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  1. Upgrade the driver training facilities. And choose any activities that effect your co-driver Also, offer them a higher contract.
  2. Geoff Crammonds Grand Prix 2. Still have the manual somewhere - the font of all knowledge when explaining what every part of a car set up did and the effect it had. And the telemetry. Being able to see the ride height was incredible. And I used to play with a keyboard. Wonder if I still have the cd somewhere. And a cd Rom to install it...
  3. Thats up to you. Whatever gets completed before the end of the season gets upgraded. There is no advantage/disadvantage to doing it earlier/later. Personally, i upgrade the parts as i get the points, so i know how much is left before the end of the season.
  4. dshepsman


    Not sure what mode you’re in, but in my team it’s on the first screen - the one with the 2 bits of paper and magnifying glass. It’s the one where you can select team activities and advance to the next race weekend
  5. But that’s the same for all the drivers. The practice qualie run takes the engine mode into account. I’ve struggled to pass the qualie practice task (for 20th) but then got into q2 easily. It makes no sense
  6. I agree with you. But let’s be realistic - I’m not sure this years game is coded to be able to handle new tracks as dlc. I’m sure they can create the new tracks, but it might mean other features get cut
  7. So many things to unpick, so much wrong, so little understanding of how business works. Official game: yes, it is. Needs official tracks for the actual calendar: yes, obviously. But it’s not changing a livery of a car. It’s a MASSIVE task. Have you ever tried to create a track from scratch? Have you done any coding whatsoever? The ‘one game a year’ approach makes money. The game engine doesn’t change. Not much really changes year on year, just tweaked here and there. A feature added, a feature removed etc. Something to keep everyone spending £50 (minimum) a year. you want t
  8. Yeah, screw the global pandemic! Give me all the new tracks! I dont care if it means people work overtime, or put them at risk of catching covid! I want my new game cos i dont want to be happy with my current one. Then I'll complain that the new game is exactly like the old one, but with 2 new liveries and how dare they make me pay lots of money for it! Why wasnt it just DLC?? (or as DLC) Why are they charging £X for the new tracks? I might as well buy a new game for that price? and why is it 18 months late? /s over Guys, hoping is one thing. Can we please have a bit of rea
  9. So I started my team again. I’m consistently getting the safety car twice per race. I’ve had 1 VSC. There may have been one race where no safety car came out at all, but I can’t be 100% sure. It’s kinda game breaking knowing there will be a SC twice in a race. This is 50% distance, 89 AI and flashbacks on
  10. They cant (wont) do any of that due to licencing. Plus the time it takes to create the tracks etc. You will get the tracks on the 2021 calendar. It has been confirmed many times that this is the case. They cant even include Malaysia due to this reason.
  11. Right, where to start... first of all, read and comprehend what im saying... I dont like to have the best car and win outright. That gets boring very quickly. I like to start at the back, work my way to the front and beat the best cars. And in your scenario, you wont see Ricciardo, or whoever winning races because Lewis's stats are better (in theory) than everyone elses... so the same 4 or 5 drivers with the best stats will always win if they all have the same car (assuming no technical issues).... Thats the point im trying to make. F1 can be boring. I tired of watching merc/lew
  12. I understood exactly what you said. I was being a bit sarcastic. Maybe that didn’t come across that well. Or maybe you have less brains than my house plant and just like insulting people. Maybe I’m just tired of people wanting every available option for every game instead of just playing the game they have. Or find a game that does what they want. Surely the point of the career mode is to build a better car? But maybe that’s just me. I guess the cars are equal in multiplayer, but having the same car to me seems like just hoping in the merc and winning. I’m going to assume the teams
  13. There is an option for all cars to be equal - its called F2
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