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    Why pre-order?

    You can call me naive for using youtube video's as a guide to pre-order or not. If I get the same experience as I watched on those video's I got what I expected to get. Not pre-ordering is not gonna change anything on if they address the bugs or if bugs are present. Let's say nobody pre-orders it but buys it after release like before? They still receive the same amount of cash. Pre-orders are not the bulk of the sales. I don't get that sentiment that developers will make better games if you don't pre-order. I think the more people pre-order developers wanna get their game out as good as it can because if everyone complains no one else will buy the game anymore, which is the bulk of the cash.
  2. BelgiumDude

    Why pre-order?

    Well here we go again with the discussion that YouTubers have incentives. Sure they do but if you have been watching them for many years you know they like F1 games and complain about things they don't like and think that when they will address it in their video's it will be addressed before release (which never happens btw). Last year they were really excited and for some it sounded fishy that they all were so positive about a game that didn't look like much had changed. So I decided to take those positive comments about the game with a grain of salt. when I played the game I realized they did not exaggerate any of their comments. It was the game that was promised in their video's. On the bug part, I think in the whole codemasters F1 series I ran in one annoying bug that was never addressed and felt clumsy. It had something to do with the wrong tyres being fitted when pitting and it was I guess F1 2012. Since then I encountered a few bugs like rain in every race, which was addressed, I remember last year their was a collision bug in China I encountered, which was addressed. I'm playing F1 on PS4 and I don't think the F1 games are the bug fest you describe them to be. The YouTubers (with an incentive) are more honest about the F1 games than you so what is your incentive? If you are playing on a PC I apologize for this comment as I don't know how the game fares on PC. I also only play career mode. Multiplayer is a mess I'm aware of that but I don't care.
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    True but I picked up the game again once the season started and I was very impressed that the gameplay was still as good as I remembered it to be last year. The only thing I really could complain about is that there could be way more realism on the visuals front.
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    F1 2019 Cover

    With all those young drivers on there I would add some rookies as well like Norris and Albon.
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    Why pre-order?

    I almost always preorder f1 games from Codemasters. why? Even if I don't preorder I will still pay full price as I can't wait till the prices drop. I just love F1 games. Last year I already knew everything about the game before reviews came out and before the game was released. There are so many YouTubers playing the game prior to release you know what you will you get before you even read a review. As I buy my games digital I get to play it immediately on release date once I fire up the PS4
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    F1 2019 Split screen

    I would like to see split screen as well. Why would it be impossible? Split screen would mean VR is possible as well.
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    I'm really curious on what to expect. i hope this year will be a huge visuals update. F1 2018 was the best f1 game so far but visual wise it was still lacking perfection. Will we finally see realistic driver characters?