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  1. BelgiumDude

    F1 2019 career - nothing new

    I blame the TV Broadcaststyle fanboys! Now we got the same game with an ugly HUD. I hope they are satisfied.
  2. BelgiumDude

    F1 2019 career - nothing new

    Now we know why they are hiding F1 career gameplay before release date.
  3. BelgiumDude

    F1 2019 is too expensive on xbox one

    the game is €69 in Belgium on PS store for the standard edition, it was the same price last year
  4. BelgiumDude

    Worst pre release ever!

    This .....! If they had not bragged about 2 years development I wouldn't be so picky but if this is what 2 years development delivers I'm disappointed. F2 is a nice addition but if they wasted 2 years just to add F2 it was wasted time. 2 years of development with a bigger team should have given us a new game not the same game with some extra add-ons. Let's hope they kept the best for last and we will still see some more footage before the game comes out. I would like to pre order the game but with the information I got until now I better wait till when the game get's discounted before buying.
  5. BelgiumDude

    Worst pre release ever!

    that's not what I mean. I will start with F2 but F2 is just some intro to the main game. it's 3 scenario's and then the game actually starts. But from what we have seen now or from what they do not show us I start to suspect that besides the 2 fake drivers nothing has changed to F1 career. Codemasters have done in my opinion a very good job for the online portion of the game. But online I don't really care for. I play most of the time career and so nothing have been really shown that interests me because the F2 part is not even 5% of my gameplay. I'll see it at the start of the career and then it's gone except for the 2 fake drivers. I wanna see if the rest of career got updated or it's the same with an F2 intro tacked on to it. That's what it looks like right now and I hope I am wrong.
  6. BelgiumDude

    Worst pre release ever!

    Really? I don't care for F2 so I'm not gonna be like 'Waw I want to play F1 but yeah we get F2". I'm not the complaining type but I'm not the cheerleader that will cheer for just everything. The only thing that has my interest is the F1 career. We have been shown footage of F2 but not of F1 career, the part that I want to play to the most. So sorry if you offended by me asking some footage of F1 career.
  7. BelgiumDude

    Worst pre release ever!

    I can only agree that this must be the worst pre release ever. It's almost like they are hiding the career part of the game. F2 is only an intro to the F1 career and we haven't seen anything of the F1 career almost like they changed nothing at all and do not want us to know. I'm buying an F1 game not a F2 game so more info on the F1 part would be appreciated. I still haven't preordererd
  8. BelgiumDude

    Lando Norris streaming F1 2019

    You think hiring Lando and/or Max is a good idea? If they would announce it I would call it ********. Like Lando or Max have the time to dedicate to advise on a video game. Sure on paper it sounds great but you know reality will be that they spend probably 5h in total on advising.
  9. BelgiumDude

    F1 2019 Career news & gameplay

    Yes the main language on the forum is English. I'm from Belgium and do you see me typing in Dutch or French? It's a normal request to translate your posts to English before posting them to the forum. If everyone starts typing in their own language it would become ridiculous.
  10. BelgiumDude

    F1 2019 - Customisation Suggestions

    I would like to see customizable caps as well
  11. BelgiumDude

    Highlights feature

    At the end of this Highlights feature shown
  12. BelgiumDude

    F1 2019 Career news & gameplay

    The game is build on the previous games. Look at the F1 race video's and you see it's the same game
  13. BelgiumDude

    F1 2019 Career news & gameplay

  14. BelgiumDude

    Petition for HUD customization for consoles

    But what is a customizable HUD or better what will be customizable on PC and does it make any sense on console? Customizability could mean building a tower of driver names in your HUD but it could also mean changing different HUD aspects on multiple screens. The first is what you want but it will probably be the latter what you will get. Do consoles even support multiple screens besides VR?
  15. BelgiumDude

    F1 2019 Career news & gameplay

    I think adding fake drivers is a nice addition, finally some driver movement during seasons.
  16. BelgiumDude

    No Career mode info for F1 2019?

    So this is the fake driver? Is this the guy that will become the most hated F1 character of all times?
  17. BelgiumDude

    Legends Edtion Career Photo

    Not only the best driver in the world; the best driver ever! You should build a shrine for him and honor him like the God he is
  18. BelgiumDude

    Different Engineer for every team

    Yes please! Wanting this already a long time;
  19. Some new information! Nice job Faya! 👍
  20. BelgiumDude

    Legends Edtion Career Photo

    Hey man it's not my fault Lewis Hamilton is the best F1 driver ever.
  21. BelgiumDude

    Legends Edtion Career Photo

    Buy yourself your own studio and start making F1 games yourself 🤧
  22. BelgiumDude

    Customization (Driver)

    it's the most ridiculous request I have seen ever on this forum. It's selfish, it's narcissistic and it is entitlement. Because you bought the same version of the game as I will you want me to look at a different picture than the one was planned? I'm a Hamilton fan so why should it change for me as well? I bought every version of F1 even the Wii version. You claim it to be an easy job. Just two minutes of their time especially allocated to you. Well if you get a say in that I also want 2 minutes of their time because I want to change your picture again in to one of Hamilton but I want another picture. I want a picture from Hamilton in Monaco with the Niki cap on his head. Anyone else buying the legend version that wants to use the 2 minutes of codemasters time that is allocated to you because you bought the legend version and are a true supporter of the franchise?
  23. BelgiumDude

    No Career mode info for F1 2019?

    Finally! Can't wait to see what they have planned for us
  24. BelgiumDude


    I don't understand that HUD. What's up with the lap counter? it's there, then it's not because there is a yellow flag and then it's there again. Confusing. And what's with all the logo's? Why do the logo's need to be in there? It's waste of space. I really don't get why people want to see what they see on TV. Or is this more like a hobby where we need to pet you and say "good job boy"?
  25. BelgiumDude

    Real F1 penalty against Vettel Kanada GP

    Because he has the same opinion as me. I told my opinion earlier and people started trolling me that I was wrong because I have not driven a real formula 1 car and all the drivers were in support of Vettel and more ridicule. I understand that people do not agree with me but you don't have to have driven a formula 1 car to know the rules of Formula 1. I understand that people are upset and say he was robbed of his victory and yes other times there was no penalty and it was not fair then but Vettel has also had a lot of warnings whilst a penalty would have been justified. This time he just didn't get away with it. What is very clear from this race is that Vettel caves every time when he is under pressure of Hamilton. That should be the story not the penalty.