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  1. seVVen

    AI in the wet - all circuits

    - Wheel - abs on, rest off -105 ai I had some decent races with McLaren, scoring points regularely, but in Mexico and USA, i was stone dead last in wet conditions. The AI always have perfect traction and never have a little sideways moment. There's the occasional lock up, but even that should happen more often in the rain.
  2. seVVen

    Time to update Spa Francorchamps

    Those 5-10% of players are the ones, who buy the game every year and pump hundreds of hours into the game, some even respresent the game in esports, while the other 90% leave the game after 15 hours or so, so why shouldn't these 10% be pleased first?
  3. seVVen

    Time to update Spa Francorchamps

    I've used 2017, because 2018 quali was rainy, so poor visibility and drivers taking different lines, putting some of the kerbs shown here out of the camera shot. There was no change between 2017 and 2018 and i doubt there will be one for 2019, which Codemasters wouldn't have known about anyways. It's not just the looks of the kerbs. These differences mean you cant ride some of these kerbs, when you could in real life and vice versa. The track is driven differently. Especially the elevation changes make a huge difference, they are a major part of the track characteristics. A game published in 2019 has to represent those track characteristics correctly.
  4. Spa right now is the least realistic track in the F1 Game. Almost every kerb and elevation change is being represented incorrectly. Here are a few examples: Turn 1 - La Source: The kerb is way too big and the elevation change is slightly off Turn 6 - Kemmel: Elevation change is slightly off. Very noticable when driving. Turn 9 - Malmedy: Kerb is way too big on the inside and bit too high on the exit. Turn 10 - Bruxelles: Kerb is way too big on the inside and the kerb on the exit is angled upwards, which is wrong. Turn 11 - Corner with no name: Kerb is way too big. Turn 12 - Pouhon: Kerb is way too big, high and not as round as in real life. Turn 15 - Stavelot: Kerb is way too big and drops off, which is wrong. Turn 18 - Blanchimont: Kerb is way too big. Turn 19 / 20 - Chicane: Easily the worst case. Kerbs are too big, especially at turn 20. Elevation change is... well it's flat in game, while in real life it's a rollercoaster. Spa is one of the greatest tracks of all time, so it definitly deserves more attention than this, because it's been like this for years. If possible, i would like to see a proper update of the track in a patch of this years game, if not, in F1 2020. Thank you. La Source.pdn
  5. Ever since the new patch 1.05 i often get stuck in loading screens in both career and unranked. I haven't tested anything else yet. I've verified the integrity of my game files twice already.