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  1. In a grand prix race post-patch I used about 20 flashbacks recreating the same crash over and over (just testing the new safety car) and it didn't effect anything, it was reasonably consistent on when it would/wouldn't come out even after 20 flashbacks
  2. Awesome, good thing to know, thanks!
  3. Thanks! Let us know when you find out 🙂
  4. Hey, when you say that the maximum Safety Car deployments is now for example "5", does that mean 5 full Safety Cars? Or can that be like 2 Safety Cars and 3 Virtual Safety Cars? Awesome update, praying that it works in practice. Thanks!
  5. I'm fairly sure that at the very least Australia/Monaco/Paul Ricard are all still 60 in real life
  6. As of real life 2019, Silverstone's pit lane speed limit is 80KPH. But, in-game, it is set to 60KPH. Just tried on 1.07 and still not fixed so I thought I'd point this out.
  7. In the Austria event I had it for the first 4 hours or something before it fixed
  8. I should mention that it worked fine in the next scheduled race one hour after the post. This bug is hard to recreate and just sometimes happens, sometimes doesn't happen.
  9. I had this happen last week in the Austria event and now I'm having this again in the Silverstone event right now. I get an error code when trying to connect to the server, "NM14". The frustrating thing about this is that I just can't rejoin straight away, because they are scheduled races I now have to wait an entire hour for the next race...
  10. dogryan100


    Faya has been tagged 7 times in this thread alone out of 16 replies... Calm down lol
  11. dogryan100

    what is a 'featured event' trophy

    It's one of the types of "Weekly Events" in the Multiplayer screen. The one that just started at Silverstone is a featured event.
  12. This is something that I have only just realized by watching YouTubers who did receive theirs, but at the beginning of this week I never received the extra competition points that you get for your safety rating level, or any Mail about it. I am on PC, and I have a safety rating of S, so I should be getting the highest amount. Did I do something wrong? If it helps, here is my Steam profile: https://steamcommunity.com/id/dogryan100/ Thanks!
  13. I got this error when trying to join the Weekly Event race. I am on PC. I know this is not specific to me as a friend of mine has had this error trying to connect to 3 Weekly event races in a row and this is the second time another friend has received this error when trying to connect to the Weekly Event race.
  14. Was just having a look at the current leaderboard for the Weekly Event and there are currently several cheaters at the top of the leaderboard. I know that the top 2 drivers are obviously cheaters but I have a feeling that 3rd-6th are cheated laps as well (I don't expect the fastest times in the world to have assists turned on, as you can see on the right side of the screen). [Image removed]