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    DiRT Rally feedback list

    Here are some things, that stopped me from enjoying the driving part of the game a couple of times now. Don´t know how much of this has been posted, and how much meets the general opinion, but I´ll just post this list here: Animations on race start. Can´t it just put me into cockpit with a countdown? That animation of the car pushing forward really freaks me out, especially if I have to restart a stage a couple of times. Kind of a waste of time in my opinion. And not skipable by any means that I did find till now... And almost even worse is that revving of the engine until you push the handbrake button. Why would I rev the engine there? If it isn´t warm by than, I have a problem anyway... Handbrake on start required. Okay, I don´t have a custom handbrake lever, so maybe that is my fault. But searching and pushing a button to get the controls while having the AI controller reving my engine down... really don´t get the reason. Just holding any kind of brake makes sense, but why specify it on the handbrake, when the footbrake is way more secure to hold the car, and way easier to use for us who don´t have a handbrake lever...? Being unable to hold the car with the foot brake while pushing the clutch and pushing the throttle before the countdown finishes. Partly my fault, as I don´t want to use handbrake only for holding the car in place, but I can´t get it to use all 3 pedals to prepare the car for race start, so I start with idle revs when the countdown is over. Makes me loose a second or two right there... Another problem is that half of the time, even when using my footbrake and having my shifter in neutral, the car urges forward as soon as I release the handbrake button, as it is still in first gear as by default, and the footbrake seems to be way less strong compared to the handbrake? Often got me a jumped start while in neutral, with zero throttle and brakes fully pushed down. Having the automatic replacement of the car on the track if you go off. Why not just put it into restart of the stage, it´s totally unrealistic, and the flow of the stage is completely ruined anyway. And another thing going hand in hand with that is the 10s counter to get back on track. I restart in rage after being reset, as it, like I just said, completely ruins everything. Makes me want to go Alt+F4. Why don´t you just give the driver a chance to try to get back on track? It is fun to do it. And a restart makes way more sense there... Just had one of the longer Baumholder stages ruined, as I got off track and was magically put back onto the track without the damage I would have had, when I would have hit that tree sideways I say coming at me. I kind of see the problem here with the width of the track that is modeled, and the need to stop the player before he hits the border of the modeled track, or hits persons on Pikes peak. At Pikes peak, maybe you would need to have the people jump away or even just disappear before you hit them... These points are what makes this  more arcade style for me, way more than the driving, physics and feedback. I kinda like to drive it, even if I a bit suck at rally driving, but I hardly get to the driving part of the game. Sorry for all the rage here.