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  1. iasonstv

    Multiplayer Suttering/Freezing. [BUG]

    Heh Justin :D yup I'm searching for a solution aswell...
  2. iasonstv

    F1® 2020 | Spain Hotlap

    Nice to see the track being updated, but its still nowhere close to real life: I hope this will be addressed and improved.
  3. iasonstv

    [PC] Error: Lost connection to steam

    Okay, I will try with the older Nvidia driver. InputMapper is for when i play games with my PS4 controller, i have it disabled when not in use. I have had the headphones since i think F1 2017 without problems but ill try that one aswell.
  4. iasonstv

    [PC] Error: Lost connection to steam

    After uninstalling the update it still crashed... crash.mp4
  5. iasonstv

    [PC] Error: Lost connection to steam

    Okay, I will try that. Is there any particular reason behind that?
  6. When playing in a multiplayer seassion I get the Error message Lost connection to steam. This seems to happen randomly while driving. The game will then kick me to the home screen where i can press to reconnect, but with no succes. Only restarting the whole game fixes the issue. I play on a mix of high/ultra settings at 80fps+. My internet connection is wired and reliable. While the game says lost connection to steam, everything else (chrome etc.) still is able to access the internet. Plattform: PC Version: 1.22 (latest) Game mode: unranked Multiplayer Amount of players: 5 to 20 players. This doesnt seem to have an impact on the issue. How often does this happen: It happens frequently. In 50% league races about one time per race. Can also happen in 5 lap races. Troubleshooting I tried: Restarting, resetting settings, updating any kind of drivers, etc. with no succes. Accesories: G29 Wheel Currently no Video of it. Will post a comment with a video of it the next time it happens.