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  1. A detailed description of the issue = MyTeam, USA GP, Season 1, 50% race length, AI 98%: I started P22 due to 25 place penalty (yeah it was on purpose). Turn 1 I go around on the outside, pass 11 cars and end up P11 somehow. In that same corner, 1 car gets taken out (Gasly)... Baam, safety car... Lap 3: Safety car is about to come in... What happens? Every car infront of me passes the safety car before the green flag and gets DSQ'd. I end up in P1 with 11 cars total left. 1 more car DNF later on with only a few laps left to go. 10 cars finished. Report Code = N/A Platform = PC / St
  2. @BarryBL Tested some One-Shot Qualifying in Grand Prix mode. Most of the snap to the right and stutter upon taking control is fixed. There is still some small jolt to the right, but its only like 5-10% of what it was. Alot more playable, but would be awesome if it was possible to fix 100%. 😎
  3. Would love for this option to return. Adjusting AI between each session was such a good feature. Specially between Practice 1-3 and Qualifying Q1-Q3 then before the race too. Even the possibility to adjust AI in Practice 1-3, while actually in the pit menu.
  4. Any progress on this, @BarryBL ? Don't wanna nag/complain about it, but it is actually scary to play with.
  5. 1. When starting any new session (time trial, one shot qualifying offline/online, MyTeam practice 1-3, quali) the screen freezes for a brief moment and the wheel snaps HARD to the right, usually causing you to crash into the wall and DNF. 2. Version 1.04 on PC via Steam. Did not happen on previous patches as far as I know. 3. Game modes: Offline Grand Prix OSQ (One shot quali), Online one shot qualifying mostly. 4. Able to recreate? Yes. It happens every single time. On all tracks. With any car/driver. 5. How often does it happen? Each and every time. 6. I have tried d
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