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  1. BelgiumDude

    F1 2021 game

    Probably. I don't get all the negativism. We almost know nothing. We got some information so why are we already geared up the trash a game where we know almost nothing about?
  2. BelgiumDude

    F1 2021 Wishlist

    Also on consoles? That was on my wishlist on the ED forum
  3. BelgiumDude

    F1 2021 need 4 new courses & 3 new location

    Online is a mess so every topic has to become a "fix online topic"? I thought this was going to be an interesting topic about new tracks and complaints about not using Lidar and why they should but no it's about online again. Meh, Don't care! 😤
  4. BelgiumDude

    F1 2021 Full on manager mode?

    They could still do it. Can't imagine the Frontier graphics being what Codemasters got to offer. I can't wait to see what Frontier developments comes up with but Codemasters could still pull off a manager mode that is not directly competing with the game that Frontier is building.
  5. BelgiumDude

    F1 2021 Wishlist

    I want 10 rece engineers! Every team should have it's own race engineer. You could opt to take your preferred race enigeer to any team you want. Make the engineers diverse, male and female race engineers from different nationalities. You have Spanish, Italian, French and German voice actors already. Make them do it in English as well. I know this is business so I'll give Codemasters or EA a new incentive. You could sell them as DLC like in the podium pass (shut up haters 😀)
  6. BelgiumDude

    No longer enjoying F1 2020

    But what will you get in 2022 you think? Don't agree about the podium pass. I do agree you should be able to opt out of it. It's not well implemented that it keeps popping up even when you finished the pass. I don't like the content either but the idea behind the podium pass is good. It's perfect for MyTeam with all the liveries and suits. The problem is that the liveries and suits are mostly outlandish and don't match F1 very well. I'm very curious for the EA version. Will it be lootboxes with drivers where you will need to spend 250 real euros before you can have Verstappen or Hamilton in your team? €350 te get a competitive car? I'm glad the DLC is pure cosmetic. You can play the game without having to buy DLC
  7. BelgiumDude

    No longer enjoying F1 2020

    I'm really enjoying F1 2020. With every iteration until now I was excited at first and after a few weeks it would get shelved only to return when the real season has ended a few weeks and I get F1 fever. But I always have this Rosberg feeling where one title was enough. This time is different. The game got some much needed changes to My Team customization I felt it necessary to get the constructors title as well. I like this addition more than previous edition. I don't know how a real a F1 car feels so I'm glad with how mine has developed so far.
  8. BelgiumDude


    No DLC 2021 please. Go big on F1 2021. I want this codemasters F1 series to be finalized before it becomes an EA game. My Team still needs a lot of improving on consoles. It was a very good idea. Something we have been waiting for for over a decade so I want Codemasters to finish what they started before turning it into something else. If the EA version sucks I can still have F1 2021 to fall back on
  9. BelgiumDude

    Codemasters being sold to Take Two

    No! Please no! Not codemasters. 2020 can't get any worser
  10. BelgiumDude

    Will F1 2020 look better on PS5?

    There will probably be no support for PS5. If you think like a developer of a yearly franchise then it makes no sense to have PS5 support. The initial PS5 user base will be limited and you are just months away from F1 2021. The question should be "Will F1 2021 be a PS5 supported game?" Just my 50 cents
  11. BelgiumDude

    Fuel Startegy issue

    Do you use the personalized strategy or the projected strategy? I always get way more fuel load if I choose personalized strategy
  12. BelgiumDude

    Is My Team too easy?

    No you can't use any of the engine manufacturers names. Ferrari even got Scuderia banned for team name.
  13. BelgiumDude

    Is My Team too easy?

    In my career I got very interesting driver changes. When Vettel retired he got replaced by Sainz, I took Riccardo from Renault and Renault replaced him with Gasly. There seems to be logic behind the driver transfers.
  14. BelgiumDude

    Performance patch week

    I don't think this will have an effect on current My Team careers as the teams will have developed their cars already
  15. BelgiumDude

    Pursuits In Invitational Events

    Correct, I was also surprised I failed that event