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  1. @BarryBL thank you for your hard work here on the community, i know its hard to answer all questions, even tho you dont habe any further information. But is there any update on the retraining of the AI right now or even an ETA for it? Im so hyped for it and cant even wait. Thanks in advance 😁
  2. Do you guys know if you had grid penalty? I felt like the game gets crazy when you get a grid penalty because of changing Parts.
  3. Now that we played the first two races after the last patch i cant confirm it. The first Race we raced yesterday was good, but this race today was a big dissapointment. We both got Big Grid Penaltys because we couldnt get the lap in Qualifying we wanted. So we got ourselfs some brand new parts. In the Race we started both from P20 we were ghosts until we started and raced away from one another. His Racingline was gone and after the start we were demoted to P 19 and 20. Thats exactly the same what was happening all the time.before those patches. After the first lap, the race was over and we bot
  4. I just have the Report Code Captures from Qualifiyng, dont know if it helps but i'll still write it : AVDG-GTHM-JKXG-BASC
  5. Happened to me Twice, but it felt like its only the case in the Two Player Careermode
  6. -I got Big Issues with the Two Player Career Mode. We started the last two races between P16 and P19. We were playing on 50% Race length. After the Start we were Glitched to P19 and P20 with no Intervalls to the other Cars in front of us. The Ranking of the Cars infront of us seemed to be Bugged aswell, because They were like P16 then P9 Then P12 and so on. After The First Lap the Race ended with us beeing DNF. Even after the Race my Race Win Voicemessage appeared... -The next big Issue is that the Driverratings should be applied for Two Player Career too, the AI Seems to Drive with 0 Awa
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