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  1. Here’s the link to the YouTube video that I recorded from my PS4.
  2. When the entrance to the pit, when the game is set to pit assist on, is taken over by the computer until the beginning of the pit lane, the computer drives into the inside grassy area no matter how many times you flashback. Report Code: HBDE-GRMV-TEBX-CKSP This was on PS4 Solo MyCareer I’ve only tried to flashback several times. I believe I have a video on my PS4. When I am instructed to put for new tires according to the strategy, it keeps driving me into the inside of the pit entrance and stopping as if I had to retire. It resets the car back into the pit entra
  3. It was just an honest question. Regardless, I will spend money on the pit pass stuff. I was hoping that the items carried over that’s all.
  4. Hey@BarryBL, With all of the stuff that we bought for the 2020 game, will all of that transfer to the new game or will it start over from scratch? It makes no difference to me. I love the shop stuff regardless. Keep up the good work. Thanks!
  5. I would either create an old Marlboro McLaren team or an original AH Racing.
  6. I've been watching a lot of WRC and WEC as of lately. F1 had been a bit dull because of the lack of winner diversity. Austria was by far the best trade ado far. McLaren seem to have a great technical director.
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