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  1. itsBjay


    Anyone else waiting until they patch the car performances to finally start myTeam? Nice liveries so far!
  2. itsBjay

    Car performance...

    i just want it to be realistic. You are right, it does not really matter but i have the 2020 game so i really want them to perform like in the season. Also, i want to start a normal career as well, it plays an even bigger role there for me, as i actually wanted to drive with Ferrari and bring them back to a championship but that doesnt work now. Making your own storyline out of it is not a bad idea, however the change will apply to pretty much all cars and it will just get chaotic if my rivals in the first half of the season in myTeam for example just get way better, while Ferrari, who got 4 wins in the first half for example now fight with me for P10 but already have that huge point advantage now.
  3. itsBjay

    Car performance...

    When will we finally get the car performance updates? I dont want to start my career modes with the Ferrari winning races and having unrealistic engine values etc, but i would want to finally play career mode properly, otherwise my season pass made no sense at all, because multiplayer is pretty much unplayable. Why does it take soo long? We have a good overview, Mercedes best car, then RBR, McLaren and Racing Point about eqaul, then Renault, Ferrari and Alphatauri, Haas and Alfa Romeo and on last place Williams.
  4. itsBjay

    Gearbox failed at first race

    Yes thats still not a thing, the gearbox just wore out by many % every lap if i understood the post correctly
  5. itsBjay

    Gearbox failed at first race

    It has always been possible by reaching 100% on any engine part
  6. itsBjay

    Classic Cars Race Selection

    Hi, i love the classic cars, especially the 3 2010 ones. Could you add an option to let us create our grid, so i can race just with these 3 cars from 2010? Would be awesome
  7. itsBjay

    Schumacher DLC Removal | STEP THIS WAY

    Bjay_23 https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198110891281 Steam
  8. itsBjay

    Custom Weather in Career Mode F1 2019 ?!

    I still don`t understand why that isnt in the game. Yes, you may get an advantage by it in career mode but who cares, if its more fun for someone...
  9. So i just finished my least favourite race in F1 2019, the Paul Ricard Grand Prix. I was quite happy it was done, then the race result screen came up and my game crashed. Now i can drive it again, thanks Codemasters! Can`t really be a PC problem, never had it before and didnt change any settings in the last few weeks.
  10. This is already a awesome list, but some things i think are needed: Pit stop failures (loose wheel) Tyre flat spots! Big vibrations in the force feedback Wet line in the rain! Just like Brazil 2016, there needs to be a wet line which has more grip when not driving on the usual ideal line No annoying slo-motion after a crash, let us still have control over the car for a few seconds after we crashed (maybe being able to turn the engine off)