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  1. rb240tuner

    Who Else Will Be Getting Legendary Ed F1 2019?

    I am definitely buying the beat edition I can get here in the USA. I just hope the Legends Edition is available in the US. I would really like a steelbook as well but we don't get them. CM hasn't even released the ability to preorder in the US either for any edition.
  2. rb240tuner

    tribute to Senna and Ratzemberger

    F1 did a tribute to Ratzenberger if you have F1TV Pro.
  3. I hope this means the USA will get the legends edition!
  4. rb240tuner

    F1 2019 Game Ideas

    To add onto the previous two, the qualifying sessions when you get knocked out, after mid to late career with upgraded cars, are automatically defaulted to the first season car in performance and likely to have better or worse performance than later in the career.
  5. rb240tuner

    More classic cars in F1 2019

    To add to this list, the McLaren MP4/2B with the TAG-Porsche engine.
  6. rb240tuner


    I would like the ability to start an F1 team. Choose a preset livery, driver customization, maybe choose engine, choose sponsor logos and where you're team focuses on car wise (aero, engine perf, chassis, etc). Then work your way up from bottom as sort of a career mode style. Doesn't have to be cutscene oriented but you receive emails like you would through the computer like in the current career screen.
  7. rb240tuner

    Hello everyone!

    Hello guys! I'm Aaron and I am from the USA. I have been a racing fan since 1988 (earliest memory of watching racing). I'm also a huge racing gamer. I spend more than 70% of my gaming time on racing games. I'm hoping I can get chosen for the beta for 2019! If not, I will continue to play more career mode F1 2018 and Dirt Rally 2.0. As a hobby, I follow my friend's rally team around to events and crew for him. Thank you for being an awesome and welcoming community!