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  1. 1. Only during online sessions i don’t hear Jeff. 
    The volume of the game goes down but Jeff doesn't speak.

    2. Xbox one x

    3. 1.05

    4. Online session

    5. All online session

    6. The problem occurs both with the volume of the monitor and with the headphones.

    7. Wheel, ts xw racer, f1 addon, Pedals Thrustmaster T-lcm, headphones Turtlebeach Stealth 700.

    8. No, but if needed i can make a video.


  2. 26 minutes ago, Icefalcon said:

    The situation is all the more serious if one considers that Codemasters is working with an important Company wheel like Fanatec

    I'm perfectly agree with you.

    it’s an inadmissible situation.

    It doesn’t seem that Leclerc or Ham drives with a pad.

    So, what are you doing Codemasters?!

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