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  1. The livery thingie in F1 2021 is a joke. It was ok last year because, well it was a new career mode. But that this part has been overlooked this year is a real shame. Hope they improve it like they did last year.
  2. Well I saw the video. You don't need the opinion of a real life driver. From that video I understand why he is an E-champ. After watching that video I wondered if F1 drivers know these tracks in real life as good as Jarno knows the tracks in the game. I never played this game like he does. It doesn't look fun playing that way but if it does make you a champion. I have watched many of Jarno's video's and always wondered how he does it. That video reveal its. He analyses every bit to see where he can gain an advantage. It's like counting cards but better.
  3. OMG! You like exactly the same as me. My long lost twin brother. On topic: I had this with a sponsor that wants you to do all practice programs.
  4. Oh these are great. Thank you very much. But what I find so frustrating is that players are making these tools for years now and are posting them on the official codemasters forum and still Codemasters has done nothing with this. These calculators should not be necessary. I find this so game breaking. I had a blast with season 1 but when it comes to season 2 of MyTeam career. I get confused because I don't know what to aim for anymore. Is my car development worse or was this track one of the tracks were I had to lower the difficulty. So the fun stops and I have to do administrative w
  5. The best driver transfer you can have in this game. Replace the driver you choose with your team mate. Full control over driver transfers. You are one lucky man 😂 I can't complain, after my first season only Alonso retired and Mick Schumacher got his seat and my rookie replaced Mick at Haas. So at the moment nothing crazy is happening
  6. They should give us the option to allow or disallow transfers once they happen. Tell your PR to sabotage the deal and shady stuff happens in the background that will stop the transfer from happening.
  7. I agree with you. It is my major complaint about this series. I find it even game breaking because every time I get into the second season; I'm being put of by starting another weekend because I have to lower the AI. If it was just by a margin of 1 or 2 you could live with being outperformed by AI on some circuits, but it's sometimes by a factor of 10. Codemaster has been consistent in making the AI inconsistent on various tracks.
  8. like Alex Albon said "why are they racing me so hard?" 🤷‍♂️ I really don't know how fair or unfair the AI is. I'm just not good enough at racing to be claiming the AI is in the wrong. Maybe it's because I drive in cockpit mode, but even with the virtual mirror on I can't say I'm really aware of what is going on in close proximity around me. But I found that you can still learn how the AI will behave. So I adjust my racing style to that of the AI and I found that you won't get thrown off. Not sure if the AI follows the FIA rules but they follow certain rules that you can adapt to.
  9. What is the purpose of this topic? Making more assumptions?
  10. What the hell are you talking about? It's the best F1 game so far. Stop putting pressure and make assumptions like it's the fault of braking point there is a bug and stop calling it the worst F1 ever because it's not. It's actually the best one ever made. Sure there are some bugs in the game a few weeks after a game with a mandatory yearly cycle is launched. Deal with it. You make it sound like you bought Cyberpunk 2077. 🧐
  11. So what is that product that you made were you are so proud about? Show us it's expensive and stylish website. I'm very curious what products you make that are so successful and 100% loved by it's users.
  12. I don't understand your reasoning so no I wouldn't understand why they would delay the launch to add tracks when they can easily add them on a later date. What is more important to me is that the game has improved when those tracks arrive. You knew the tracks would be added on a later date when you bought the game. You yourself are in control of what you are suggesting. Delay your purchase instead of enforcing a delay on everyone who wants to play the game without the missing tracks.
  13. When it's ready 🤷‍♂️
  14. It's research like this that prevents developers from cheating. This time everything turned out to be working as advertised but what if it didn't? 😉
  15. How did you end the session? It probably has to do with how you end the session. Do not click the go to other session options on the monitor. Instead fast forward time so the session ends itself.
  16. Is it your first race weekend? I didn't get them in the first race weekend but if you use skip to next session you will not get them either. Fast forward time so the session ends it self. You will be taken to the hub and when you choose next session you will get to choose fast practice
  17. Nope; we don't need the old one back, we need a new one. Make them work. I do like how the menu looks but how it works is beyond me. It would make way more sense if the selection menu for the branches was horizontally instead of vertically.
  18. Exactly. F1 2020 improved a lot over time, so much even that hardcore players didn't even notice. I saw Araava mistakenly say that in F1 2021 in MyTeam we now have every sponsor slot on the car separately. This was also already in the final version of F1 2020. Being a yearly franchise and knowing the F1 games used to release only in September I am very satisfied on what they deliver on launch this year. We probably will see things be added that should have been there from launch.
  19. Is it possible to add a section for online players to the F1 forum? Every time I visit the forum it's hard to find topics that are not related to the online mode. I'm not an online player so I don't know what is going on online but there really seems to be an issue that needs dedicated attention. Start bundling that feedback and make them the online experience they need because I used to hate the online whining but I'm starting to feel sorry for them.
  20. For me personally I would still play the majority of the time offline. But indeed would give online more of a go. But I'm in F1 games to race against Hamilton, Verstappen, Alonso and even more important being able to beat those guys. I'm not in it for racing against Luigi0253144525 who should be watching his screaming baby instead of playing racing games. I'm not in it to get beaten by a 12y old kid or even worse: end up in a lobby with an e-sports champ and ruin his race and become a living meme in the e-sports community I have great respect for all those that can put the effort to beco
  21. I agree. I enjoy F1 2021 more than F1 2020. To me it's also more finished than F1 2020 from the start. I still remember A religious figure (who's name seems to be so provocative that it has to be censored) walking on water in Melbourne Park. Sure I have my gripe with lack of improvements in the mode that I play the most. The game has crashed on my PS4 Pro multiple times but overall it's the best F1 game experience I had so far. Codemaster F1 games improve each year and that in my book deserves praise. That is my experience, I get that people that solely race online probably won't see the
  22. I haven't been online on in 2021, not even to try it out. But I'm not sure if what you are saying is correct because as I remember in 2020 online didn't work as well from the start. I tried it and I think I never have gotten an online race started. Never looked at online again. It's because of the 2020 experience that I started to consider F1 as a single player only game. Not saying they should not fix the online experience and get it right from the start, but I have given up caring about F1 online
  23. My opinion? You were not well informed. Not saying you should be well informed. I don't judge you for believing what marketing departments want to make you believe. I paid full price for a game that in my opinion is more finished than last year. Also I would never buy this game with the intention to enjoy a good online racing experiencing. The F1 series is a yearly game experience, so it's not a game you expect decades of development and delay after delay to finally push out the game like it should be just like they did with Cyberpunk 2077 (sarcasm) Already 11 years I'm reading year
  24. I loved it a lot. It was exactly what I wanted since Devon Butler arrived in Formula 1. I'm just talking about the story. The gameplay itself could have been better. I had to search for difficulty options that weren't there. I didn't get the right localization but Aiden's mom sounds much better in Dutch. But story wise there was not much to complain. I really hope this becomes part of every F1 game now.
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