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  1. It was good while it lasted. Now probably the career mode (which is the only thing i like in F1) will probably die just like fifa, madden. I'm really, really sad.
  2. I'm also having this problem . Playing on Series X, when i first launched it had no rumble. Tought i had some config wrong and went to test on forza, everything is fine. Yesterday the vibration worked for an hour session, today, no longer works. dont think theres anything we can do but report and wait for the patch. Xbox and controller are working just fine, the game is very fun but it loses A LOT without feedback
  3. You probably use TC. this chart is inverted for you. I also use TC on medium, it is pretty much the opposite of what the chart says.
  4. Very nice effort, but as @ndrst said, its not useful for TC users. i play with medium TC ABS off Auto gears without ERS and DRS assistance. what i seem to note with TC on specially is that slow tracks the AI tends to be much faster, I play on a base 89 difficulty MOnaco needs to be 70 to be almost competitive. Vietnam, singapore 80. Australia is much harder than Bahrain, 85 for australia, 89 for bahrain russia, belgium,italy, austria are a cake walk and i turn it up to 95 i believe the game AI behaves very, very differently for th
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