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  1. Looks like Williams racing engineers vote for Conservative Party. 
  2. So basically you just embed a YouTube video of a song you're listening to now. Then the next poster has three answers 1)Turn up, 2)Turn low and 3)Mantain. After the next poster gave his opinion, he is free to embed a video of a song he's listening to. I'm going to start https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HBwqiq1PN0E
  3. I'm going to have some time without new games. A lot of money spent in the past month, with these two games above + Grid Autosport. And I would like to live on Columbia, far away from this Sodom below.
  4. Can you do a #GOGERMANY signature? I appreciate that.
  5. Yes I'm. The ball was protected and already in possession of Neymar. How the hell are you going to get the ball with a flying knee to the middle of the spine? 
  6. He's like this since he broke up with his dad. 
  7. Neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeein. Surely against Germany Scolari is going to play with 3 CDM, after how well Fernandinho and Paulinho played today + plus the defensive needs and Luiz Gustavo is back. Then there's two chances: the players are going to be upset by the loss of Neymar, then they'll play like a crying baby. Or they are going to play mad asz hell with blood in the eyesz and a knife in the teeth to revenge Neymar. This squad is very united, after Damião got cut of Confederations Cup last year, everybody remembered him after the celebrations.
  8. Hulk is more of a work rat. He's stronger too. A very tactical and modern player.
  9. Zúñiga should be banned from football, seriously. Suarez only provocated Chiellini, the next month the italian will be normaly trainning at Juventus. And then Suarez got a 4 month ban. Zúñiga nearly attached Neymar to a wheelchair to the rest of his life, this is a broken vertebrae, some serious shite right there.
  10. Well, actually CAT A Touring Cars are Stock Car Brasil's touring cars. In Stock Car Brasil Peugeot 408 and Chevrolet Sonic face each others off in the season. What I'm asking is for Codies change ADC PRESTEZA logos, names and change the car's front bumper to correct Chevrolet Sonic ones. And you guys had problems lincensing Chevrolet?
  11. "3) Can lose the back end on high speed corners with too much wheel input" Hell no please no, don't want this back on F1. This completely destroyed F1 2010 and 2011. You couldn't play with TC off and do high speed corners, your car would simply spin. It can't happen with the cars with the most downforce in the world.
  12. A spotter like iRacing would be good too. "There's someone inside" "Clear right" "Clear left" "Three wide" and other messages like this.
  13. Last Chicane at Enzo and Dino Ferrari Circuit.
  14. IndyCars at San Fran. VROOOOOOOOOOOOM BLAAAAAAAAAAAM, VROOOOOOOOOOOM BLAAAAAAAAAAAAAM, VROOOOOOOOOM BLAAAAAAAAMMM. Then fight the car the whole downhil zone because the steer column is messed up.
  15. I think you may find it is and I think he would know it is as he lives there. Yes it's definitely a country  I think you'll find that you might be thinking Palestine or however it's spelt as a territory or whatever in the country.Israel is a most definitely a country has it's own Government and Prime Minister just as we do and it's own Football team and such again just as we do. So it has everything to be considered a country even has it's own flag and national anthem. So Tahiti and Niue are countries too. Both have flags, teams and anthems
  16. I can't have close races because i'm brazilian and if I dare to touch anyone i'm going to have a bad time due to rubberbanding.
  17. 2 laps qualy before the race is my pick.
  18. CAT A - The Peugeot is better cuz it's licensed. Codies should try to license a Chevy and put it there, instead of that fake car.
  19. Now i'm getting used to the new physics. I'm having a good pace on medium, later i'll try on hard.
  20. As an experient F1 2010, F1 2011, F1 2012, F1 2013, DiRT 3, Forza 4, Forza 3 and Forza Horizon driver i'm struggling a lot at this game. I like to play F1 games against expert A.I and I could keep a good pace, like getting podiums in a Sauber, sometimes.  But I'm really having a difficult time at Autosport. I'm 2/3 seconds slower than everybody else, i'm struggling to do turns without stability on, i'm struggling to play at all. I play F1 games with throttle/brake on RS and without any assist, but on Autosport this setup doesn't help. For a bit more traction, I used to setup my cars with
  21. Can I post? Anyway I don't care, I'm going to post.
  22. I'm from Brazil and I was intending to buy it as soon as I saw a copy on the stores. But then GameStop started to giving out 5$ dollars codes, using email and facebook. Every xbox related gaming forum started to exploit this, including me, and I managed to get over 70$ dollars worth of codes.  Then I created a fake Xbox Live US account, did some VPN settings and here I am at 5% download. Shame that VPN connection is considerably slower, probably the download is going to end between at midnight, between 27 and 28 of June. PS: I want to know if you guys at Codemasters "get money" from Game
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