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  1. Furbii

    Will F1 2020 look better on PS5?

    Doubt it. They haven't said anything about a next gen patch. It will probably load a bit quicker, faster texture loading times and that's it. Basically the PS4 version played in a PS5. Hopefully next year is a next gen only title.
  2. Furbii

    Always Slowest Car on Straights

    when playing, or in the menu where you calibrate the buttons you can check. when playing, below the speed there is a red and a green bar that is your L2 and R2. Try accelerating and see if the green bar gets to 100%
  3. Furbii

    Always Slowest Car on Straights

    Are you using a controller? is your R2 trigger going reaching 100%?
  4. Furbii

    F1 2021 TRACKS

    I'd say 95% of the dev team is working on the new title (hopefully next gen only) and the rest is working on minor bugs here and there, driver ratings etc.
  5. Furbii

    Racing Rigs - Share Yours!

    Thanks! I've been really enjoying the V2 F1 2020 edition but that McLaren GT3 is beautiful too
  6. Furbii

    F1 2020 DLC

    This game is done mate. 95% of the team is working on F1 2021 next gen and the rest is working on some bugs here and there, driver ratings etc.
  7. Furbii

    Racing Rigs - Share Yours!

    is there any page that has that mclaren gt3 wheel for fanatec?
  8. Furbii

    small wishlist

    Yes to everything. I have big expectations for F1 2021 for next gen consoles. I expect a lot of improvements for the AI, AI logic, decision making, more variables and stuff that may not be possible with today's hardware. Also a more in-depth damage system that is not just the front wing.
  9. Furbii

    Ferrari 1000GP livery

    it was only for one race, no they won't add this they are working on f1 2021
  10. it's more complicated than just unlocking framerate. will probably be a feature for next game, not this as i bet 99% of their team is focused on 2021
  11. I have a Fanatec wheel, and the L2/R2 buttons are used for looking back/left and whenever i'm using the replay mode it looks back/left. I read that it was already patched but i'm still experiencing this. Same happens if i set the L2/R2 buttons on my DS4, they do the same thing on the replay mode. @BarryBL
  12. Furbii

    Performance Patch coming soon?

    You can't take conclusions after just one race, and the next race is on the same circuit lol. It will need a few races to make the performance chart.
  13. Split Screen requires the game to render twice, and the PS4 is a really poor machine. Game doesn't look worse than 2019.
  14. Furbii

    Split-Screen Poor Graphics

    It's normal. The game has to render twice and the PS4 is really a poor machine.
  15. Furbii

    F1 2020

    People bought the game, not their fault it was released to the public. People getting banned should be streamers, people that were given a code, etc because they should have signed a NDA.