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  1. josap11

    F1 2019 highlights export

    I have it turned down to 0 and it does work in the replay but not when exporting the highlights.
  2. I've just been playing around with the highlights feature in F1 2019 and it looks quite cools. But when I go to export one of the highlights from the theater mode, you must choose a music track to export it with. Personally I don't really like that and would like to just export it without music as recording my screen isn't really possible. Does anyone know of a way to do this?
  3. The game play footage released today really does look good but there are a couple of things that do kind of worry me. I have been primarily playing Assetto Corsa lately and driving the RSS Formula Hybrid cars and something that really annoyed me when going to F1 2018 is that there does not seem to be any indicator for DRS. When you've got all your HUD turned off, there does not seem to be a way to know whether you have enabled DRS or not so it would be a good addition, I think, for F1 2019 to feature some kind of a DRS indicator on the wheel. Beyond that I think the HUD looks good and is very usable. Another think I don't really understand is how seemingly no-one even mentioned the coloured dots on the mini-map to indicate what team (or driver) is where on track. This gives the player more information about the race and makes it more immersive (imo). And something else I mentioned before on F1 Fanvoice: I have been playing the game for a while now and it surely isn’t bad. But for codies to call this game a simulator… that just isn’t true. For my the most fun with an F1 car is to drive them in Assetto Corsa. Yes, it is a good game. But it’s just that, had it been marketed as an improvement to last year’s game it would have been really good but at this point I wouldn’t recommend it. Why don’t they just create a new game every “era” ie. in 2010 then 2014 then 2017 and 2020 now and then just release a DLC every year with the new cars and features. That way some actual improvements can be made to the game in between releases and it might actually be worth the 60 euro they are asking. Well, except for them losing out on some revenue on the short term. I do expect this to make the games more popular and liked on the longer term.