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  1. Seems a little odd as all 6 practice programs should be run at every race. Unusually it seems as though you get 3 at random and just repeat them each practice session. Doesn’t sound right to me.
  2. 😂 Your wit is unbound!
  3. Thanks for the sarcasm but it was a genuine question. 👍
  4. Simple question that I couldn’t find the answer to. First; Do Codemasters run any wind calculations effecting the car, such has wind direction effecting car performance? Second; Do Codemasters simulate turbulent air when running near other cars which would effect engine temps and handling to the car?
  5. Thank you for the detail. It is interesting. Maybe it’s not as big effect as I expected but I’ll keep testing it out in the most extreme changes.
  6. Oh, yes let me add. This is with no assists.
  7. Has anyone had any noticeable difference in feel to the cars when changing the diff? I've tried dry and wet races and tbh started to jump from 50% to 100% diff expecting a different reaction at the back of the car, particularly in the rain. However, I notice no difference in feel or reaction on the car. I tested the theory by going from 50% for two laps to 100% and could control the car with the same throttle modulations. Has anyone experienced similar or are you noticing significant differences?
  8. Lofty

    Correct version

    Correct. Microsoft implemented smart delivery so you will always get the correct/best version.
  9. Thanks RedDevil. This tile is now back on. Please close.
  10. This Has been resolved. Not sure if this was coincidence or not but thank you. Please close.
  11. Good morning, can someone help regarding the 10% digital discount through the existing game apps. This screen doesn’t exist in F1 2020. It only offers the external website link. Can any mods assist? PSN is BaSsMaNLoFty for confirmation of game ownership.
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