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  1. BelgiumDude

    Reporter questions

    That's why I restarted my career without butler and weber. Near the end of season 1 I lost all interest in those drivers so yes the questions got irrelevant fast even in season 1. If you play without the F2 characters I noticed you get way less interviews. Claire probably doesn't have much questions to ask besides the rival questions.
  2. it's probably based on the target objective. Every team has target objectives. Fail them and get sacked.
  3. BelgiumDude

    F12019 - Next patch wishes

    These are wishes for a patch? Sounds like the wishlist for next year's game. I don't want to dash your hopes but most of these wishes are not going to come in a patch.
  4. BelgiumDude

    Do something different next year.

    Fernando won't have anything to do for 2020 so yeah why not the F1 Alonso edition. A career path where R&D is a struggle and instead of bringing you to the front of the grid you end up in the back.
  5. BelgiumDude

    Mildly disappointed with Career Mode in F1 2019

    What he means is that your avatar is the same over the entire game. Let's say he wants to play a career as himself and one as Schumacher he will not be able to switch back and forth between careers. When he changes the avatar to Schumacher he will be Schumacher in all other careers.
  6. BelgiumDude

    Do something different next year.

    I'm not sure if it is. The best example is driver transfers. It's the most asked feature and now we have it and it sucks. The problem I see with user ideas is that they focus on a detail without looking at the entire picture and it just makes it easy for Codemasters: Just tack an idea from the forum on the previous game and everybody's happy. F1 2019 is a bit too much F1, the user idea edition. A lot of user ideas that sound great on paper just kill it for me. I have so many ideas on how driver transfers should work but I clearly have no idea on how many resources it takes for Codemasters to implement them. I'm sure Codemasters themselves actually know even better than us how the driver transfers should work but they clearly don't have the resources to implement them like they should be implemented. Two years of development and a bigger team was used to create F1 2019 and still there's a lot that seems to have been rushed in to the game to get it out on time. Maybe this is a good user idea: get an even bigger team?
  7. BelgiumDude

    Do something different next year.

    If you haven't played an F1 game since 2013 I guess F1 2019 will blow your mind. If you haven't played 2017 or 2018 this is the best F1 game ever. But when you bought every version (except the one that was not on PS4 whilst every other game came out on PS4) the game get's old quickly. I have to agree with people saying it's hard to see that 2 years of development or actually I would have to say that I'm beginning to understand that 2 years was not enough. When the game was not out yet it was already obvious the F1 part was pretty much the same. The announcement of driver transfers sounded fenomenaal but it's also clear why it was revealed so late, It's work in progress
  8. BelgiumDude

    Do something different next year.

    I don't like soccer so why would I play Fifa I'm an F1 nut so I felt immediately invested in the story. But the journey from what I here is very good if you like Fifa games.
  9. I don't like F1 2019 all that much. The game starts out good but it becomes very fast too familiar. The problem with Codemasters F1 series is that it's always evolutionary. Something good get's added, it get's improved and improved but it feels like you are playing the same game each year. To me F1 2019 does not feel like a game anymore, it feels like repetitive work that you have been doing for years. It makes me feel like retiring from F1. I'm too old for this, maybe I should go look for an Indycar game like F1 world champions tend to do in real life when becoming bored with F1. It started out good actually, it started like no F1 game ever started, it started with a story and the story was not dull what surprised me. I would have appreciated F1 2019 much more if there was a massive change in career and the story would have continued in season 1. I would not have minded being not able to drive full length races but get scenario's in season 1 instead. Just adding two fictional characters to F1 career and adding some generic mails did not keep the story alive. After half a season I didn't care for the two fictional drivers anymore so I restarted career without F2 feeder series and then it struck me that I'm doing the same thing for a few years now. The biggest problem with suggesting to flesh out the story in F1 2020 is that we will get F1 2019 with just some more cutscenes so I'm not gonna suggest it. What I want to suggest is: do something really different. Surprise us with total new gameplay. Start from scratch again.
  10. BelgiumDude

    Nonsense AI R&D developments

    It depends on how you start career. I started a career with Mercedes and R&D is not going that fast as in the smaller teams. When I started with Toro Rosso I immediately got bonus perks which make R&D way faster to develop from the start of the season. In the Mercedes I have no perks from the start, got some after Baku now but I'm now in Canada and have only done a lot of R&D in durability but almost none on the other parts. Ferrari and RB are not developing as well or are also investing in durability. The midfield is creeping closer but the development seems to be rather realistic.
  11. BelgiumDude

    Please stop driver transfer in career mode

    Ideally the driver AI each get sets some career paths that seem logical. Younger drivers have more career paths than older drivers and give drivers a retire age. I would love to see F2 drivers eventually move to F1 trough the Toro Rosso team but like it is implemented now best not add F2 drivers or you would end your first season in F1 with only F2 drivers.
  12. BelgiumDude

    Lighting Volt Haas F1 Team

    Yes the ad is for a real energy drink from Steven Seagal. After the debacle with the Rich logo I guess we are going the same direction with the new name. It's Steven Seagal, where else is he going to make money?
  13. I have my steering linearity at 70 and saturation at 40
  14. BelgiumDude

    Lighting Volt Haas F1 Team

    The joke continues; Just as I was about to set up a new career with Haas the sponsor changes his name to Lighting Volt. šŸ¤§ And believe it or not but this ad is real so I think we will see some more name changes coming soon.
  15. BelgiumDude

    F2 and Devon Butler in F1 2019

    But you want to outdo Butler in season 1. I started my career in Toro Rosso moved mid season to Red Bull finished 2nd in the championship whilst Butler was struggling in the back with almost no points. I did not get my cutscene were I get to confront him with his speech on how I would fair in F1. All I got was a trophy.