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  1. DYDit

    Thank you for nothing Codemasters.

    You just need more practice and maybe lower AI difficulty.
  2. I just think it's normal that using assists make the game easier but with slower times and trust me i'm not an elitist at all
  3. So make a video where YOU @Akkan74 are faster with tc off or it's a lie. Let's fight ignorance with ignorance..
  4. Ok Akkan74 so you can't play with "no assists" but you are as good as who don't use assists. We are different. I use assists and i know i'm not as fast as who don't use assists aka i'm not skilled as those who play without assists. Well i'm learning to play without TC and at moment i'm still half second slower than with TC but the gap was more. I'm pretty sure that if i still put effort this way, one day i'll be faster than playing with TC while you'll still be here crying for a buff you don't deserve. I'll give you another tip: there will be always someone with more skills than you, yeah it's a cruel world, deal with it.
  5. Since it's only an ego thing play without assist then tell me if it's only an ego thing
  6. I'm an assists user and i know i don't have the same skills as who don't use assist. I also know with some effort i can improve myself. You on the other side pretend to be on the same level of who don't use assists without any kind of effort.. You can prove you have the same skills of who don't use assists by not using assists, is it so hard to understand?
  7. "Assists users" don't have the same skills as "non assists" users otherwise they won't use assists...