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    Rookie Veteran Gauge

    Have any of you witness your rookie to veteran gauge go backward toward rookie since starting a career?
  2. rb240tuner

    Rookie Veteran Gauge

    Actually I passed my objectives. It was during fp2 is when it went backward.
  3. rb240tuner

    The Formula 1 Stuff Thread

    I've been watching a lot of WRC and WEC as of lately. F1 had been a bit dull because of the lack of winner diversity. Austria was by far the best trade ado far. McLaren seem to have a great technical director.
  4. rb240tuner

    Help - Getting good starts

    I've never been good at starts. I always fall back about 4-5 places. Unfortunately I don't have a wheel. I've been playing on controller. The last wheel I had was a Logitech g25. PS4 doesn't allow that wheel.
  5. That's what I was told by GameStop as well when I called them and provided proof.
  6. I'm just excited because the game looks amazing. The only issue I have @Faya is that the USA lists us getting the Legends Edition the same day as the Anniversary Edition. Both GameStop and Amazon list this that way. Is this just an error on their sites or am I getting my Legends Edition on the 28th?
  7. rb240tuner

    F1 2019 wishlist

    25. To add on to the customization of cars, why not go a little further and create a new F1 team. Start with a basic car with terrible initial qualities. As you progress with the season, your points go toward your upgrades or store some for next year's car.
  8. I still would like to know why the USA shows all of the editions to come out on June 28th. Has anyone been able to clarify this? Am I really getting this game 3 days after you guys say so? This is an important question for those of us in the USA that want the legends edition or already have it preordered at a retailer.
  9. I've sent requests like that very recently but have gotten no reply. I've also screenshot the f1 game website where it says the legends edition comes out on the 25th. Hopefully @Faya can shed some light into this mix up.
  10. rb240tuner

    F1 2019 wishlist

    18. Preseason testing. 19. Rookie testing to assess where you start. 20. Actually have contracts that have base pay. 21. Create some sort of semi-economy. Upgrades, pay driver statuses, etc used to help with upgrade quality. 22. Career driver personal sponsors. As you get better, you better offers. 23. When starting career, you don't choose team at the top. You have to prove yourself in a barkmarker/midfield team. After that, you can apply to top tier teams. 24. Retirements and driver transfers. Not necessarily with actual drivers but random generated drivers. For example, Lewis Hamilton is 39 and is retiring at the end of the year. You can opt to apply for a contract or an randomly generated driver or even a current driver moves up.
  11. Here in the USA, GameStop has the legends edition listed to come out the 28th instead of the 25th. I'm interested on how they handle the difference in dates myself.
  12. @Faya When are we going to be able to preorder both versions in North America? My brethren in Mexico and Canada are avid fans just everyone in Europe and Asia. Senna happens to be one of my racing heroes! Please let us preorder the Legends Edition.
  13. rb240tuner

    Who Else Will Be Getting Legendary Ed F1 2019?

    I am definitely buying the beat edition I can get here in the USA. I just hope the Legends Edition is available in the US. I would really like a steelbook as well but we don't get them. CM hasn't even released the ability to preorder in the US either for any edition.
  14. rb240tuner

    tribute to Senna and Ratzemberger

    F1 did a tribute to Ratzenberger if you have F1TV Pro.
  15. I hope this means the USA will get the legends edition!
  16. rb240tuner

    F1 2019 Game Ideas

    To add onto the previous two, the qualifying sessions when you get knocked out, after mid to late career with upgraded cars, are automatically defaulted to the first season car in performance and likely to have better or worse performance than later in the career.
  17. rb240tuner

    More classic cars in F1 2019

    To add to this list, the McLaren MP4/2B with the TAG-Porsche engine.
  18. rb240tuner


    I would like the ability to start an F1 team. Choose a preset livery, driver customization, maybe choose engine, choose sponsor logos and where you're team focuses on car wise (aero, engine perf, chassis, etc). Then work your way up from bottom as sort of a career mode style. Doesn't have to be cutscene oriented but you receive emails like you would through the computer like in the current career screen.
  19. rb240tuner

    Hello everyone!

    Hello guys! I'm Aaron and I am from the USA. I have been a racing fan since 1988 (earliest memory of watching racing). I'm also a huge racing gamer. I spend more than 70% of my gaming time on racing games. I'm hoping I can get chosen for the beta for 2019! If not, I will continue to play more career mode F1 2018 and Dirt Rally 2.0. As a hobby, I follow my friend's rally team around to events and crew for him. Thank you for being an awesome and welcoming community!