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  1. we want outdated tech because it was faster. It's was insanity to think in 2004 we were seeing the fastest cars ever, but now in 2014 it seems a reality. Year by year F1 is getting slower.
  2. A fake Oklahoma City Thunder alternate dark blue Kevin Durant 35# jersey from Aliexpress for just 16$.  I hope it doesn't look like crap, but if it does it's just 16 bucks. 
  3. It's okay do Jew jokes here? I know one very good.
  4. once there was only 30 seconds left before the 2hr limit and i didn't knew. I was leading by 1:20, I could've waited 30 seconds.  Singapore with heavy rain, light rain, 1 safety car and dry from mid to end. 
  5. you dont own a track if you play with assists.
  6. well curva means turn, so its turn 1, turn 2 and turn 3.. Juncao (or Junção) means junction, Ferradura means Horseshoe, Curva do Sargento means Sargent's Turn, Reta Oposta means Opposite Straight, Curva do Sol means Sun's Turn, Laranja means orange, Pinheirinho means Small Pinetree, Cotovelo means Elbow, Mergulho means Dive
  7. Monaco, Interlagos, Spa, Red Bull Ring and Sochi. 
  8. this game just shows places in US midwest, Europe and Australia. 
  9. I need speedo cuz i prefer to change gears based on speed instead of  9 bright lights.
  10. what famous 2013 players are still playing on Januray 2027 on your career mode? 
  11. Quiz 1: 167/197 Quiz 2 79/100 Quiz 3: 21/100 Quiz 4:25/63 Quiz 5:  10/42 Quiz 6:  33/49 Quiz 7:  5/118 Quiz 8:  57/300 Quiz 9: 2/151 Quiz 10: 21/36 Quiz 11: 18/36 Quiz 12: 19/36 Quiz 13:   7/42 Quiz 14: 27/40 Quiz 15: 16/30 Quiz 16:  11/30 Quiz 17: 20/30 Quiz 18:  17/30 Quiz 19:  15/30 Quiz 20:  16/80 English is not my mother language and I don't know a lot about american and british culture. 
  12. I don't watch MotoGP a lot but why Rossi is slower in the past years? He's only 35 and is not having big sucess since he was 31. But now he's back to winning some races. 
  13. his channel is not even big, only 2 thousand views per video.
  14. your post got censored. codies dont like cocks... cockpits. 
  15. ForMurax said: Yes, that's one way...but don't restart career. it's things like this you have to learn in your first year. So go with it, it's part of the learing curve as they say. It makes the carreer mode more realistic. Next season Melbourne you will be top notch....you can't restart in real life too. That adds to the Immersion..just my thoughts, but i found the game to be far more fun that way. Good luck  I don't think its fun when you start on the 20th place, passes 12 cars and goes up to 8th in the first lap and then hold 14 cars behind you for more than 30 laps. 
  16. so it is not me. i'm in a lotus and i'm about 4 seconds slower than the pole position. caterhams and marussias are faster than me. 
  17. i'm here, 00:31 AM just to say to you buy this game. goodbai
  18. The first laps of a 100% race is a lot of fun when you try to save fuel and at the same time you're trying to go fast and pass everybody. But in 25% laps races cars start with +2 laps of fuel, what I want is to force cars to start -2 or -1 in 25% and 50% races. Online racing would be very fun. 
  19. In Monaco now there's the correct apex at St. Devote and a new building at the tunnel exit just like real life. Racing in Interlagos now doesn't feel like i'm running in a F3 event, now the circuit has a lot of adboards correctly placed and some Brazilian GP exclusive sponsors like Petrobras, Santander and TIM. And at the uphill zone before the pit straight there's a lot more room for mistakes, the wall is not so close to the asphalt just like real life. 
  20. massa testing for the 2009 formula one season.
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