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  1. Geboy91

    After 1.07 patch the SAFETY CAR is gone

    had SC 4 times in 10 laps, but you are not allowed to report any bugs. Post is then simply deleted.
  2. Geboy91

    Tyre Bug?

    Why is it no longer displayed during the race whether you have used tires? System: ps4 Modus: Myteam Track: China 1.07
  3. Not for Consoles already
  4. Schumi edition for me means that everything that has to do with Schumacher is included in this edition, including the Keep Fighting DLC. I think it's good that the money raised with the dlc goes to the foundation, but that could have been done with a Keep Fighting Weekly event where CM donates money for every kilometer driven
  5. That means that the dlc not included in the Schumacher edition?
  6. Geboy91

    End of Season Driver Transfers

    Verstappen/Ferrari Ocon/Red Bull Gasly/Renault Russell/Racing Point Perez/AlphaTauri Schumacher/Alfa Romeo De Vries/Alfa Romeo Giovinazzi/Williams Leclerc/Myteam as Champ Rest same as Season 1 KimI Retired
  7. Geboy91

    The ideas Mega Tread

    Create your ....... section: Motors, cars, logos, tracks. Create it and share it with other players. Tracks can only be played in the new Testday mode or Fast run. -Clean side boxes at pit stop -Visible graining / blistering on the tires -Pure management mode in Myteam -Damage to the underbody in front of the rear tires -Development on the car exclusively through money, away from R&D points. -DLC's with real sponsors (so costs can be covered because of the licenses) -DLC's with other former F1 drivers for driver market (fia has collected data from the past 5 years) -Revision of the podium passes with historical cars and designs of current cars without sponsors -F1 Bible -Revision of the driver values (rain pace, dry pace, qualipace, radiation (sponsors) prudence -with the possibility to act as a factory team (Honda e.g.) -Additional engine suppliers (Cosworth, Ford, dallara e.g.) to act as a factory team. -In addition to the driver market, the employee market. -Personal staff (physio, PR manager, etc.) -Personal sponsors (real sponsors via DLC) -Formula 3 driver market and as a playable class Car -presentations cost money. The more you spend on it, the more sponsors are willing to invest more money in the team. -Different suppliers for MyTeam in all areas where teams can obtain parts from factory teams (would also ensure different designs of Myteam cars) and for brake suppliers. -Junior team in the F2 to train young drivers
  8. Geboy91

    Is it worth 50 pound at minute

    did you reinstall the game? Which system?
  9. Geboy91

    Is it worth 50 pound at minute

    where is the buggy? haven't had a bug since release, which is why I got so excited about the release of 1.05 why there is only a bigfix
  10. Geboy91

    F2 2020

    Coming as Patch in the next months
  11. Geboy91

    Helmet in "normal" career mode

    @BarryBL idea. let's bring personal sponsors to the driver's career. We drivers therefore have an additional income and are more interesting for other teams if the sponsors invest in the team due to positive publicity. and we have sponsors for our helmets😄
  12. No liveries and Performance? Bad, really Bad
  13. Geboy91

    Item shop

    Don't know. A lot of people says friday, when the standard version release. I waiting too for new liveries. The 4 normal liveries are boring and not something special.
  14. Geboy91

    F1 2020 game release date

    I think we doesn't become a 2020 game. Maybe 2020 car update for f1 2019