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  1. Geboy91

    F1 2020 game release date

    I think we doesn't become a 2020 game. Maybe 2020 car update for f1 2019
  2. Both new moderators have as setup only Xbox and Steam. How do you want to react to ps4 problems if you do not own the system? Then a moderator should be appointed with a PS4!
  3. Yeah this is Ridiculous. We have been promised to fix it since August. Until this is fixed all other patches are useless
  4. Geboy91

    Wheres the SC?

    There's a bug and CM not fix his ****** game
  5. 1.16 is a joke right? The real Patch notes still coming.....
  6. Safety car fix?????????????
  7. Geboy91

    Suggestions to Codemasters

    or instead of the "idiotentest" an online lock. 5 mark as not fair driver / 3 days lock race 10 marks / 1 week etc. but you need a working system that works properly. do not speak fair driver marks
  8. Geboy91

    Suggestions to Codemasters

    In order to master this "crashkid" problem, one should introduce a system that monitors the driving behavior of each driver and marks drivers intentionally with a "mark" in their Super License. So it is more difficult for them to participate in league activities because one sees directly that they do not ride fair. in order to get rid of this "mark" you have to then in German "idiotentest" reach a certain score to get rid of this "mark". In the super license is then also displayed how often you could put this "test". To maintain the pressure of fair driving.
  9. Geboy91

    Suggestions to Codemasters

    Of course there are more bugs (online for example) because I think a public test server would be really of advantage because you get feedback directly, things could test and players there can communicate their impressions. And you could react directly
  10. @Faya 1. AI is in the rain still OP Suggestion: makes a separate Rain AI that we can adjust the race settings. this saves you time adjusting because some think it's too strong and others think it's too weak. so anyone can adjust how he / she needs it. 2. Safety car does not come out suggestion: the same as the rain ki. makes an adjustment where we can adjust how high the chance is that safety car comes out. Example: 0% only VSC / 50% VSC u. SC / 100% SC only. and in between just more or less chance that it comes. And Codemasters, you have to understand slowly that this game is no fun. and this is starting to be problematic for you because as a customer we're paying your salaries because we buy your products. And in Germany there is a saying "The customer is king" , Let me give you some thought about a public test server where as a user we can help you to improve the game and to be able to give reasonable feedback. I think that I can speak here for all and think that we all want to have a great F1 simulation with the best possible possibilities the engine leaves. Alternatively, there would also be the possibility to create German / Spanish and Italian forums in order to get even more feedback because of the existing language barriers. In this sense, I hope you take this to heart and think about it. Sincerely a customer of your products
  11. Geboy91

    Why Codemasters beeing EA

    I read your tread. You have 100% right.
  12. Every new customisation Item must been buying. Really codemasters. JusT like EA. Ridiculous
  13. Geboy91

    Where is the 1.10 patch?

    If this happend, I playing Codemasters games only as Piracy copy.
  14. Geboy91

    Codemasters ist [Removed]

    **** is the answer