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  1. 1st - 2010 - the "live the life" experience2nd - 2011 - I was able to drive it fast enough to keep up3rd - 2013 - I'm learning to get up to speed, I still get wasted by all the other drivers.4th - 2012 - Bought it, played it for a couple of days and just hated the wheel feeling changes from 2011, never went back to it.
  2. I love to watch YouTube F1 2013 (and earlier versions of the game).  I record as many league races as I can but I've not got to the point where I'm ready to add commentary. Here is the latest from the GRL series:http://youtu.be/VjvCpgiFGPM From the PRL series:http://youtu.be/7wEfKuvsDj4 Any LCRL series:http://youtu.be/yvBHJTh5wp0
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