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  1. I live in São Paulo, one of the capitals of the world, with over 11 million living in the city and more 7 million living in adjacent neighbour cities and coming to work here everyday. Winter is mild (sometimes  hot) and very dry and summer is hot (sometimes mild) and very rainy.

    Pubic Transports (pun) are shieet, there's just too much people for not enough trains, tubes andd buses. Every morning and every afternoon here the traffic is jammed because there's just too much people. There's a lot of grey buildings and nearly no green areas. All rivers are heavily polluted. There's 4 big stadiums in the city (Morumbi of São Paulo FC (1st division), Allianz Parque of  Palmeiras (1st division), Arena Corinthians of the Skunks (1st division) and Canindé of Portuguesa(3rd division)) and some more stadiums of the smaller regional teams.  

    I live about 3 kilometers on foot from where Dom Pedro I of Brazil shouted "Independence or Death!", declaring Brazil's independence from Portugal. He shouted at the margins of the Ipiranga river, you can see it here (monument to the independence is on the left):

    A monument was inaugurated in 1922 but finished only on 1926 (wtf brazil, c'mon) to celebrate the independence. In 1972 the remains of Dom Pedro I and his wife Dona Amélia were moved to a crypt inside the monument. 
    Here's a picture of the monument. 

    I live in what you can call a slum (to the left where this picture was taken there's some blue buildings, i live in a green building going more up the street.

    Even tough this is a slum and the houses looks afwul, some people enjoy a good life and can afford cars and smartphones. If they focused in buying something useful (like my dad who every sunday burned part of his salary in cookouts) they could afford to be living in somewhere better.

    Crime is a bit of problem only after midnight, when some boys assault luxury car owners who live in São Cateano (highest HDI in the country) and use the avenue where I live as a way back home. 
  2. hyjal said:
    Gui1 said:
    Actually someone very skilled would be able to port it for Xbox 360 or PS3. But only on hacked consoles. 
    = consoles doesn't support game modding

    Or am I wrong?
    I said hacked consoles. They do support modding, try to play Call of Duty World at War, CoD Modern Warfare or Grand Theft Auto IV nowadays, pure cheating.

    Here in Brazil there's some hacked copies of Alan Wake and Grand Theft Auto IV with brazilian portuguese subtitles, for example.

  3. It drives lik a wheel. Actualy i love to drive with it. You still got wheelspin and you can drift trough the corners.
    The trigger is more sensitive than the regular Xbox 360 controller?  Because there's no Right Stick on the wheel and I play trottling/braking with the Stick because it's way more sensitive than the trigger. 
  4. try to run a setup made to improve traction (like making the suspensions taller).
    1. You will always be less fast without traction control. Nothing can be done about that.
    You lying. TC blocks a lot of power from the wheels, if you're able to use that power and tame wheelspin you're going to be faster. 
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