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    No longer enjoying F1 2020

    But what will you get in 2022 you think? Don't agree about the podium pass. I do agree you should be able to opt out of it. It's not well implemented that it keeps popping up even when you finished the pass. I don't like the content either but the idea behind the podium pass is good. It's perfect for MyTeam with all the liveries and suits. The problem is that the liveries and suits are mostly outlandish and don't match F1 very well. I'm very curious for the EA version. Will it be lootboxes with drivers where you will need to spend 250 real euros before you can have Verstappen or Hamilton in your team? €350 te get a competitive car? I'm glad the DLC is pure cosmetic. You can play the game without having to buy DLC
  2. BelgiumDude

    No longer enjoying F1 2020

    I'm really enjoying F1 2020. With every iteration until now I was excited at first and after a few weeks it would get shelved only to return when the real season has ended a few weeks and I get F1 fever. But I always have this Rosberg feeling where one title was enough. This time is different. The game got some much needed changes to My Team customization I felt it necessary to get the constructors title as well. I like this addition more than previous edition. I don't know how a real a F1 car feels so I'm glad with how mine has developed so far.
  3. BelgiumDude


    No DLC 2021 please. Go big on F1 2021. I want this codemasters F1 series to be finalized before it becomes an EA game. My Team still needs a lot of improving on consoles. It was a very good idea. Something we have been waiting for for over a decade so I want Codemasters to finish what they started before turning it into something else. If the EA version sucks I can still have F1 2021 to fall back on
  4. BelgiumDude

    Codemasters being sold to Take Two

    No! Please no! Not codemasters. 2020 can't get any worser
  5. BelgiumDude

    Will F1 2020 look better on PS5?

    There will probably be no support for PS5. If you think like a developer of a yearly franchise then it makes no sense to have PS5 support. The initial PS5 user base will be limited and you are just months away from F1 2021. The question should be "Will F1 2021 be a PS5 supported game?" Just my 50 cents
  6. BelgiumDude

    Fuel Startegy issue

    Do you use the personalized strategy or the projected strategy? I always get way more fuel load if I choose personalized strategy
  7. BelgiumDude

    Is My Team too easy?

    No you can't use any of the engine manufacturers names. Ferrari even got Scuderia banned for team name.
  8. BelgiumDude

    Is My Team too easy?

    In my career I got very interesting driver changes. When Vettel retired he got replaced by Sainz, I took Riccardo from Renault and Renault replaced him with Gasly. There seems to be logic behind the driver transfers.
  9. BelgiumDude

    Performance patch week

    I don't think this will have an effect on current My Team careers as the teams will have developed their cars already
  10. BelgiumDude

    Pursuits In Invitational Events

    Correct, I was also surprised I failed that event
  11. BelgiumDude


    Damn! I proudly wanted to post my new livery for my third season and you seem to have exactly the same as mine. My sponsors look better though
  12. BelgiumDude

    Is My Team too easy?

    I can't answer the question as the same has happened in my game as always happens to me in Codemasters F1 games. I started to fiddle with the difficulty settings between tracks and forgot to raise the difficulty after the race. Too lazy and also curious what your overpowered car will do that weekend and race on a lower difficulty than intended. You get a podium finish and once you get a taste of how it is to race in front ... You know how it is. Jeff gives you compliments, Claire looks up to you, your F2 driver teammate starts to look uncomfortable, you get more money. I think even Hamilton likes me, he once poured champagne over me on stage. So yes for me it's going too fast. What this game lacks is explanation of why you are slower on some tracks. I once heard that your car might be upgraded in a way it does not suit the track well. We should get such information from our engineers. If the difficulty is written like intended, something is missing in information because I always think the game is broken and start to fiddle with the settings
  13. BelgiumDude

    Suggestions for My Team for F1 2020 and 2021

    And! Most important of all. Make the main sponsor logo fit the main logo slot. Most of them are too small for the front and/or rear wing. Xenon is one of the best looking sponsors for that slot but ain't a main sponsor.
  14. It's all in the details! You know those cutscenes in previous games that made us obsess with the sponsors on drivers helmet's? I now have the same with my garage. I probably see the garage a few seconds a day but the lack of sponsors in the garage starts to eat at me. Now that I finally found the team colors that match with everything, walls, shirts, screens, trucks, ... there seems to be missing something; the sponsors. Yes, I know this is not gamebreaking and most people don't even notice it, but I do notice it
  15. BelgiumDude

    Newbie with very BASIC Question

    When I read the question I was thinking "how hard can it be?" and then I went into settings and find myself struggling to explain how to do that because my version is in Dutch and I get lost in the menus as well. I guess you probably already know where settings are. I suggest you experiment a bit with it. You are right, there should be some documentation. Have bought every version of the game and I can't explain to you how you have to do it
  16. I'm not very pleased with the content of the podium pass. The We Race As One content should have been free DLC, not filling up the lack of content for this season's podium pass but I must notice that the Item shop seems to be improved. The items in the Item shop seem to be way more interesting than last season's. I hope this season there are a lot more nice items rotating.
  17. BelgiumDude

    Season 2 Podium Pass Details

    I agree, it's all too outlandish. But I have noticed that if you remove almost all the color out of the liveries and turn most patterns to white or black you get more realistic designs. But they should go with more realistic designs in the first place in the podium pass and put the outlandish ones in the item shop.
  18. BelgiumDude

    Season 2 Podium Pass Details

    I'm actually still very fanboy of the podium pass. It seems to do the trick that it was intended for. I had abandoned F1 2020 already not because I don't like it but because of time constraints. Without the podium pass I would not have picked it up again any time soon. But here I am again I love the We Race As One and the End Racism liveries but why is the Podium Pass filled with it? Feels a bit tacky and forced upon. Those goodies should have been delivered by mail with only helmets in the Podium Pass. But when I look at the other content it strikes me that I understand why they are in the podium pass. Not much else looks like a must have. The only livery that looks awesome is the Digital one. All hope rests on the item shop to sell us the cool ones.
  19. Project Cars 3 surprised me. I hated Project Cars after the buggy mess the first version was. I wasn't planning on buying this game because I thought it was their next attempt to bringing a "real" simulator to consoles. Until I read some reviews saying it was a simcade game and very good at it. And yes Project Cars is totally not what I've expected. Instead of a boring frustrating wannabe simulator I got a fun to play race game. But where is the forum because on some circuits if I pass the finish line there is a graphical bug where it looks like my window get's scattered for a second on each lap.
  20. BelgiumDude


    Why would I buy another computer? What I see here from modded liveries looks to me the same as how the liveries work in GT sport and you need to buy a console to play that so no I will wait with complaining. The complaining starts when the new features of F1 2021 are announced and no word is being said on how they revamped the liveries to give console players even more customizability on how their cars look in My Team.
  21. BelgiumDude


    It works in GT sport so it comes down to CM but I realize Polyphony have way bigger budgets en way more developing time.
  22. BelgiumDude


    Looking at these modded liveries makes me so jealous. Codemasters will need to go that extra mile to give us console players the same thing next year or there will be lots of complaining from my part 😈
  23. BelgiumDude

    My Team Car Body Choices

    The car is designed together with the FIA or something like that. I don't think it is easy to schedule these co-operations. If they make changes, they might be "illegal" changes. The perfectionists amongst us will pull out the regulations and scrutinize every detail till the last nanometer and complain on the forums about it. I would like to see it though but don't think it is that easy as just do whatever you like. Really hope they get to work together with the FIA on this but it will probably be in 2022 before we see another cooperation like that
  24. BelgiumDude

    My team Engine Prices in Future Years

    I think that is a great idea to keep the My Team Career mode fresh. I don't see why it could not be done. Everything else on the car is fake so why not the engine?
  25. BelgiumDude

    1.07 patch - is this legit?

    Will it be like that in a performance update that Mercedes will have this huge gap between them and Red Bull if the season continues like this? It makes the game dull but I can imagine people wanting that gap because of realism?