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  1. BelgiumDude

    Quali expectations from team in MyTeam?

    It is mentioned in the practice programs. If you look at the quali practice you will see what your goal is. But I agree that there should be a tab with all your goals on your computer.
  2. BelgiumDude

    Multiple avatar poses in menus

    We have now all these cool poses and odium celebrations, let's get more out of them. I want to be able to enable some of the poses and/podium celebrations to be used at random. Now I need to go select one every single time. The AI drivers seem to change poses at random. Would be cool to have this as well.
  3. BelgiumDude

    Patch 1.04 ps4.

    Stop saying that You made me actually reboot my PlayStation because you kept repeating it. It still show as expected 1.03 in the loading screen whilst it is actually version 1.04. The only thing that is wrong is that they typed in the wrong version on that screen. That's the bug. The game is updating fine. There is no problem there.
  4. I'm missing some team data on my computer. I'm looking for accumulated data like the amount of laps you did or the amount of resource points you both picked up. They probably flash by at the end of FP3 but they get lost on me and I want to see it on my computer to make decisions like should I simulate a session or go for more resource points. Also sponsor demands and team goals seem to be missing. I really hate the software on my computer. I can't run a team like that. Here are some resource points, send someone to the PC store to get me a decent computer like the one at HQ
  5. BelgiumDude

    Do players get mechanical failures?

    Does Grand Prix have a wear system over multiple races like career does? In career you get mechanical failures. Mechanical failures is already a long time in the game. The holy grail is a DNF. It is probably in the game because some sponsors in My Team demand the cars not to DNF. It still is possible that it is geared towards my second driver but I don't have any control over the wear of his car so I think it must be in.
  6. BelgiumDude

    I love this game

    I love this edition a lot because it shows that codemasters reads what we are suggesting. This version is almost like my wishlist with almost all boxes checked. The bugs I do understand on one hand. It's July, this is only the second edition to come out in July. They probably didn't wanted to delay the release with all the buzz around esports these days so there was probably a rush element in play. But I don't know which versions you all are playing. I'm on 1.04 it already feels way more like a regular codemasters launch release. The usual annoyances but no crashes anymore or weird stuff happening on screen like with the pre-launch version
  7. EA really screwed over the entire industry. I understand the sentiment of players who hate Podium Pass. They probably only see a loot box instead of the fun mechanism to unlock prizes that is podium pass. I do agree with them till up to a degree. There are companies out there that just want our money and will do anything or should I say nothing to get that money. This creates people who don't trust anything anymore. But you don't have to take this up with developers themselves, you should take this up with lawmakers. I had a look at the podium pass and to me it looked exactly like Barry explained. Unfortunately at launch there were no Pitcoins available for purchase in my country. This raised alarm bells with me because they were available in other countries. In my country there is a law against lootboxes. You can't just rob people's money in my country. A few hours later the pitcoins became available in my country so this game does not contain lootboxes. So instead of fuming on forums you should be fuming with lawmakers. They are not protecting you. Because you are right, companies that just steal your money do exist and they ruin it for everyone who wants to make an 'honest" product. Podium Pass is not like some describe a cash grab. It's a grinding system. That is what you should be arguing about not about companies stealing your money because this not such a product.
  8. BelgiumDude

    AI difficultly

    At least you can now change the difficulty on your computer between sessions. It's something
  9. BelgiumDude

    My Team Season 1 Driver Moves Results (Not Good)

    My Team is career as well. You can toggle it off? I left it on. But if the switch is there already, it probably will become available soon
  10. BelgiumDude

    My Team Season 1 Driver Moves Results (Not Good)

    At the start of the season you get the option to turn transfers off. Just pay attention next time you start career.
  11. BelgiumDude

    Matte, glossy, carbon fiber and metallic livery options

    There are matte finishes. I just got one with the podium pass.
  12. Most video games don't give you everything at the start. You will most of the time need to unlock items or powers or whatever stuff you need to evolve in the game you are playing. It's what stops games from becoming old very soon. One of the best examples why not to unlock everything from the start is Project Cars. It probably has the worst career mode in a race game I ever owned, I never bought another Project Cars game again because of that.
  13. BelgiumDude

    AI difficultly

    But that's the entire problem if you are driving for Mercedes you will still end up at the back of the grid in Quali whilst you were on pole on the previous circuit. Now I'm the boss of a team. Before I could blame the team that they were not like the real life Mercedes. But now I am a team owner/driver. I want my team to be up there like the real life Mercedes and have a consistent car for me on every track. There is too much fiddling going on behind the scenes of virtual F1. This has to be stopped 😂
  14. BelgiumDude

    Customisation is a MASSIVE disappointment

    I have that game. But that is a totally different game and yes I like the full fledged customization in that game but that game is all about customizing your car. It would make sense that micro transactions on customization in that game would be seen as a cash grab. Formula 1 is not about having the shiniest looking car. The customization is just a fun factor for between races. It's not like showing of your most over the top ridiculous car you would never buy in real life but which is fun to create and cruise with in the streets of some city whilst taking cops down. I had a look at the Nascar 5 reviews btw and I prefer fewer customization options than having to play a game that looks like Nascar 5 to be honest.