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  1. I've just reached level 100 for the second time and with the new stats screen i can confirm that reaching level 100 is resetting the mileage to 0 as my issue with frozen mileage began when i reached level 100 for the first time and i reported this before yet no fix.

    Suzuki Circuit Appeared?

    Just joined multiplayer session and it showed Suzuka as the track? it never loaded just stuck on loading BTW *** its not even in the game?

    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    Pit stops for long races (league races) weekly challenges world series online cup changeable weather in long races (league races) car tuning (multiplayer) car wash degrading car parts customised wheel rims customised drivers + male/female choice podiums sponsors car horns yellow flags fastest lap. point SCRAP F1 POINT SYSTEM
  4. Never restart any races. I've played 30+ hours last week leveled up 40 levels and it has NOT MOVED! while writing this I've thought what if when hitting level 100 it stopped the mileage because after level 99 the level resets to 01? why BTW? maybe there's issue in your code.

    Share Your Favourite GRID Photos & Videos!

    turn off motion blur
  6. I have not reset mine and since the last update (multiplayer lobbies) my mileage as been stuck at 5,865 I First noticed after a 50 lap race it hadn't changed.

    Club Nebula Racing

    Hi everyone i like to tell you about 2 new prize Championships at Nebula Racing were a young but huge league we just came 2nd in the codies championship which is a great :D And were a great community of drivers that drive fair and treat you with respect on and off the track   The two new champions are   FCWC - Formula C World Championship (requires recording) http://steamcommunity.com/groups/NebulaRacing/discussions/40/   ITCC - Independent Touring Car Champion http://steamcommunity.com/groups/NebulaRacing/discussions/40/ Also Once a month we hold a Cup Event with a prize of £15 and a bonus of £5  If you like to join up please visit Nebula Racing, we also cover a lot of other racing games to.   Thank you :)
  8. Enjoy our next episode of our f1 league  enjoy :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PmnRlW_PpCU

    Youtube intros (make me one) £

    lmao far to action packed
  10. Is there anyone here that can make intros using After Effects i need a intro for my racing league, F1 intro it will need to contain my leagues logo and be quite action packed.  if you can drop me a message on here i will pay

    The 'I purchased Autosport' Thread

    brought 2 copys why? because im crazy :D haha just joking one is for me the other is the prize for our charity race in our league.

    Club: Nebula Racing

    . Hello Fellow Drivers I'm the founder of Nebula Racing and we had decided to expand our community to Grid Autosport, We currently run 6 F1 leagues for PC in which we give prizes out and also run chartiy events as we believe it should be about all coming together in a community of drivers thats why when our website is complete it will contain a driver database this will let you know how the driver drives but also his skills and if they have been awarded penalties. On top of this in season 2 we was sponsored by Western Digital and plan on adding more sponsors very soon, and to finsh of my intro we also have a nebula racing tv youtube channel which as great HD HQ Highlights which cover the elite championship. Join our community of 280+ racing fans under the club name Nebula Racing and help build one of the biggest Grid Clubs Also if your intrested in league racing we are start a pro and ace touring car championship so feel free to add our group and sign up here http://steamcommunity.com/groups/NebulaRacing

    GRID Autosport // The Story so Far

    great guide and information just what i was looking for as i need to check up on something's before start organizing championships for my league. much love <3 codies

    The Black Edition

    With it costing £35 i just hope there are no car dlc or track dlc later on as i was the person to first moan about it on your facebook and was sent back a image of a cat saying no, meaning you wouldn't do that but few month later there was dlcs everywhere. the main reason i turned away from the game i just hope there are no hidden surprises on this game.