to have 4 spots for commentators and streamer because a lot of league use at least 3 people to stream a race (2 commentators and 1 streamer) so they have to decrease the number of drivers from 20 to 18 and remove a team. I don't know if this thing it's possible but, if yes, would be great!
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