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  1. On 7/24/2019 at 12:01 PM, Faya said:

    Hi all and thanks for the feedback.

    Could you let us know if you're using wheels or pads and what assists you are using, if any? Thanks! 

    Edit: Can you let me know what level AI you're using as well, please! Thanks!

    In list form:

    • Wheel or Pad?
    • Any Assists?
    • AI Level

    WOW!! I look at a good many of forum members racing in lower performance rated cars, and being competitive with AIs of Mercedes, Ferraris, and Red Bull at Difficulty 100+, come rain or shine. Power to your elbows!! :classic_ohmy:

    Anyway, when I encounter wet races, I'm screwed. Okay, so I'm in a Williams.....BUT.....at Hockenheim I experienced a full wet race, and I was lapped twice by my teammate as if he, and rest of AI are on slicks in a dry race?  Yet in dry conditions I have got the beating of him, hands down. So come Qualifying, or Race conditions when there's a chance of rain, I know I will suddenly become a tortoise when wet conditions come along. Grrrrrrr!!

    I think when Patch 1.6 was released, there was something said about AIs wouldn't be as slow as they were then in wet conditions (just right for me before that release), but now they are seemingly jet propelled in the wet. :classic_sad: 

    PAD - on PS4

    Traction - Full (when I know wet conditions apply at some stage of the race)

    AI Difficulty - A moderate 75 for me

    Career mode at 100% race

  2. Sadly I have to agree.....poor Crofty!! Just finished off a full Championship in Expert mode, and since that patch it became quite annoying hearing the same thing, not only in Practice session, but also through Qualifying sessions.  Wish it was true, as Hamilton coming first all the time was a bit of a bore, except at Sochi when a very unexpected incident happened when he clipped Raikkonen and spun taking out his fellow team mate Rosberg, allowing me (as Bottas) to go on and win. Yayyyyyyyy!!

  3. rsdlewis said:
    I don't know what the hell you lot are doing at Codemaster's and I very much doubt you know what you're doing yourselves! Downloaded the 2nd patch for the PS4, 3rd if you count the release day patch and yet most problems don't seem to have been rectified. Certain problems have been fixed though but unfortunitely other things in the game seem to have broken whilst fixing other small problems. Everytime Hamilton qualifies Crofty keeps saying after each session that Hamilton's been knocked out, when in fact he's finished top in every session. When Hamilton get's pole or the Mercs finish a 1/2 in qualy, Crofty always comes out with the baffling line that the Red Bulls have finished 1/2 with Riciardo on pole when that's not the case, and if a Merc wins a race for some strange reason Crofty says that it's a 1/2 finish for Red Bull with Riciardo coming 1st. Sort it out Codemaster's, you're making a right meal out of this game. It's so pathetic it's laughable