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  1. When I was using traction control, yes, the start is a punishment, nothing to do. Without traction control (or medium) it is much more balanced
  2. In short qualifying i have no engine audio, it happens in multiplayer and also in career (in career i have engine audio only in q1 and q3, but not in q2) (PC, Patch 1.06)
  3. DaddeRagaz

    Can't join ranked

    In F1 2019 I can't join ranked, as I wait a long time with "joining session" and then it says me "impossible to join the session". It happens with both DX11 and DX12. This doesn't happen with unranked. Can someone help me? EDIT: Seems like I can join only 25 % ranked, and not 5 laps
  4. DaddeRagaz

    F1 2019 DX12 Crashing [ZX]

    I couldn't find any crash dump in the folder. Here's my DXDiag and hardware settings DxDiag.txt hardwaresettings.rar
  5. DaddeRagaz

    F1 2019 DX12 Crashing [ZX]

    The game (only with DX12) when I press alt+tab for going to the desktop goes in background normally, but when I return back to the game it crashes. (This doesn't happen with DX11)
  6. My key arrived, but CDKeys didn't send me a mail noticing me of that
  7. Okay I'm still waiting from CDKeys aswell
  8. DaddeRagaz

    Is day one patch on June 25 or June 28?

    How could you already download it?
  9. From this video, it seems like we can move the HUD as we want! Nice little feature
  10. DaddeRagaz

    Career images

    Yeah I saw these areas, but the photos which @SoluxFin posted here from Tom97HD videos, seems not to be in the game
  11. DaddeRagaz

    Career images

    2 month ago Codemasters released some new images about new paddock areas, but from the new videos from today, there areas are not there, were that fake images?
  12. DaddeRagaz

    Highlights feature

    Seems pretty good, probably in 25% races it will be longer
  13. DaddeRagaz

    Highlights feature

    Don't think so... but maybe? I think it is very difficult to make that in multiplayer, but we'll see