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  1. Chiarello

    Ea sports it’s in the game

    It was good while it lasted. Now probably the career mode (which is the only thing i like in F1) will probably die just like fifa, madden. I'm really, really sad.
  2. I'm also having this problem . Playing on Series X, when i first launched it had no rumble. Tought i had some config wrong and went to test on forza, everything is fine. Yesterday the vibration worked for an hour session, today, no longer works. dont think theres anything we can do but report and wait for the patch. Xbox and controller are working just fine, the game is very fun but it loses A LOT without feedback
  3. Chiarello

    difficulty level

    Every race and every session needs a different difficulty. So yes.
  4. Chiarello

    AI Difficulty Calculator

    You probably use TC. this chart is inverted for you. I also use TC on medium, it is pretty much the opposite of what the chart says.
  5. Chiarello

    Auto AI Difficulty adjustment

    I play F1 since 2011. I can see every area of the game has improved since, but the AI seems to be all over the place every year. Quite frankly i think its impossible to adjust it for every race on every game setup. My idea is to USE PRACTICE sessions to simulate a race. 5,6 laps on race pace (much like the race simulation) but with the intent to propose a difficulty for race, and maybe another simulation for qualify (since qualify and race difficulties seem way off) So, basically, a way to suggest the difficulty to the player based on HIS performance on a short session, it may not be perfect, but its better than me having a spreadsheet to try and remember how the last race was with which difficulty to try and adjust manually every time.
  6. Chiarello

    AI Difficulty Calculator

    Very nice effort, but as @ndrst said, its not useful for TC users. i play with medium TC ABS off Auto gears without ERS and DRS assistance. what i seem to note with TC on specially is that slow tracks the AI tends to be much faster, I play on a base 89 difficulty MOnaco needs to be 70 to be almost competitive. Vietnam, singapore 80. Australia is much harder than Bahrain, 85 for australia, 89 for bahrain russia, belgium,italy, austria are a cake walk and i turn it up to 95 i believe the game AI behaves very, very differently for those with TC on specially on rain. when it starts raining the difficulty goes way UP
  7. Chiarello


    From what I've learned so far using TC (at least medium) makes the difficulty much harder on slower tracks like monaco or azerbaijan. The AI makes almost no mistakes and have a much higher acceleration out of slow corners compared to people who is using TC. I cannot in any way play without TC, playing on an xbox gamepad and its almost impossible for me to accelerate less than 50% and not spin. I try to be as gentle as i can and the trigger still goes 80-90%, even using a higher controller linearity. its all over the place for everyone. Honestly? I feel the only way to adjust this is forcing people to do 3-5 laps on a training session and adjusting difficulty based on performance. I'm very annoyed of changing difficulty every single track for every session (qualify is ridiculous, just did Monza, qualified at 90% on 19th, at race 92% finished 7th), and if i make a single mistake on "this track i believe AI is stronger" i may end up winning with a williams.
  8. Chiarello

    Setup mode

    Also better and simpler description for each item on setup, showing what the setup really affects. Example , "pushing to the left on front wing": Gains grip, lost straight speed "camber to the left: this happens, camber to the right: this" just a simple tooltip like + acceleration - top speed + tyre wear
  9. Chiarello

    WET AI difficulty

    Im using the Xbox gamepad, medium TC (for me its impossible to be a pad user without medium TC), no ABS
  10. Chiarello

    WET AI difficulty

    is it just me or the AI is getting insane lap time on wet conditions? I'm having a lot of trouble to keep up with the AI on wet this year, yes the car slides more (i like it, the driving model is great) and it's more difficult to control but the AI is just ridiculous. I'm managing to keep on pace at 17-18 on my team at dry. Same difficulty settings, same track, im losing almost 1 second to a williams. For dynamic weather races its just impossible to set a decent difficulty. Last year rain was the opposite, when it started to rain i became Senna. This year seem like over compensating
  11. Chiarello

    Unrealistically fast practice program times.

    I'm skipping all training sessions, the times are ridiculous, i cant pass the tyre wear time even trying a fast lap (without managing tyres at all) and on qually and race im above expected position. the trainning is already boring as it is, but with this difficulty its just not worth it. I cant get green time on qualify practice for 18-19 position, and for the real qualify i get 14-15. on race im even better, finishing 12-13 the difficulty overall is just very very inconsistent.