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  1. Steven Seagal São Paulo FC or Corinthians?
  2. We are going to have 80+ laps?
  3. Even cheating I can't find the circuit. Wow that's nasty.
  4. A reverse angle would be good.
  5. They are the same, Virage du Parc Beaumont. 
  6. If Costa Rica manages to get a draw from Italy and Uruguay and England draws. Gee the last match is going to be awesome. Two teams with 4 points and two with 1.
  7. Why you guys are so harsh with Rooney? He gave an marvelous assist. And he's playing off position, he should be a ST instead of a CAM.
  8. Hmmm that's a Hairpin at Mosport, i think. Saw some replays from Emerson Fittipaldi there.  Corner name: Moss Corner
  9. Today we're going to have LeMans. I don't know how I'll watch the race and four today games. I'll do something :)
  10. I think Chile is going to draw with Spain. Spain's only win will be against Socceroos, finishing with 4 points. Netherlands will finish nine and Chile will finish with 4 points, passing only because the goals for-goals against.
  11. holy sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitttttt this game was stunner.  I hope Australia get butt-raped and Netherlands and Chile go to the round of 16.
  12. UHEUHEUHAUHAEUAHEUAEHUAEHAUEHAUEH Neymar is going to catch'ya. Gotta catch'em all
  13. @Loore the game is going to be fully translated to Brazilian Portuguese, like F1 2011, F1 2012, F1 2013 and GRID 2? 
  14. Soy brasileño e gostara de empezar en su campeonato. Tengo F1 2013 e Xbox 360. Jogo sin ayudas. Gamertag: n00b suprem0 (son zeros, no O).
  15. Love living in Brazil, best place to watch F1 races. Races on the Far East happens start between 2-5 AM Sunday (great to watch after you are back home when saturday night fever ends), races on Europe, Middle East and Singapore start between 9-10 AM, Canada starts on 15PM and USA on 18PM.
  16. There's any plan on expanding the lap/minute limit of races in a possible future patch?
  17. That's a joke. Sergio Ramos one of the better defenders of all time? WTH? There's more fullbacks in the defenders list than CB's.
  18. Anyone plays FIFA WC on the Box? I wanna get some matches with nations no-one care about. DR Congo, San Marino, Liechtenstein, an island from the Caribbean, Mongolia, East Timor, Papua New Guinea, Tahiti, Palestine. Let's have fun.
  19. But it's still only an official camera mod. Cockpit is low-detailed. Why modders can create highly detailed car interior for GTA4, but official developers can't? I guess it is either lack of time to fully polish all 80 cockpits or the last gen consoles could not handle high detail cockpit due to low RAM capacity. If there is a next gen release of Autosport, then, low detail cockpits arent acceptable. Most GTA4 cars are took from other games, such as Forza which the cars from Forza already have detailed cockpit. C'mon dude, look at Shift Unleashed 2. Old gen can handle full detaile
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