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  1. dshepsman

    F1 2021

  2. dshepsman

    Dotted lines in Race Strategy Program

    Do you mean the red line with white dots on it? If so, that’s the laps you just run. if you mean the dashed line, that’s the expected tyre wear/lap time for the program. If you failed to hit the time on one lap, you’d see your red line spike above the dashed line. And looking at your tyre wear, you’re slightly higher than expected, so it will effect you race strategy- on the softs at least
  3. dshepsman

    Equal F1 Cars in Grand Prix Mode

    Right, where to start... first of all, read and comprehend what im saying... I dont like to have the best car and win outright. That gets boring very quickly. I like to start at the back, work my way to the front and beat the best cars. And in your scenario, you wont see Ricciardo, or whoever winning races because Lewis's stats are better (in theory) than everyone elses... so the same 4 or 5 drivers with the best stats will always win if they all have the same car (assuming no technical issues).... Thats the point im trying to make. F1 can be boring. I tired of watching merc/lewis run away with it. I want to see max fighting with the mercs. I want to see Williams and the Mclarens back at the front. But they arnt - because its F1, and not a spec formula. As I said, ive racing in spec formulas. The BEST drivers are always at the front. But i was racing for fun, the experience and the love of racing... but you could predict who would be on the podium. In some races, even predict the podium places. You have to take a look at yourself and wonder how the other drivers are so much quicker than yourself. Is it setup? have they squeezed and extra 2 bhp out of the engine? is it just the experience? Or is it the courage to brake that little bit later, get on the throttle that bit earlier/harder? The point is, theres a pecking order - esp in a game where its all about data, and stats. But anyway, its just my opinion. im clearly out of touch with the youth. and to be honest, i dont really care
  4. dshepsman

    Equal F1 Cars in Grand Prix Mode

    I understood exactly what you said. I was being a bit sarcastic. Maybe that didn’t come across that well. Or maybe you have less brains than my house plant and just like insulting people. Maybe I’m just tired of people wanting every available option for every game instead of just playing the game they have. Or find a game that does what they want. Surely the point of the career mode is to build a better car? But maybe that’s just me. I guess the cars are equal in multiplayer, but having the same car to me seems like just hoping in the merc and winning. I’m going to assume the teams wouldn’t sign off of equal performance. But again, this is just opinion of one older gamer. And FYI, as someone who has raced in a couple of clubman one make series, I can tell you the same drivers always finish near the top. And if you don’t believe me, just look at F2. If it wasn’t for the reverse grid, you’d get the same few drivers on the podium every race. but hey, let’s throw the realism out of the window. I’m sure the ‘we need a Ferrari engine nerf now!!’ brigade will be outside waving their banners to agree, until the merc runs off into the distance due to realism and not balancing. You can’t please everyone. Not with a monopoly on a game. I was going to suggest ACC, as the BOP more or less keeps everything equal, but I have a feeling I’d be met with ‘but I want f1!’
  5. dshepsman

    Equal F1 Cars in Grand Prix Mode

    There is an option for all cars to be equal - its called F2
  6. dshepsman

    Analogue Clutch Bite Point in PS4

    Is that on pc or PS4?
  7. dshepsman

    Will ever ever see player mechanical failures?

    Im sure its implemented. just keep using your engine past 100% worn, and wait till it blows up. It was certainly there in 2017/18.
  8. What UP100 means is that the game wasnt built for the Series X - meaning it still uses all the features of the current xbox, and not any of the features of the new one. The fact it runs, and runs well is a bonus
  9. dshepsman

    How can you defend against this?

    What do you want to defend? If i understand you correctly, the mclaren is lapping you. if this is an online race, then i assume the option for ghost backmarkers is on -if its an option at all? Why would you defend against being lapped? There are blue flags for a reason....
  10. dshepsman

    My Team, Push to pass

    The lap usage doesnt have a percentage on it. are you sure youre looking at the right usage bar?
  11. dshepsman

    My Team, Push to pass

    are you sure thats the case? You can only use a limited amount of energy per lap. So have you developed the ERS so much that the amount of energy used per lap doesnt use the full allocation?
  12. Thanks for the info. I’ll give it a try.
  13. dshepsman

    engine failures

    The electronics are an engine component. Like the turbo, MGU-K etc. You cant do anything to influence how the turbo or electronics work while driving. What i was meant about the electronics is that the more you bump over the kerbs, the quicker you will wear that component out. That in turn will increase how quickly the other engine parts wear out. Much like an overworn ICE or turbo will reduce your power output
  14. dshepsman

    hanoi track

    Thats the layout of the track. You need to learn the track, anticipate the corners and gradually work up to it. I dont know what else CM can do? Maybe learn the track in an F2 car?
  15. dshepsman

    hanoi track

    How are you struggling? if its not turning in, add a bit of front wing. If its not turning in quick enough, add front toe - or turn in earlier. It really is a difficult track to get a setup for, as you need low downforce for the long straights. But then the last sector needs some front aero to help turn in. Plus the corners come up quickly. and mostly blind so takes time to get into the flow. Personally, i dont like it and avoid it where i can 😄