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  1. Deluxe Schumacher Edition Boxed through GameStop for PS4 - PSN ID reaper7128 I have not attempted to purchase PitCoins.
  2. rb240tuner

    Pitcoins Missing | UPDATE HERE 04/08/2020

    This does include preordered physical copies of the game for Michael Schumacher Deluxe Edition right?
  3. rb240tuner

    Pitcoins Missing | UPDATE HERE 04/08/2020

    reaper7128 -PSN ID
  4. rb240tuner

    F1 2020 BETA - Process Closed

    I'm sure they have a lot of applications but I don't think just one person will be sorting through them. I imagine it will be the next couple of days. I just hope they select the correct people to point out the flaws no matter how minute they are. This is the last F1 game on this generation of console. I'm not worried. I will be buying next year's game on PC. That would be awesome to test for.
  5. rb240tuner

    F1 2020 BETA - Process Closed

    This statement is very true. This beta serves as the test bed for everything about this game. Whether it’s online, career, my team, single player/challenges, etc, if we are chosen, we must explore all avenues to make this the best game we can have for July. We are directly responsible for reporting any and all issues with the game. I’m not saying treat this like a job but be aware of the importance of improvement on a game we all love. Thats my two cents.
  6. rb240tuner

    DiRTy Car Wishlists!

    They are prototypes but all of them were working prototypes
  7. rb240tuner

    DiRTy Car Wishlists!

    Toyota 222D - Cancelled Group S car Lancia Delta ECV - Cancelled Group S Car Rod Millen's 4WD RX7 used in the USA.
  8. I think it would have been better if every car were available brand new. Used cars could be the ones cycled through if you have the patience to wait for the one you want or need. At least divide the car shop from all of it together to used and new sub-menus. But I do feel that all of the cars should be there brand new.
  9. rb240tuner

    F1 2020 BETA - Process Closed

    I hope I get the BETA test this year. I had the wrong gamertag for my preferred console. I fixed that for this year!!! I can't wait to play the game regardless!
  10. I would either create an old Marlboro McLaren team or an original AH Racing.
  11. rb240tuner

    The Formula 1 Stuff Thread

    I've been watching a lot of WRC and WEC as of lately. F1 had been a bit dull because of the lack of winner diversity. Austria was by far the best trade ado far. McLaren seem to have a great technical director.