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  1. On 7/24/2019 at 12:01 PM, Faya said:

    Hi all and thanks for the feedback.

    Could you let us know if you're using wheels or pads and what assists you are using, if any? Thanks! 

    Edit: Can you let me know what level AI you're using as well, please! Thanks!

    In list form:

    • Wheel or Pad?
    • Any Assists?
    • AI Level

    WOW!! I look at a good many of forum members racing in lower performance rated cars, and being competitive with AIs of Mercedes, Ferraris, and Red Bull at Difficulty 100+, come rain or shine. Power to your elbows!! :classic_ohmy:

    Anyway, when I encounter wet races, I'm screwed. Okay, so I'm in a Williams.....BUT.....at Hockenheim I experienced a full wet race, and I was lapped twice by my teammate as if he, and rest of AI are on slicks in a dry race?  Yet in dry conditions I have got the beating of him, hands down. So come Qualifying, or Race conditions when there's a chance of rain, I know I will suddenly become a tortoise when wet conditions come along. Grrrrrrr!!

    I think when Patch 1.6 was released, there was something said about AIs wouldn't be as slow as they were then in wet conditions (just right for me before that release), but now they are seemingly jet propelled in the wet. :classic_sad: 

    PAD - on PS4

    Traction - Full (when I know wet conditions apply at some stage of the race)

    AI Difficulty - A moderate 75 for me

    Career mode at 100% race

  2. PedroPM94 said:
    PedroPM94 said:
    Lowered the difficulty to 80 and i´m competitive again. Was expecting having to set it lower, but guess not, and with that in mind, i now think Codies just bumped all difficulties up.
    No it's the same 
    Maybe some levels are not changed, but i clearly felt the difficulty was a lot harder on the levels i was used to play at. Had to drop it to be competitive again, not by much but heck, i´m just happy i can play the game again after this patch.

    Just hope they don´t change it once more. I´m gonna start my career mode again, and i don´t really want to go through the process of finding the right difficulty once more.
    I just got to Singapore with Patch 1.14 loaded (PS4 - Williams - 2nd season - Career - 100% race), having had a long lay off from playing, or reading this thread due to work commitments. Singapore was my death nell with Renault in Season 1 due to ridiculous tyre temp problems, resulting me to be sacked for not achieving my contract levels. However, I have been competitive in the Williams ever since, but yes with lower AI difficulty level. So here we are back again, and hell, I can't even do the Practice programs within time limits, let alone decent Practice session times, along with Qualifying....and this with tyre temps switched off.  I just don't get it!!!!  In the first opportunity to reduce AI difficulty, I was still trailing the field, then more lowering at next option opportunity.....still no change. Gawd, the country of my birth, and it's a curse for me. Anyway, carry on regardless, and hopefully come Season 3 at Singapore, things might have changed, but I won't be counting my Singapore Slings.
    BTW, I noted the inverted Sportsmanship / Showmanship levels mentioned earlier, but I appear to be okay on that front, however, my reputation with all the other teams are all full bars. Has anyone experienced that?

  3. I am a Pad user, and play the game at 100% full race.
    I have lowered the AI difficulty, and to be honest, qualifying with a Williams onto pole position (having been demoted from a competitive Renault thanks to 0 points at Singapore and Russia because of this ridiculous tyre temps), just doesn't seem right.
    However, after doing the first 4.5 laps at a lick in 2nd season at Australia, before the left hand tyre yellowed at 105 degrees, ambered at 106, and red at 107, I started to lose place after place to the AIs, ending up 11th in the end, as I needed to coast around corners that affected left hand tyre wear to try and keep temps, at best, around 105, and used full throttle, as able to, on bends/corners that affected right hand tyre.....and you know what, the right hand tyre temp stayed green.....not even a flicker of light green, staying around 99/100 degrees.
    Prior to the race, I did a Practice session of 8 laps going full throttle around the track with a heavy tank of fuel, and left hand front tyre didn't overheat at all?
    The game is becoming completely unplayable, and very annoying.......as I am now finding the tyre temps problem that started at Singapore, has affected me at every track thereon. :'(

  4. @tarrantino But that's not racing....is it.

    If this is the solution to compensate for overheating tyres, then this game isn't a simulation anymore, but a platform game on how to get to the finish line, and how many cars are left behind you when you cross it....points awarded for each car in your wake, maybe even assigning points to the make of car Mercedes 10 points, Ferrari 9 points etc etc.

    If you were driving normally around a circuit, and haven't experienced this sort of ridiculous tyre temps happening in previous races, then there is definitely something amiss.

  5. @Turtlemoose wrote:
    Oh my god!!!!! 
    Why don't you turn the A.I difficulty down, that way you will be 1 second quicker a lap than everyone else in qualifying and in the early stint of tyres until the temps kick in???!!!!!??
    Why have you not bought a wheel to race on instead??!!!!!?? Did you know it is against the motor racing sim world to use a pad.
    Why don't you coast around 5 seconds off the pace to attempt reducing the temps and it only reduces by 1 degree which doesn't do much anyway??!!!!!??
     :p  :p :p :p :p  Love it!!  Sooooo funny.

    BTW, you don't happen to be in the wheels retail business, and hope to make some lucrative earnings?  ;)

  6. FRACTURED said:
    @Faya ask the devs to take any car round Singapore and using pad, overheat the tyres. 

    Then stop the car dead. You'll get disqualified for being illegally parked up for 10s before the tyres will lose even 1 degree sitting stationary. 

    So maybe we need to be moving at a brisk pace to cool the tyres? Nope.
    Once they turn the corner, and start dropping if you drive at pitlimiter type speeds they quickly cool back into the 90s.

    To get them to drop whilst staying competitive to usual AI setting or especially online times, is exceedingly difficult. 

    Whatever the inbuilt pad assists are (like the TCS I think I can feel when taking over from AI), is it not playing nice with tyre model? 

    Initial overheat period seems to be 15-20s. Then driving unrealistically slow seems to cool them further, but we are talking about a pace that's as likely to get you dsq'd for causing yellow flags.

    Driving fairly conservatively it's difficult to bring them back after overheating as no or little cooling occurs on straights, mainly in turns with less lock cools faster than straight-line no inputs. What gives.
    I entirely agree with @Fractured.

    I did mention in a Technical Assistance thread, that for me this tyre temperature problem seemed to coincide with 1.9 release.  I just cannot run more than 6 laps without the left tyre staying at a reasonable temperature. In fact, after being competitive in a Renault, I arrived at Singapore (coincidentally when v1.9 was released), then Russia.....both were like driving on ice after 6 laps on whatever compound. So frustrating, and for Renault too, as I got the sack for not getting any points from both races, and in fact, so far off the pace, that I was lucky to get 15th in Singapore, and that was due to 5 retirements. Subsequently moved, or pushed to Williams. So thought, hmmmm, slower car, should be all right here.....BUT......Suzuka, Austin, and Mexico City, I am experiencing no change....in fact at Austin, I got two red front tyres on the HUD. Yet the right tyre, apart from Austin, always stays in the green.
    Although, well up the grid after Qualifying sessions, during the races themselves, AI after AI were overtaking me, and this was after lowering the Difficulty percentage a whole lot. I have tried different settings until I'm blue in the face, or is that red with anger in my face?
    I am on Pad, in Career, 100%. I have also tried Grand Prix mode and set up favourite tracks, and no change with tyre temps, primarily left tyre going into red.
    This is so frustrating!!!!!!

  7. PS4 - Career - 100% - Renault.

    It's not just online, I've encountered it in Career.....whether it's coincidental with 1.9 release, but with every track, my left tyre (no matter what car) is getting red hot, and other three are staying in green, and worst case scenario, amber....after just 4-5 laps. CRAZY!! @Faya
    At Singapore, when 1.9 was released I just couldn't take corners unless I braked really heavily. Russia followed, and the same thing happened, regardless of whether I was on Hypers, Ultras, or Softs?? Renault sacked me after those two non-point scoring races, and ended up at Williams, and racing in Japan.....and guess what, red hot left tyre again. :/
    Decided to abandon Career, and set up a Grand Prix session of races, starting at Bahrain, in a Haas, and low and behold, the same thing is happening again, and China, and Spain.
    So, my solo racing enjoyment has floundered, and might even revert to F1 2017 to resume my Career on that game until this bug is rectified, and yes, I'm adamant something is faulty, as even following a SC my front left didn't cool.

  8. Personally, I think the tyre temps are faulty. Reason, Singapore on Hypers, I was going at a great pace, then after 5 laps, I found myself braking heavily to stay on the track, and by another few laps, I was dropping places very quickly and losing 2 seconds per lap......the rain saved me, albeit I had to pit for Inters earlier than the AIs who were still bombing around on their Ultras and Hypers?
    That said, Russia next, starting on Hypers again, and like Singapore I was very competitive for the first 4 laps, and then started losing 1-2 seconds, and Found myself braking heavily, again, to stay on track, and tyre wear was only 21%. Made it into the pit to change onto Ultras on lap 9, and decided to monitor tyre temps after reading other threads, and same thing happened in that 4-5 laps later, I was struggling again, but I had the tyre temp HUD display open and front tyres were red, and even stayed red when SC came out, during which you would think tyres would cool down when running slower. So, as pointed out by many, there needs to be a fix. I have abandoned Career now, hoping a fix comes along so I can restart Russian GP from the start, albeit Singapore will have to wait until next season. Pfffffft!!

  9. I would like to know why sometimes the starting fuel load in Strategy on Grid start is way below the number of laps you will run. It means I'm having to run in Lean mixture for several laps before I can switch up to Standard.  This happened loads of times in F1 2017.
    I do tend to do the Practice programs, and especially Fuel, which I pass every time....so I'm baffled.

  10. Is there anyone that can explain the rules of the SC deployment, please.

    I was catching my team mate but got overtaken by a Vettel, who also passed a few other cars in front of me that I was gaining on.  Then the SC was deployed, and Vettel who was leading the race fell in behind it, and the 7th, 8th, 9th and me in 10th were behind him in the queue. Whilst we were following Vettel, my team mate (Sainz) in 6th could just run away to catch up our queue.
    My question is, shouldn't the 7th, 8th, 9th and me 10th be allowed to pass Vettel and the SC, as technically we have been penalised, and my team mate was now not far behind me, nearly a lap ahead by the time the SC car pulled in. Worse to follow was that the cars in 2nd, 3rd and 4th were right behind me so I had to slow down and let them pass. Grrrrrr

  11. In F1 2017 I had terrible tyre wear issues in that I would in majority of races go onto a harder compound just to prevent me pitting more times than AIs. With F1 2018, the tyre wear I haven't had too many issues at all, and can do races with the recommended pit stop strategy, and compounds.
    However, I have used much lighter settings with very little downforce, so I wonder if that's your problem, with maybe the car being top heavy on traction?

  12. I think that's brilliant, dad encouraging his son on this game.  And I can understand the young man's frustration as well. Bless!!
    I remember those bygone days when I was a novice, at a very advanced age, may I say, and it took me a while to get the settings to my satisfaction to start with, then progress patiently taking off assists bit by bit.
    Looking at some of the guys' comments on here, I'm glad I play solo, cos they would whoop my derriere if I was to try and take them on in an online game.
    I'm sure with patience, your son will progress to be as competitive as the hardened racers on here, and will be as competitive.  :)

  13. I'm really surprised nobody has mentioned the track itself, bordered by psychedelic red, blue and white patterning.........AWFUL!!  When Sky cameras panned away for a long shot, I thought someone was trying to hypnotise me......"You are feeling sleepy". I did fall asleep. :|

  14. Having not been on the Forum for a while, I am so glad I saw what others have been experiencing. Since v1.11 release I have found my Renault Career mode totally frustrating. Brazil, on Inters, my team mate, Palmer, and every AI, all finished the race after only pitting twice, I had to pit 4 times....plus, and because I had two penalties after finishing 8th in Qualifying and thus starting on the grid in 18th, it seemed to think I had qualified in that position, and my performance speed was negligible with the likes of McClarens faster than me, as well as my team mate.
    Generally, when on Inters or Wets, my tyre wear is just under 6% per lap. That is freakish!! Also, wet races at Hungary, and later Spa (the latter the last 15 laps of the race), the AIs were pitting every two laps, with Spa being the most comical, as when I came to change onto Inters, all the AIs were pitting every two laps and alternating between SS and US tyres, I then had to be careful when overtaking them as they were veering all over the track because of lack of traction.
    I am well fed up now, and will forget Career mode after I complete this 5th season, and just poodle around with Championship Mode. Will I bother with F1 2018, I guess so, in the hope Codies get their act together once and for all.

  15. Okay guys....is it something I'm doing wrong?
    I can work the pit limiter fine when exiting the pit lane, but on entering it, I push my 'Pit Limiter' button on the PS4 pad, and all seems fine as the car slows, and the blue bar fills completely, but as soon as I go over the pit lane entry line, I get a 'speeding in pit lane' warning message.
    I am well perplexed. Anyone else having a problem?

  16. F1Support said:
    Hello @atitastic you can change the settings while loading between sessions. You will almost certainly find it easier to go to the main menu and then load back in to do this because the loading screen between sessions is very short.
    Why are the loading screens too short @F1Support, as there isn't enough time to read the anecdotes and helpful two-liners at the bottom anymore?

  17. Bronson86 said:

    Also, Jeff seems to come on the radio at random saying things like "didn't understand that" or "you've broken up".

    Can you please confirm if this will be fixed?
    I believe the Jeffisms mentioned, along with 'I didn't hear that, too much static' are really annoying........why are they there......we're not in a position to talk to him anyway?